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Below are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the last week.

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The Small-Scale Approach to Achieving Great Things:

5 Ways To Sell Your Next Book Before It's Written:

Primary Characteristics:

Dos and Don'ts for Prologues and Epilogues: @Sarafurlong

Bullying in crime fiction: @mkinberg

The A to Z of Excellent Copywriting:

Using Tarot in Writing: @raelynbarclay

Tips for Selecting Your Story’s Narrative Style:

The Mean, the Bad, and the Nasty—Writing Villains:

Lessons from an Old Panasonic: Read out loud: @Christi_Craig

Tips for growing your social media following:

For those last-minute shoppers: 10 Lists of Book Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day: @galleycat

How Plot Development Is Like Navigating a Maze:

The 20 minute workout for your manuscript:

Raising the Tension in Your Scenes:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 5/6/11:

Including symbolism in your story:

A few helpful Word tips:

Here’s A Guaranteed Way To Generate A Backlog Of Post Ideas:

How to Escalate the Suck Factor, Star Wars Style:

A rhyming tool for poets:

Mistakes We Make With Middles:

Be fearless as a writer:

An agent says: .doc is not .docx:

Now with over 7000 links to help #writers find resources:

Proper use of the comma:

The Top 3 Daily Time-Wasters & How To Tame Them:

Literary Magazines Are Learning to Surf (Poets and Writers):

Art of the Fantasy Genre: The Fighter:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Chocolate Angel Food Cake

Reading in the Cloud: “Spotify for Books” from The Publisher’s Standpoint:

Thoughts on creating endings:

Democratizing the tools of production has made creation of great literature easier:

Thoughts on protagonist creation:

Make Your Antagonist a Force for Good: @jamigold

Self-editing checklist--show and tell:

The Premise that Sells:

How to Get LinkedIn Famous in 15 Minutes a Day:

Ebook or Print Book? Why Do You Have to Choose? @thecreativepenn

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Am I Writing YA or MG?

Creating Characters in Poetry:

Cutting the Flab: Eliminate Extraneous Words:

Social Media for Authors: Forever in Search of Buzz (Poets and Writers):

How to Make a Zombie Plague:

Thicken your skin:

How to search Google like a pro:

Subtle ways to come out of the writing closet:

DRM vs. piracy, and the future of e-books:

Why Creative People Need to Be Eccentric:

@KristenLambTX 's new twibe for writers wanting to build a platform & connect to other writers: #MyWANA

Is Blogger Copyright Dead?

Tips for Writing Picture Books:

The Inherent Falseness of Memoir:

Are literary agents dinosaurs?

Blog Commenting Flops: Do These to Lose Traffic and Links:

Improv [Writing] Tip #7: Keep It Real:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: I love fondue, do you?

Why We Write: In the Presence of Living:

Tools for writers:

Select precise nouns and verbs:

10 Nontraditional Ways To Promote Your Book:

15 Purposes for Parentheses:

The Realities of Getting Real:

Going to a convention? Tips for newbies: @kbowenwriter

4 reasons you may be missing deadlines:

Nathan Bransford's editing process:

5 ways to ruin a good story:

Key Story Elements: Inner And Outer Desire:

How Mundane Routines Produce Creative Magic:

Top 5 Band-Aids to Apply Before Querying:

Being Prepared—as a Writer:

10 Cool Things on the Web (for screenwriters, fans, and other literary types):

Affect Is (Usually) a Verb:

Query Letter Mad Libs:

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A tool for finding in-person crit groups. Type in "critique group" and your location:

ISBN Decoded:

How to Minimize Interruptions When You’re Working:

20 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Writing Life This Spring:

For crime writers--12 Legal Warrant-less Searches:

Does the Pitch Tail Wag The Novel Dog?

How to keep doubts at bay:

Overcome Resistance and Get Out of Your Own Way:

Jane Friedman, Former ‘Writer’s Digest’ Publisher, Tells All:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Buttermilk Banana Bread

An insider's guide to book fairs (Guardian):

Don't be an uptight tweeter:

Putting the suspense puzzle together:

Keep 'em guessing: @juliemusil

Why It’s A Great Time To Be A Freelance Writer:

Learning to Disconnect:

10 steps for dealing effectively with rejection: @douglascorleone

How to figure out when a chapter isn’t working:

Is your book's setting ho-hum?

Build A Writing Network With LinkedIn: @jhansenwrites

Why companions and sidekicks are so important in books:

Need Some Bling for Your Title? Try PRISM: @4kidlit

1-step websites for writers: @janefriedman

Passionate writing:

Every individual, and character, is their own unique thread: @RavenRequiem13

The art of creative abundance:

4 Advantages of Re-Reading: @victoriamixon

Don’t Write the Bland and the Boring:

How to Focus with Pomodoro Technique:

Tips for Treating Titles of People:

3 Powerful Blog Post Formulas That Most Bloggers Overlook:

24 Ways to Enhance Your Creativity:

Teaching Fantasy Part 1: Rewards, Backfires, Escapes:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: A Killer Quiche to Celebrate the Release of Avery's LOST and FONDUE!

Grammar ABCs: A is for Appositive:

35 Weird Traits Your Characters May Have:

10 Most Popular Professions for Romance Novel Heroes: @galleycat

How To Write Memorable Characters:

The 3 stages of querying:

Writing Copy That Sells--The Dirty Little Secret to Seducing Your Readers:

When to end a series:

Take a Chance with Your Writing:

The Stigma Of Writing Horror: How The Genre You Write Matters As Much As The Story: @thecreativepenn

The One Right Way to Write a Query:

Up Your (Story) Game: 7 Tips: @CherylRWrites

When writing is your day job, summer vacation for the kids can turn your schedule upside down:

Get Your E-Book Noticed: Presentation, Promotion & Patience:

Keep a file copy of every book and story you write on your computer:

Fantasy settings: The Wastelands:

7 things about the business of writing that one author has learned:

A self-publishing scale to help categorize authors:

A definition of Deep POV and tips for writing it: @authorterryo

Understanding—and Accepting—the Reasons You Write:

Getting More Links to Your Blog – Things That Make People Link:

Creativity: the Least Important, Most Important Thing There Is: #amwwriting

The secret life of libraries:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Agatha Winners!

Why you need to give it away (to be a successful creative):

Authors should create “error logs” for their books & ebooks:

Freelancers: 6 foolproof ways to unstick stuck writing and thinking: @janodaniel

7 Survival Secrets for Independent Bookstores: @galleycat

Is the happy ending making a comeback? (Guardian):

Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 4/29/11):

Formatting posts and pages on your new WordPress blog: @storiestorm

An agent asks, "WTF is up with cursing in YA?"

Using Google calendar to stay organized:

Want to create vibrant characters that pop off the page?

Can Our Own eBooks Become More Interactive?

Modern Fantasy Sub-Genre Bingo:

The Elegant and Inescapable Semicolon:

Words, words, and more words:

6 Directions for Visual Display of Content:

2 Extremes Writers Take & How To Avoid Them:

Delving in Details: @RavenRequiem13

The Dilemma of The Mother Writer:

Punctuating Quotations:

Why Do We Think Talent Ought to Be Rewarded?

Your 10 Step Plan for Becoming a Twitter Star:

Who Cares About “Whom” Anymore?

Approach your book idea thoughtfully:

Semicolons and Other Signs of Savvy Writing:

Overediting: Sucking the Life Out of Your Story:

5 Pieces of Well-Meaning Writing Advice That One Writer is Glad She Didn’t Take: