Sunday, December 30, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Happy New Year (almost)!  I'll be back on Wednesday with my first post for 2013.  Now for some writing links.

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

The links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 20,000 free articles on writing-related topics. It's the search engine for writers.

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Researching Your Story – A 4-Step Strategy: @JulieEshbaugh

Theme and Intent: Do you know yours? @bob_mayer

How to Market your Book if You're Not a Marketer: @LauraHoward78 @NancyStraight

Adapting Story Structure for Any Project: @beccapuglisi @lydia_sharp

1 writer's worldbuilding to-do list: @davidbcoe

Tips for improving Amazon Author Rank: @dcdenison

A children's writer with helpful hashtags (and prime times for usage): @fictionnotes

Where To Continue Your Story: @ollinmorales

Grammar and the Dangling Participle: @howtowriteshop

4 Songwriting Tips For Scoring Film and TV Placements: @usasong

Writing an Outline of Your Novel: @glencstrathy

Editing: Make Sure Your Story's Bones Are Strong: @woodwardkaren

Knowledge Is Power But Story Is King: @mooderino

How Writers & Publishing Professionals Can Network on Twitter: @galleycat

Getting Unstuck: @Julie_Gray

"25 Tips to Punch Up Your Writing": @BrooklynWeaver @gointothestory

How to Tell if the First Draft of Your Novel Just Isn't Worth Salvaging: @io9 @charliejane

Writing Beyond the Good/Bad Character Dichotomy: @litreactor

The First 7 Steps to a Successful Social Media Plan for Writers:

Making Twitter more manageable with Twitter Lists: @LauraPepWu

10 Ways to Build Long-Lasting Traffic to Your Author Website or Blog: @janefriedman

5 Tips for Writing Scenes: @jodyhedlund

7 Ways Writing a Screenplay is Different Than Writing a Novel: @writersdigest

11 Steps To Edit Your Manuscript: @woodwardkaren

5 Ways an Introvert Can Build a Thriving Online Audience: @copyblogger

Wield Your Words Carefully: @sjaejones

Tips for including a theme in your story: @WyattGBessing @beth_barany

Writing lessons learned from "Along for the Ride": @juliemusil

Screenwriting--can you break the rules? @thatScriptChick

Can books endure in a 140-character world? @salon

7 steps to becoming a trend spotting ace: @michellerafter

Making Time To Write: @woodwardkaren

Misconceptions About Dialogue: @cockeyed_caravan

Rebellious characters: @jeanniecampbell

Rebellious characters: @jeanniecampbell

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy: via @passivevoiceblg

Word Count Spreadsheet: track word counts for up to 5 projects: @jamieraintree

3 stages of author marketing: @susanspann

10 Television Cliffhangers That Make Great Series Finales: @io9

7 Deadly Sins of Screenwriting: @wsj

Tightening your plot by layering: @juliettewade

Structure: The Rhythm of the Dance: @Julie_Gray

4 Keys to Awesome Conflict:

Tax Deductions for Authors--Updated:

Writing The First Draft Of A Novel Using Questions And Modelling: @thecreativepenn

Finding Free Fonts for Your Self-Published Book: @jfbookman

Setting Your Characters in the Proper Setting: @livewritethrive

Unreliable Narrators in Film and Literature: @write_practice

How not to open a short story:

Getting Back Into the Habit of Writing: @JulieBMack

Tempted to Give up on Your Story? Don't! @KMWeiland

How (Not) to Finish Writing a First Draft: @ava_jae

Platform building--creating a home base: @nickthacker

The First-Person Query Letter: @janelebak

4 steps to create a good reader experience on your author website:

Where Should An Ebook Start? @PYOEbooks

5 Usage Errors: @writing_tips

Getting Rid of the Middle Man: @kristinerusch

How to Create a Truly Frightening Villain: @marcykennedy

How to Escalate Conflict in Your Novel: @cjredwine

Character Goals: Why they are Essential to any Good Book: @AmericanEditing

Tips for writing a synopsis:

Building a Plot of Variable Depth:

6 Tips for Beating the Blank Page: @copyblogger

Why Crowded Coffee Shops Fire Up Your Creativity: @hansvillarica

Actions and Reactions: The End-All-Be-All of Storytelling: @jamigold

The Skill List Project: Theme:

Where Is Fantasy Headed? @fantasyfaction

Do you have imposter syndrome? @rachellegardner

How to Edit Your Novel in 3 Steps: @beth_barany

How Chuck Wendig Writes A Novel:

What's the future for lit fic? How far should we go to sustain it? @Porter_Anderson @timoreilly

