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Terry3 Happy 4th of July to all my American friends! Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter for the past week. If you’re looking for a particular topic, just plug in your keyword into the search box at the top left-hand corner of the blog (on the black header right above my blog name…next to the Blogger symbol…the small search window is next to the magnifying glass) and the roundup with your subject will come up. To narrow your search down on the page, do a CTRL+F, type your subject, and hit enter.

Also, today and tomorrow are the last days to enter my book release contest! Click here for my book release contest. Entering is easy...and you might win a $25 bookstore gift card, a signed copy of "Delicious and Suspicious," and a "Delicious and Suspicious" tote bag. :)

Challenge Yourself To Take On Your Biggest Writing Fear--

How Poeming Is Like Dating (Writer's Digest):

Balancing Writing, Life, and Multiple Projects--

The Writer’s Life: Getting in the Mood--

Writers: do your characters fight to win, but fight even harder NOT to lose? They should. @p2p_editor

What I learned from the query process-- @alexisgrant

Keep Your Middle From Sagging--

Don't let writing excuses pile up:

Steampunk Aeronautics:

YA girl's case of gender fender bender:

Conference roundup--tips from the NJ Annual Conf. SCBWI:

Directories of SF & Fantasy on Twitter: and

Find reporters who need your expertise and build buzz:

For the Zombie Fan: The Most Effective Zombie Survival Plan: Become One: @EosBooks

Man created absurd world in plot to sell stolen Shakespeare folio, court hears (Guardian):

What one writer has learned a year after publication:

5 Writing Super Powers I Would Like to Have-- @JulieeJohnsonn

Father's Day Mysteries-- @janetrudolph

A glimpse into an editor's (mad) world: @BookChickCity

The Sophistication and Stupidity of Video Game Storytelling:

How Do You Style a Character's Thoughts in Writing? (Writer's Digest):

Serendipitous Searches for Book Lovers (@GalleyCat) --

Creating 3D Characters: The Character Interview-- @gracefuldoe

You’re never too old to write: @flawritersconf

Writing Science Fiction vs Fantasy--

Thoughts on a common element in YA:

Write from your heart? Or follow trends?

Erasing Women from the English Language:

Beginning Novelist? The First Draft Is Your Oyster!

Tips for Workshopping Your Writing When You’re Too Poor To Pay For It-- @jesakalong

50 Power Twitter Tips--

Get Wild – How to Set Your Creative Beast Free--

Facing our fears: @JodyHedlund

Info dumps don't belong in dialogue (video):

Deep POV: Three mistakes and how to fix them, Part II:

Stretching ourselves--writing outside our comfort zone:

The Monstrous Feminine--

On making our writing perfect:

Mystery Lovers' Kitchen: @cleocoyle with a virgin mojito to cool off from a hot summer day: @kristadavis @AveryAames

Writing Your Book, part IX: You're Finished! Now Get to Work!

Knowing Your Process: Who: @wawriters

Can the Experts Be Wrong? Or, The Limits of Expertise--

Agents-- 7 ways to spice up your form rejection letter:

Do Readers Want to Read Your Work or Do You Wish They Did? @hopeclark

4 Reasons You Should Avoid Social Media--

Vary the ending clauses in your sentences:

The ominous rise of 2nd person:

A roadmap for the future: 6 suggestions for today’s publishers that many can’t follow:

7 things one author has learned so far (incl. "your book isn't yours anymore"): @alanorloff @ChuckSambuchino

Can I read the free ebooks if I don’t have an Ereader?

Clearing permissions in the digital age:

40 Twitter Hashtags for Writers:

10 Things About Submission Opportunities for Writer Trade Magazines:

Write what you love, not what the market wants:

What is an UN-Professional Writer?

