Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Release Activities for the Reluctant Promoter

 by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
This year, I will have at least four, maybe five (the fifth will be pushing it) releases.  Three are traditionally published, I’ve got one new self-pub release,  and there's one that’s waiting in the wings.
Somehow, though, despite all the releases, I freeze up when it’s launch day.  You’d think I’d never had a release in my life. I really have no idea why I do this, but I’m now coming up with a handy-dandy cheat sheet for me so that I can refer to this post when I freeze up again…which will likely happen with the December Penguin release.
After I get the formatted files back from my formatter (thanks Rik Hall), or after the traditional press book launches, I need to:
For self-pub books:
Upload to Smashwords.
Upload to Nook.
Upload to Kindle.
Upload to CreateSpace.
Check my emails or the individual platform sites to see how the review processes are going for CreateSpace and Smashwords. 
When CreateSpace approves my content, I need to order proof copies (yes, I actually like to see the physical book and make sure the cover fits.)
Make sure Smashwords isn’t having any issues with my upload. Fix any issues that arise.
Check on Nook’s progress.  Nook is poky.
By this time, Amazon will already be live.  Use the Amazon link to claim my book on ACX (the audiobook platform).  Send email to ACX asking them for a stipend for the narrator (and referencing the other books in the series.)
For self-pub and trad. pub:
Update my website that I have a new book available.  Paste in the Amazon buy-link (at that point, the only one ready to go.)
Post the release on my two business-related Facebook accounts (I’ve got two names I write under.)  I skip posting about the release on my personal Facebook account…I’ve got so many annual releases that I think my friends and family would be heartily sick of hearing about them.  At least I’m gearing to readers on my other accounts.  I only post once on the release on the business Facebooks, to avoid overkill.
I don’t tweet the release on Twitter.  But I will link to this post, which will increase awareness indirectly.
Update my Amazon Author page.  Add the new book to my list of books.
Update Goodreads.
Update various bios and avatar bios. Lately, I haven’t done this—I’ve just listed on the bios that I have 3 series and to visit my website (it’s just time-consuming).
For self-pub:
Are any of the other buy links live?  Nook?  Smashwords? Add those to my website. 
Look over my proof from CreateSpace.
Once I’ve got CreateSpace live, order copies for a Goodreads giveaway.  Link to the giveaway on my website.  Actually, I should really list the giveaway months before the print release, then provide the giveaway copies once they’re available.
Check on progress of auditions for narrators at ACX.  Choose narrator for project.
For Self-pub and trad. pub:
If you were a smart author and had a mailing list for your newsletter…you should send out a newsletter on the release. No comment as to whether I’m a smart author or not.  :(
Write blog posts for blog tour.  If you were smart and are doing a blog tour. No comment again.  :(
Remember to add a short addendum to the bottoms of my blog posts about the new release. This is the top thing that I forget to do.
Update LinkedIn (again, usually forget this.)
Keep writing next book.  The deadlines will bite me if I don’t.
What have I forgotten?  I’m sure, knowing me, plenty.