Writers Create Fiction, They Don't Prove Facts: @VeronicaSicoe

Well-known mystery writers on writing clues into their stories: @junglereds

The 7-Step Method to Find Focus for Writing: @LeoBabauta

How to Write a Book Marketing Plan: Begin with the End in Mind:

When A Scene Isn't Working: @mooderino

The art of the epigraph: @itsmarkmedley

The cost of self-pubbing: @goblinwriter

5 Ways to Find an Agent for Your Book: @galleycat

Crowdfunding: Cutting Out The Middleman: @woodwardkaren

How to Clean Up Your Online Presence and Make a Great First Impression: @lifehacker

Pegging Yourself as an Author: The Attitude:

The Rise of the Backdoor Fantasy Story: @io9

4 Options for Improving Your Fiction: @writeitsideways

How To Use Permanently Free Books To Increase Sales: @woodwardkaren

Author and publisher relationships: @jwikert

The Business of Screenwriting: Writing credits: @gointothestory

A Common Writing Syndrome--Dirty House: @CreepyQueryGirl

Hollywood's 25 Most Powerful Authors:

7 Reference Resources for Writers and Editors: @writing_tips

A Writer's Perspective on Writers: @emergentpublish

Thoughts on what's next in YA publishing: @pubperspectives

How to Stress Less in a Video Interview: @sparkhire

Writing a Strong Opening Chapter:

Tips for improving focus and increasing productivity while writing at home: @nickdaws

Tips for Writing a Strong Female Character: @LizCLong

A Tip for Creating Suspense: @ollinmorales

Endings and Beginnings--Finding the Reader-Satisfying "Loops" in Your Story:

A New (Free) Way to Sell Books from your Sidebar: @jfbookman

The Slow Blog Manifesto and 8 Reasons for New Authors to Slow Blog: @annerallen

Strong Details for Strong Reader Emotions: @sherrythomas

Creating a Scene: Three Part Harmony: @behlerpublish

Tips for a 2000 word a day writing habit: @lifehackorg

What's Wrong Here? Figuring Out Why a Scene Doesn't Work: @janice_hardy

What Working Out Taught 2 Writers about Writing: @wordsxo

The grammar of a folktale plot:

7 Writers Who Died Young: @PWxyz

Making Tension Tense: @victoriamixon

Role of the Literary Agent in a Changing Marketplace: @howtowriteshop

Writing Prompts: Defeat Writer's Block And Generate Ideas: @woodwardkaren

Tips for Editing Your Work:

How Readers Discovered a Debut Novel: A Case Study:

When Writers Think About Adapting Their Novel for TV: @UWwriters

Using DRM to Enable ebook Resales?

Character Development - Getting Real: @aimeelsalter

Writing Rules and Fantasy: Adverbs: @VickyThinks

What Writers Can Learn From Downton Abbey: @jamesscottbell

The Secret To a Successful Concept: @storyfix

Indie Publishing in 2013: Why We Can't Party Like It's 2009: @annerallen

10 Reasons Your Screenplay Sucks (and how to fix it): @medkno

4 Ways Writers Sabotage Themselves On Facebook: @authormedia

7 Tips for Making Life Work as a Mom and a Writer: @michellerafter

Writing what you know--it's about character development:

Avant-garde novelist Mark Z. Danielewski is changing the way we read e-books: @slate

Worldbuilding--how much is enough? @davidbcoe

Tips for what to do after finishing a first draft: @janice_hardy

Understanding Screenwriting: Argo, The Sessions, Cloud Atlas:

A Community Means Getting a Response: @jfbookman

A character's mental voice is like all the goofy (or not) quotes they've ever memorized: @juliettewade

Dramatic Action Is More Than Doing Stuff: @mooderino

The Neuroscience of Creativity: @creativitypost

Character Development: Make Them Angry: @ava_jae

10 Things Writers Should Expect From Literary Agents: @RoganBarbara

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays

file6151234234501by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! I’m taking a full week off from the blog—although I’ll have my Twitterific round-up this Sunday—to finish getting ready for Christmas and enjoy the holiday with my family.  :)

See you all on Sunday, then in 2013. 

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Sunday, December 23, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

The links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 19,000 free articles on writing-related topics. It's the search engine for writers.

Sign up for our free newsletter for monthly writing tips and interviews with top contributors to the WKB or like us on Facebook.

Try “My WKB”--a way for you to list and sort articles, view your read articles, and see your search history. Read more about it here: The free My WKB page is here: And check out Hiveword to help you organize your story.

