Monday, July 5, 2010

The Way We Market

blog99 As you can imagine, I’m in a marketing haze right now. :) I’ve got postcards with the Delicious and Suspicious cover on them that are on their way to libraries and bookstores.

I’ve sent out ARCs for my book to newspapers and book blogging reviewers.

I’m running a contest (last day to enter!) :)

I’m also setting up lots of visits on different blogs so that a variety of different readers can hear about my book.

I have a book tour set with Jennifer Stanley, Krista Davis, and Avery Aames in early August in North Carolina. We’re even doing a morning show at a radio station.

I spend a good deal of time looking at Amazon numbers for my preorders.

But sometimes what means the most to me is the accidental sale. The effortless marketing that happens completely by chance.

My 8 year old daughter likes emailing back and forth with her friends…especially when she’s out of touch as she was the whole last week while we were at the beach.

“Mama, my friend is going to see an author at the bookstore. I told her that you were an author, too, but you write for grownups.”

“Mmm-hmm.” I’m thinking there’s going to be major lost interest by my daughter’s friend as soon as she realizes I don’t write YA or children’s books.

A few minutes go by.

“What’s the name of your book again? The new book?”

I reminded her of the name of the book and glanced over her shoulder, curiously. She was busily typing “delishus and suspishus.” Which, actually, makes a whole lot more sense than the way it’s really spelled. I went back to my reading.

“Mama, she said that her mom found your book on Barnes and Noble’s website and ordered it.”

Wow. “Can you tell her thanks so much? And if she wants me to sign it, to let me know?”

After all the hours I put into mailings, appearances, etc—sometimes these little mentions, that take no time at all, work best. (Which makes me think I should maybe let more people I’m acquainted with know that I write.)

Maybe I should hire my daughter as my publicist. After I teach her how to spell the name of the book, of course. :)

How are you building up a platform (either pre-publication or post?) What types of marketing are you more comfortable with?

Tomorrow is my release! Today will be the last day to enter my contest—until 8 pm. EST, please…I’ve got to tally my entries and there’s a good-sized number to count. Click here for my book release contest. Entering is easy.