Writing mentors:

Why one person is saying goodbye to Facebook: (Daily Beast):

Dealing with contradictory feedback:

Finishing Part 1 — The Fear is Real--

I'm interviewed on Beth Groundwater's blog today--talking a little about my writing process and challenges:

Why You Need Dynamic Characters--

Choose to Spend Time on High Impact Activities--

A Writer's Serenity Prayer (JA Konrath):

Online resources for writers: @ClarissaDraper

15 things that *aren't* true about being a writer:

Pros and cons on fictional vs. real settings and setting research tips: @SpunkOnAStick

How to Write Magical Words:

5 questions to ask if you aren’t motivated to write: @flawritersconf

Marketing--make them feel something:

My Backlogged Pages (NY Times):

Genre - Magical Realism--

Serendipitous Searches for Book Lovers @GalleyCat :

'100 Things Every Writer Needs to Know.' Well, Here's Six:

Favorite Tweets for Writers June 7-June 13, 2010 (categorized):

Literacy and the Audiobook--

50 query tricks. Are you brave enough to try no. 43?

Psychology of non-verbal dialogue:

David Bowie, Pleonasms, and Stating the Obvious-- @SimplyOlivia

Write Tight-- @SylviaDSmith

When Elevator Speeches Don’t Work for You--

Doing Comic Book Covers Well: 5 Tips--

How to Find More Hours in the Day--

What makes a backbone character?

13 Ways to Add Depth to Your Genre Novel-- @VictoriaMixon

The Five Basic Plot Elements--

A summer of great writing--tips for writing with kids:

Proper use of conjunctions: @crystalproofing

Change is key to powerful character arcs:

How to portray an inspiring leader: @p2p_editor

So you want to write a legal thriller:

What All Content Creators Need to Learn From Roger Ebert:

Manuscript mood swings:

Pros and Cons of an MFA: @kierstenwhite

Unenjoyable novels dominate literary prizes--

Garden overgrown with mint? Mystery writer Jenn McKinlay w/ some great recipes for it @kristadavis @AveryAames

Find a vehicle for creative collaboration:

If It Hurts, You're Doing Something Right: 3 Ideas About the Pain of Writing--

The Invisibility of Women in Science Fiction--

Chocolate and writing--why they belong together: @elspethwrites

How to make page buttons on Blogger:

One freelance writer longs for simpler days: @authorterryo

Twitter Book Publishers, Consultants, Agents, Editors, and PR peeps for Adult Fiction/Nonfiction: @jevonbolden

Flawed characters--how far can you go with them?

The Poetry Feminaissance --

A roundup of marketing tips from around the net:

20 Questions to Ask When Revising a Blog Post-- @PauloCamposInk

Writing as an Art —Words That Dance--

3 tips for cultivating an online brand: @JodyHedlund

4 life lessons from blogging:

Ten of the best bad doctors in literature (Guardian):

The Pavarotti Principle for Creating A-list Blogs--

On creating characters:

Writing a series? Why you should use a style sheet: @BookEndsJessica

Valuable Writing Tips from One Writer's Most Trusted Professors (Writer's Digest):

Tension, Character and Story--

Avoiding redundancy: @Paize_Fiddler

How to Build a Tribe of Followers--

How to cook up a cozy mystery:

Mystery writer @JulieHyzy throws a grad party extraordinaire--and shares a raspberry bar recipe: @kristadavis @CleoCoyle

The lazy reader (Globe and Mail):

What's that you say? Thoughts on dialect:

Writing tips from famous writers:

It's a Good Time to be a Writer … and a Gamer--

Writing contests ending this month:

Oh My Gosh! My Scene Is RUINED!

Struggling with feelings of failure: @JodyHedlund

What are client referrals? @nataliebahm

100 All-Time Best Historical Fiction Books-- @MargReads

Write your novel in an hour a day: @dirtywhitecandy

8 Tips For Creating Memorable Business Cards:

Common writing mistakes:

7 Signs of an A-List Blogger in the Making--

On Taking Advice--

Who said what? Identifying dialogue speakers (video):

3 Best Takeaways for Writers from BookExpo America (Huff Post):

Wordle update, how to get more information about word clouds:

When not to quit--a twisty fairytale: @emiliaplater

Tips to narrow down what you want from a crit group:

Will eBooks Make Midlist Authors Extinct? (Huff Post):

The Rural Fantasy Reading List--

Creating multi-layered characters--

Providing Better Critiques: Being Detailed in Your Feedback--

Do editors change their minds?