As more books become digital, the concept of book ownership changes: @jwikert @brianoleary @Porter_Anderson

8 Steps for Setting the Story Into Motion: @gointothestory

Slow writer reformed--it can be done: @roniloren

4 Options for Improving Your Fiction: @writeitsideways

The Secret to Creating Conflict: @joebunting

Amazon's Jeff Bezos: The ultimate disrupter: @passivevoiceblg

6 Ways to Find Time to Write During the Holidays: @emilywenstrom

Tips for Building a Sense of Place into Your Writing: @fcmalby

E-publishing is resulting in an abundance of schlock: @Porter_Anderson @fakebaldur

10 reasons to build your fan base with Mailchimp: @tobywneal

Freelance Your Way to a Better Platform: @writersdigest

The New World of Publishing: Some Perspective On 2012: @deanwesleysmith

A critique of a novel's opening: @janice_hardy

Songwriting--tips for writing with your bandmates: @RobbieGennet

Reasons to write longhand: @galleycat

Freelancers--multiple submissions: @bob_brooke

The Nature of Creativity: Science And Writing: Don't Edit Yourself: @woodwardkaren

A literary agent's thoughts on what's next in publishing: @agentsavant @annerallen

Don't Let The Holidays Cost You Your Mojo: @thewritermama

Tips for loglines, building conflict, plotting, and more: @AlexSokoloff

Why Non-Writers Give the Best Critiques: @kmweiland

Are You Too Busy Being a Writer to Write? @LyndaRYoung

Writing the Heart of Your Story: @livewritethrive @thecreativepenn

Same Book, Different Title:

13 Types of Writers' Blogs – Pros and Cons: @VeronicaSicoe

Secrets to Turn a Character from Cardboard to 3-D:

From Writer to Author to Publisher to Marketer: @livewritethrive

5 Thoughts on Inspired Openings and 5 Brilliant Opening Pages: @4YALit

Improve Your Writing By Knowing Your Archetypes: Are you a Queen? @TheArtsCoach

Looking for a great self-published book? Here's where to find it: @guardianbooks

How Rejection Breeds Creativity: @99u

Common Traits of the Successful Writer: @bob_mayer

Stop feeling like an author wishbone: @Jan_Ohara

When Writing the Stories of Your Life, Don't Let Anyone Else Hold the Pen or the Eraser: @ScribblingTaryn

3 Ways To Improve Your Critique Using Conflict Communication: @AmieKaufman

RWA's new bylaws cause 1 chapter to pull out of the organization: @Porter_Anderson @PBRWriter

The Compelling Question in Our Story: @Julie_Gray

What Episodic TV Teaches Novelists: @mooderino

Creating tension: @Christina_Lee04

Technology for Writers:

Character Relationships:

Romance series--choosing to write one, number of books in a series, reader expectations: @redrobinreader

Outlining--using a character grid: @woodwardkaren

5 Key Steps To Building Your Self-Publishing Career: @mollygreene

4 Steps to a Winning Query: @diymfa

The Value of Interesting Support Characters:

4 Ways to Tap into Your Creative Genius: @emilywenstrom

An avid reader looks at how the Kindle changed his world (5 years ago): @bufocalvin

Litotes: Understatement at Its Finest: @write_practice

The Point of a Scene: Thinking in Concepts: @jamigold

What we can learn from the top 10 playwrights: @fuelyourwriting

Tim Ferriss: On The Creative Process And Getting Your Work Noticed: @Aristonian

Women's fic" & whether women should use their initials to try to gain male readers: @ @

8 Ways To Make Your Blog Posts More Shareable:

What an editor means when she asks "please clarify":

The Metaphor That Harms Creatives & Entrepreneurs: @JeffreyDavis108

Using the delete button in editing:

The Only Way You'll Ever Make Time for Writing: @krissybrady

Using the Ticking Clock to Add Suspense: @4YALit

Why 1 writer unpublished her self-pubbed novel: @cathryanhoward

Writer Under Deadline: Add Speed to Your Writing: @diymfa

How TV and Movies Get Publishing So, So Wrong: @YAHighway

Tips for writing fight scenes: @dboorman

Vanquishing Writer's Block: @woodwardkaren

Query writing tips: @lynnettelabelle

Do You Have To Suffer For Your Art? Or Can Happy Writers Be Successful? @kimber_regator

Momentum: Getting Your Story up and Running: @AmericanEditing @beccapuglisi

"Why are these characters in this scene?": @gointothestory

Physical Attributes Thesaurus Entry: Arms: @beccapuglisi

21 Pictures that Sum Up the Whole History of Science Fiction: @io9

Why You Should Wait to Edit Your Work: @Sarafurlong

7 reasons to care about branding:

