Sunday, September 8, 2013


By Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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A writer's experiences with audiobooks (ACX) for her self-pubbed works: and @authorterryo

Conflicting story goals: @JulieMusil

How to Write a Self-Help Book: @CormackCarr
Is the Dust-Up Over Kobo’s Devices Fair? @Porter_Anderson @JDGsaid @DennisAbrams2
Authors who were able to successfully cross over to writing mysteries: @mkinberg
Agatha Christie sleuth Poirot to return in new novel: @timesmarts
A community for screenwriters offering resources for screenwriters and fiction writers in other media: @theBlackBoard
A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:
7 Habits of Highly Successful Writers: @paperblanks
How to Become a Novelist in Your Second Career: @NancyCollamer @RLTVLive
How to Finish Your Novel (While Life Goes On): @aliventures
Clothing Your Characters: @writerunboxed
The Hidden Psychological Benefits of a Standing Desk: @lifehacker
An Important Technique for Adding Momentum to a Slow Plot: @jodyhedlund
Failure and Writing: @mabelsblog
Top 5 Misunderstood Monsters in Literature: @paperblanks
7 Reasons Every Writer Needs to Be on Twitter: @KristenLambTX
Writing in Bed: The Peculiar Perks of Being Ill: @maryawasmuth
Brain Power: What Makes A Superhero? @tordotcom
One Book, One Year: In Praise of Reading Slowly: @WallaceYovetich
Flash Memoir:
The New Face of Book Pirates: Plagiarists: @jamigold
3 Threats to Effective Time Blocking and How To Solve Them: @ProductiveSd
Standard Pages for A Fiction Website: @authormedia
4 simple tips to know before you write your first book: @emilypfreeman
Grid Lets You Organize Your Ideas Visually: @mediabistro
10 Ways to Know You've Found Your Voice:
Using your craft to enact revenge: @AKellyAnderson @pshares
5 Things You Shouldn't Say to Authors: @brandontietz
About "multiple" or "simultaneous" submissions: @DaphneUn
Positives & Negatives of Getting an MFA (or BFA): @jchenwriter
7 Ways to Build Your Writing Confidence: @KMWeiland
Journalists declare war…on ellipses: @Poynter
Thoughts On Travel Writing: @jones_alden @cogwbur
Taking A Break From Your Platform: @danblank
The e.e. cummings Poem That Turned a Surly Teenager Into a Grown-Up Author: @AlexanderMaksik
"The bullies of Goodreads": @NathanBransford @Porter_Anderson

A writer hears from residents of a town she thought she'd made up: @nailyournovel
10 Techniques for Greater Creativity in Writing: @inspiredmag
Will Self's rules for writers: @guardianbooks @wself
Lost for words: The curse of writer's block:
Is theater elitist? Theater blogs debate whether 'experimental' theatre turns off 'regular' people:
You're Where You Are Because of Who You Are (but that ain't necessarily a bad thing):
The Mother of All Query Letters: @speechwriterguy
Rewrite Your Way to Greatness: @alering
The Tao of the three drafts:
Romance, gender, and the measure of a 'real book': @RomanceSoc
"My WiP is Making Me Fat" (& Other Writerly Truths): @katyupperman
Series--do they help an author sell more books? @rebeccaberto
How not to be eaten by sharks as a writer: @SusanKayeQuinn
When Not to Give an Interesting Character a POV: @kmweiland
How to Write Description Through Character: @ava_jae
The Reading Checklist for Authors: @YAmuses
Top 7 Reasons You Should Give Your Book Away For Free: @ADDerWORLD @joebunting
For The Writers: It's Just Books: @LASbauer
Writing for today's ADD Audience:
On overusing exclamation points: @GraemeIng
Tips for keeping your reader awake: @KarenKellyBoyce
9 Reasons to Keep A Reading Journal: @DollyGarland
8 Practical Tips for a Better Relationship with a Writer: @_mohul
This Is Your Writing On Drugs: @kenyonreview
A Revision Check List: @WriterlyTweets
A Study in Sherlock--Finding a Character Through Deduction: @YAmuses @KALongshore
Screenwriting: 7 Ways Film Training Can Ruin Your Career: @Raindance @fredericabyron
How Not To Begin A Story: @woodwardkaren
Building a better Batcave (comfortable writing environment): @eThrillerWriter
30 Things to Tell A Book Snob: @matthaig1
Character building tips: @eThrillerWriter
Three Dimensional Characters: @TaliaVance @YAmuses
10 Dead Simple Ways To Make Readers Love Your Characters: @ScreenwritingST @scriptgods
The Shy Writer's Cocktail Party Survival Guide: @AnneGBrown
"750 Words" Helps You Meet Daily Writing Goals: @jasonboog
Top Free & Paid Services to Promote Your Kindle Books:
Inspiration is a Fickle Mistress: How to write sustainably: @ReadDanLevinson
The 7 Personalities Every Successful Film Crowdfunder Has: @elliot_grove @raindance
Searching for Your Character's Root Need: @YAMuses @rossibooks
Why it's difficult to get into the manga/comic business: @DavidCampitiGHG
Editing tips:
For coffee-addicted writers: What Caffeine Really Does to Your Brain: @PsyBlog
Use Google as a Timer with a Simple Search Command: @kingthor
3 Rules to Write World-Changing Memoir: @jeffgoins
3 conversations about writing: @afesmith
Authors on the Importance of Writing the Final Chapter First: @flavorwire
Why We Hate & Love The Cheaters Who Lie:
1 simple secret for success for a writer: @ChadRAllen
6 reasons why you need to write more books: @Brooklyn__Ann
Writers and the advice culture: @jaelmchenry @Porter_Anderson @hughhowey