The Most Important Marketing Acronym: WIIFM (Writer's Digest):

A Memorable Blogger Is A Guest Under Many Roofs--

6 Things to Check Before Upgrading To Windows 7--

Basics of an Elevator Pitch---

Publishing Terms to Know: Lead Title:

Copyrighting Submissions and Agent Plagiarism--

Using SPA to help with revisions:

5 Incredibly Useful Gmail Features--

A whole new meaning to deadline:

A day in the life of a writer:

Is there such a thing as blogging snobbery? @JodyHedlund

Exploring: Web Resources for Writers: @PStoltey

Outline your weakness as a writer:

An Agent Offers Basic Help with Contracts:

How to Come Up With an Author Tagline--

A Kiss Is Still a Kiss--

Writer's block and one trick to beat it:

Twenty Free Ways to Love Your Manuscript-- @thmafi

Don't Try to Be Someone Else--

Twitterific--the week in tweets from ElizabethSCraig:

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Are Children's Publishers Destroying Rainforests?

I Got Your Writer’s Block Right Here:

Tips for being an Olympic quality blogger:

Why your characters shouldn't have all that money, and how to take it away from them: @p2p_editor

Little truths one writer has learned:

An agent answers, "What exactly is YA?" :

Which idea should I write first? Some tips for narrowing it down:

How setting is important to your story:

Point of View Demystified:

Last 2 days to enter ElizabethSCraig's book release contest. "Delicious and Suspicious" releases Tuesday! Easy entering:

The importance of beta readers for beginning writers:

Blog Reading and Sharing: Power Tips for Google Reader:

Should stories be soapboxes?

Using Microsoft Word Versus PowerPoint for Ebook Creation:

You're never too old to start writing (Guardian):

Children's picture books and plot:

Be sure to check out an agent's submission requirements online:

Grammar Guide: Problem Pronouns - Who, That, Which:

Build a Setting that Pulls Its Own Weight (and then some):

Changes rules of punctuation:

Unplug to nourish your creativity:

The paperback book massacre: @S0BeUrself

Seven Powerful Ways To Find New Readers For Your Blog:

The Benefits of Mentoring: A Tribute to Mentors:

Why You’re Not Going to Make It as a Writer, in 8 Parts: @VictoriaMixon

The iPad: Not the Writing Tool I'd Hoped For:

The 12 Best Books of Summer (Daily Beast):

4th of July mysteries: @JanetRudolph

How To: Change Your Twitter Name Without Losing Followers:

Ten of the best beaches in literature (Guardian):

A writer looks into submitting to big publishers vs small publishers:

Monotasking: Focus on One Thing at a Time:

Does Twitter Sell Books? Yes, It Does (Huff Post):

5 Reasons Why You Should Respond to Every Comment:

20 Questions to Ask About Symbolism and Theme: @PauloCamposInk

On semicolons:

Getting the most out of a rewrite: Tips for authors:

In praise of a writing journal:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: 102 Grilling Ideas (no kidding) for Fourth of July by Cleo Coyle @kristadavis

Magic in the Society You've Created: @HarleyDPalmer

How to Create Effective Scenes and Chapters in Your Novel: @melissadonovan

6 Cool Startpages That Can Make You More Productive:

Why e-books will never replace real books (Slate):

An editor on the two factors that contribute to successful book sales:

The Basics of Fiction:

Revision Series - Part 2: Writing with Betas, which is like swimming with dolphins:

The Importance of the First Line: @ljboldyrev

How To Incorporate Twitter Into Your Event:

Writers and Time:

Shapeshifters 101: Or, Why You Really Did See A Wild Animal in the Park Yesterday: @KellyMeding

Nine Tips for Helping Your Publicist Do a Great Job:

Write your story and your voice will come: @teresafrohock RT @dirtywhitecandy

One writer's writing cycle:

'Could Have' and 'Would Have' Usage:

The Politics of Offers:

Talking Yourself in from the Ledge of Self-Doubt:

Are your characters acting normal?

What to Ask Beta Readers:

Passive voice = Passive scene?