Evil For A Reason: Morgana and Mordred (and how we can learn from them when creating our own antagonists): @genelempp

10 Quick Tips to Get Your Writing Back on Track: @howtowriteshop

Clarification: The Edit that is Overlooked and Under-Stressed: @AmericanEditing

Rejection Enhances Creativity: @woodwardkaren

The Secret to a Stress-Free Novel Journey: @livewritethrive

Reusing Freelance Writing Online: the Pros and Pitfalls: @30dollardate

Structure and Perspective in Children's Stories and Films: @KgElfland2ndCuz

Misconceptions About Character: @cockeyedcaravan

Writing Retreats: The Writer's Secret Weapon: @AnnetteLyon

How Often Should A Writer Blog? Answer: It Depends On Your Goals: @woodwardkaren

8 Signs It's Time to Scrap Your Writing Project: @robdyoungwrites

5 Tips for Getting More Likes and Participation on Your Facebook Author Page: @goblinwriter

5 Areas of Publishing Every Indie Should Adopt: @thelitcoach

Preparation Is Worth a Pound of Proofreading: @kmweiland

The strange case of the drowning editor: @thefuturebook

Penguin's settlement with the DoJ: @Porter_Anderson @sarahw @laurahazardowen

Creating Memorable Supporting Characters: @woodwardkaren

A 3-Step Way to Become a Celebrity Author: @yeomanis @janice_hardy

Failing Versus Quitting (Or, "Your Lack Of Confidence Is Neither Interesting Nor Unique"): {lang.}

Why You Need an Email List and a Subscriber List for Your Blogged Book: @ninaamir

"When should I enter / exit the scene?": @gointothestory

1 Writer's Thoughts on Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing, and Pricing:

Tips: character sheets aren't enough and ask the 5 Ws during a scene: @LindsayHarrel

Do You Cringe When Authors Market Their Books? @danblank

3 tips for better pacing: @jenn_rush

Tips for writing humor: @franklybooks

Allow readers to feel your book instead of showing it: @AimeeLSalter

Psychoanalyzing your villain: @theheraldryang

A DIY Writing Retreat:

Using Beats To Strengthen Characters And Setting: @rlbelliston

3 things to think about when using indirect characterization: @fcmalby

Tips for formatting synopses: @lynnettelabelle

How to Gain Quality Feedback from Your Critique Partners: @LyndaRYoung

Marketing Begins Before Your Book Releases: @novelrocket

Defending Your Writing to Scientists, Physicists… And Your Parents: @beinglizbreen

Macmillan not settling with DoJ--but making changes: @Porter_Anderson

1 writer's experience advertising with BookBub: @goblinwriter

4 Compelling Reasons to Make Guest Blogging a Priority: @alexisgrant

Getting your book in front of readers: @LauraHoward78

12 tips for overcoming procrastination:

"What is the beginning, middle and end of the scene?" @gointothestory

4 ways to promote yourself as a writer:

Using Pinterest To Help Build Your Fictional Worlds: @woodwardkaren

Improv for Plotting: @fictionnotes

10 lessons from a completed novel: @KMWeiland @angelaackerman

Why it's time for more transparency in publishing: @thecreativepenn @thefuturebook

10 Signs That You're Not Ready To Self-Publish: @jckunzjr

6 Types of Courageous Characters: @KMWeiland

If you hate writing a character… don't write them: @dirtywhitecandy

Will Immersive Reading Save Publishing and Kill the Traditional Novel? @jamesscottbell

What Fantasy Writers Can Learn From Horror: @mythicscribes

What "True Lies" taught 1 writer about beginnings: @ChuckSambuchino

Misconceptions About Structure: @cockeyed_caravan

On writing Victorian fiction: @essiefox

30 Words for Small Amounts: @writing_tips

How To Become More Creative: Nurturing Your Muse: @woodwardkaren

Top 10 Tasks to Get Your Blog Ready for Prime Time: @jfbookman

Marketing Tips for Freelancers:

3 Problems of Parallel Syntax: @writing_tips

How to Know It's Time to Shelve Your Novel: @ava_jae

10 tips for choosing a title: @duolit @wiseink

6 Moneysaving Tips for Writers: @krissybrady

How to Write a Great Climactic Scene: @sierragodfrey

Interpreting A Character Via Reader Comments: @emergentpublish

Publishers should shift from title-centric marketing: @Porter_Anderson @MikeShatzkin