How to Get Your Screenplay Read Without Asking: @jeannevb @scriptmag
Letting your characters go: @writerunboxed
What is means when you hear your "tone is wrong": @io9
10 Traits of a Strong Antagonist: @janice_hardy
Promoting a Poetry Collection: @robertleebrewer
10 OneNote Features that Will Rock Your Writing World: @JennyHansenCA
Is Perfectionism Killing Your Career? @KristenLambTX
50 Productivity Tricks: @lifehackorg
Gender and the Gothic Space: @GothImagination
The Millennial Method Of Publishing? Do-It-Yourself: @ShereneJoseph @Forbes
Want to Make Your Writing Life Joyful? Stop Counting:
Dreams and Bestsellers: @kristinerusch
Contrasting personality traits: @glencstrathy
Recording things: Snippets of dialogue: @Le_Shack
MYTH #1--There is only 1 right way to do anything in publishing: @deanwesleysmith
Regulating Our Emotions To Be More Creative: @DouglasEby @PsychCentral
Commonly Confused Words: @janetboyer
Physical Attributes Entry: Underweight: @beccapuglisi
Best Online Backup Services: @lifehacker
Audience Development for Writers: Your Life-Long Career Investment: @janefriedman
3 Ways Marketing Fiction Differs from Marketing Nonfiction: @thecreativepenn
Authors and Reading Communities: @author_sullivan
"Everything I Know About Writing Sci Fi I Learned from Star Trek": @PiperBayard
5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Editing Experience: @BookAnalyst
The Writer's Toolbox: Must-Haves for Today's Author, with Links to Free Downloads: @ruthharrisbooks
The 5-Step Mission Statement (An Author Essential): @duolit
A Full-time Indie Author Answers Your Questions: @goblinwriter
Is it ever too late to write an outline? @nailyournovel
Is Your Prose Too Complex? @KMWeiland
The issue of novel length: @lawrence_wray
How to Edit Your Own Book: Tips from Authors on the Revision Process: @chrisrobley
How A Great Twitter Bio Can Net You More Followers…and Sales: @badredheadmedia
Paying to promote your book? Read this:
The Art of Writing Simply: @Uberflip
7 Rules for Writing Short Films: @raindance
The fine art of writing small:
On ebook price points: @dearauthor
Slate Gets It Wrong – The Real Reason Hollywood Makes Bad Movies: @goodinaroom
3 steps to selling more of your nonfiction books: @MrBuzzFactor
71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book: @writerplatform
Character Motivation and Desire Lines:
40 Inspiring Workspaces Of The Famously Creative: @BuzzFeedDIY
Book Marketing: The Long Term Launch: @CormackCarr
ISBN Essentials: An FAQ for eBook Publishers: @Wogahn
Be Smart not Taken: Red Flags to Heed When Seeking Self-Publishing Providers: @shewritesdotcom
The Daily Routines of 12 Famous Writers (And How They Can Help You Succeed): @james_clear
7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding: @io9
Spanish Gothic Horror: @GothImagination
"Wait, Video Games Have Writers?" @HiJayPosey
What if video games didn't exist... and we all read books instead: @CatGoneCrazy
Your Music Publishing Cheat Sheet: @eshac
Tips for approaching an editor:
Writer's Block: On The Persistence of Demons: @BTMargins
Must We Like the Characters? @junglereds
Top 12 Quotes On Writing Memoirs: @Writers_Write
10 tips to help you avoid telling writing: @Scribendi_Inc
Writing People of Color in NA Fiction: @NAAlleyBlog
How to Develop Good Writing Habits: @cloutpower