Guest Post Guidelines

All genres are welcome--you don't have to be a mystery writer to guest on my blog.

Scheduling the date: Starting July 2013, I'm only scheduling guest posts twice a month: the first and third Wednesdays of each month. Please email me at elizabethspanncraig(at) for available guest dates.

Post content: I'm looking for writing-related posts--these could be on anything from specific elements of the writing craft (character development, POV tips, plot pacing, writing a terrific antagonist) to a post covering your personal writing process, how you organize a manuscript, how you fit writing into your day, tips for promoting a book. 

My favorite posts are the ones that are easily skimmed on a topic that most writers will relate to. Short paragraphs, the inclusion of either bullet points or subheads, and clear post structure help posts go viral.

Post length and format: 250 to 900 word posts would be ideal, although I'll consider longer posts, too.  You could either email the post as a Word attachment or paste it in the body of your email.
Extras: Feel free to include a plug for your books in a bio at the end (or in the content, if it is relevant to the post and contains useful information for writers), along with a photo of yourself, your book, or both.

Deadline: I'd prefer to get the post several days before it runs.
In addition: Please be available to respond to comments from readers.
Promo: I'll promote the post on Twitter and Facebook. The post will end up being included in my weekly Twitterific round-up on Sunday and will be included in the Writer's Knowledge Base search engine. If you could promote it on your end, that would be fantastic.