Tips for Staging an Action Scene: @camillelaguire

So much in publishing is out of the author's hands-- how to tilt the odds in your favor: @MermaidHel

Your writer's toolkit--some tools to add: @darkened_jade

Have you tried stretching yourself as a writer? How one writer did it--by trying a screenplay:

Fun with Oblivious Bad Writers:

What can ‘Family Guy’ teach you about self-publishing? @bradvertrees

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Southern Summer in a Glass—Bourbon Slush @kristadavis

WordPress’ Best Underused Feature:

Outlining – Step 1: @stevenkgriffin

Why I’d Rather Mow the Lawn than Write:

How settings determine character behavior: @p2p_editor

Working Hard Is not Enough. Here's 18 Ways to Work Smart:

Writer's Guide to Reading People--Character Development: @ClarissaDraper

The Real Secret to Twitter: @FionaRobyn

When To Tell Instead of Show:

Second person - that means *you*!

One Possible Peril Of A Multi-book Deal:

Why Freelance Writers Need an Evergreen Stable of Writing:

Check Your Scenes: CES:

An Agent on How to get the most out of a critique group:

The cost of having an agent:

How to Create a Bidding War for Your Book Proposal (Huff Post):

Stimulus first, then reaction:

Agents Won't Survive Just By Charging a Higher Commission (Writer's Digest):

Why blog? It's not all about book promo: @HartJohnson

How keywords can help your author website:

An editor explains why the 1st page of your ms. is so important:

When anyone can be a published author (Salon):

Pitching to Agents: A Survivor's Story:

You are Your Own Boss:

Reading Aloud: Does It Benefit Anything?

Recap of the 2010 Writers’ League of Texas Agents Conference:

Hands-on writing tools:

“…As He Fumbled For 15 Minutes With My Bra…” Or, The Difficulties of Sex Scenes: @litdrift

Epistles at dawn: the dying art of letter writing (Guardian):

Fiction is dead. Again? [LA Times]:

15 Inspiring Home Offices:

Writers, Fill in the blanks of our future: @SylviaDSmith

Dialogue tips: @KatieGanshert

Writing Creepy for Kids Without Scarring Them for Life! @TeresaFrohock

Fact Checking Fiction? @fictionwriters

When Hiring a Publicist (Huff Post):

The Death of “Submit-Wait-Pray”: Self Publishing as a Cottage Industry:

So, it's time to query. Where to start:

What to do when You Lose the Motivation to Blog: @LiteraryNobody

If You Think SFF Debuts Have It Tough, Try being a literary fiction debut: @MarkCN

7 Power Tips For Productive RSS News Feed Reading:

Revision Series - Part 1: First Draft Review, or The Grid: @lizczukas

Writing Contests: Always Read The Fine Print! @inkyelbows

An inside look at Advanced Reader Copies: @JodyHedlund

Top 10 women travelers in fiction (Guardian):

The writing blogosphere's major players: @bluemaven

What Does An Agent Do? @HeatherMcCorkle

Harper Lee Grants Unexpected Interview to British Newspaper Reporter:

Six Ways Blogs Are Changing the Web:

How to hook an editor--and your readers:

Deciding when to show and when to tell: @4KidLit

How to become a niche writer:

What Authors Can Learn From the World Cup:

Google Voice: How it Can Change How You Use the Phone:

Favorite Tweets for Writers June 21 – June 27, 2010:

Do flashbacks change reader expectations?

Confessions of a Writer:

Why You Should Read Draft Manuscripts:

Some needs to consider as you create your characters:

The next big thing:

Enjoy the time it takes to craft a story:

Getting our char's to reveal themselves to us:

How ledgers have become the publishing ind's preferred reading: @declanburke

Non-Fiction Book Proposal: You Don’t Need To Write The Full Book: @BubbleCow

The Secret to Writing Powerful Words--

The keys to suspension of disbelief in our writing:

4 Risks to Building Your Platform: @S0BeUrself

Those Writer Insecurities:

12 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block:

Using Google Blogs to Find Places to Guest Blog: @ flawritersconf

The Catharsis of Writing:

5 ways to drive your spouse crazy with your writing: @ territiffany1

Take the whine out of writing--

How much do manuscript mistakes matter?

Side Effects of Rewriting:

Writing a Fight Scene:

An agent on sizing up the competition:

The Writing and Promoting Tightrope:

9 lessons one author has learned from blog touring: @alanorloff @srjparrish.

Articles to help you come up with book titles:

The Writer’s Life: Negative Thoughts-- @AnneTylerLord

Plot Brainstorming--

Eight Ways to Make Good Use of Your Spare Minutes Online--

On writing good characters:

37 Ways to Find Inspiration for Blog Posts--

How to be an avid reader without panic: 5 tips for not getting discouraged by your growing TBR list: @TheBlueBookcase

Writers beware--don't lie down with dogs:

What's the biggest mistake writers make? Multi-tasking:

Tackling real-life characters in fiction is fine – as long as you do it well (Guardian):

Become a Book Review Ninja: 10 Steps to Mastery:

Agent Michael Larsen Talks 12 Ways to Excite Pros About Your Novel--

Why Guest Blogging is Useless for Link Building--

Marketing the “You Know What” Out of Your Blog:

Writing habits--the good and the bad: @ZiggyKinsella

An agent on the one-book deal:

Book bloggers catch on with publishers (LA Times):

Twitterific--Elizabeth S Craig's week in tweets:

Everything I Know About Fight Scenes I Learned At Tae Kwon Do--

Modern vampires are neither scary or sexy, children's writers complain (Telegraph):

Covers: Joy-Moment. And Crutch:

5 Tools To Jump-Start Your Writing: @paulocampos

The Internet Counts:

Show, Don’t Tell — Conveying Emotion--

Good Writing Tips (Huff Post):

The 5 Stages of Querying--

Talking About Magic: Talking Animals--

The one page a day writing schedule:

More on Dwarves and Gnomes for Fantasy Writers:

It’s Time to Manage Your Online Personal Brand--

6 things one writer has learned about writing:

Mystery writers--places where your potential victims should tread carefully: @margotkinberg

Social Networking for Authors--

Some recent blog highlights for writers: @PauloCamposInk

Five rules for writing your life story:

Illustrator Saturday: Leeza Hernandez:

Writing tips for readers in a hurry--

4 Signs the Rejectionist is into you and/or your novel:

Tips for editing paragraphs:

Enhancing our creativity by making choices about how we spend our time:

Book marketing fear--7 tips for the introverted author:

For writers: risks, costs and the fight-- @amysorrells

Conference Recommendations:

Conference Recommendations:

How to read a publishing contract (14.5 and 15)--

4 Facebook Marketing Myths And How to Overcome Them-- @smexaminer

Improvement Is Inevitable: The Lesson of Stieg Larsson--

What Nathan Bransford is dying to read in your query letter: @thmafi

What Good Are Agents for Indie Authors? @jevonbolden

Do your characters have what it takes? @ZiggyKinsella

Writing-related quotations:

Why smart characters make dumb mistakes: @p2p_editor

The Hero’s Journey Part 11 – Resurrection: @JustusRStone

5 ways to write an atrocious blog post: @jammer0501

The Truth And Lies Of Networking--

On becoming a logodaedalus: @WritingAgain

1 writer on writing advice, struggles, and what she wishes she'd done differently:

Publishers should 'get to know' consumers better, Laid Bare conference hears:

5 Simple Ways To Spread Positivity:


Breaking the Rules (and a list of some of the writing rules):

A roundup of writing related tweets:

11 Productivity Tools for Road Warriors and Telecommuters:

Qwitter Lets You Track Who’s Unfollowing You on Twitter--

Will the eReader Price Wars Help Libraries? @GalleyCat

When multiple agents fight over an author, it's an agency beauty contest:

Writer's Digest's Jane Friedman's take on agent pay: Agents Need to Develop Alternative Models

2 agent/money posts: Are Agents Due For a Raise?: & Paying Agents by the Hour?

Agents don't buy authors gifts:

Nice, organized roundup of the best articles for writers (wk 6-25): @ 4KidLit

What what you say online--they're watching: