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Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter for the past week. I'm setting this up as a Sunday installment on Mystery Writing is Murder. If you’re looking for a particular topic, just plug in your keyword into the search box at the top left-hand corner of the blog and the roundup with your subject will come up. To narrow your search down on the page, do a CTRL+F, type your subject, and hit enter.

Writers Conferences: The Spell Called Networking--

Thinking Small without Guilt: Setting Your Minimum Goal Standards--

Why you shouldn't send an agent a bound book w/ an ISBN as a submission:

Enough with the Eyebrows: Showing Emotion--

Best articles this week for writers @4KidLit:

Social Media and Your (Lack of) Privacy--

Are You Too Lazy to Write Less?

Questions that authors are never asked (Guardian):

Coping with rejection:

Privileging the Pretty--

How to Go to Bed With the Thought, “That Was an Awesome Day.”

5 fun ways to improve your writing:

Writers and Twitter: Yes, it’s a Good Thing!

Finding the Story in the Story--

Book promo tips for skittish sellers: @BookMarketer

The Importance of Hating Your Book--

Writing Tutorial: The Synopsis.

Mystery writer Kate Collins' Abby at Killer Characters: @kristadavis @LorraineBartlet

How Travel Renews Your Writing Life (Writer's Digest):

Know When to Stop Editing--

Why genre is a writer's best friend: @CleoCoyle

Whose Fault is it When the Manuscript Fails to Sell?

What's for supper? Mystery writer Liz Lipperman's Potato Chip Chicken Casserole: @CleoCoyle @kristadavis

Trying to plot? Consider story frames: @mkinberg

Your Agent’s Editorial Ideas--

Outlining with Index Cards-- @annastanisz

Steampunk mass communications: @mattdelman

9 Ways To Improve Your Writing--

10 Things to Help with Developing Characterizations--

5 Great Summer Literary Festivals (Daily Beast)--

16 tips to write great thrillers:

Focus on one blog or juggle several blogs?

A Balanced Writing Life--

Book Marketing--Don't go it alone:

Creativity As A Dirty Word-- @stephanellaw

Is it Who You Know in Publishing?

Decisions, decisions (LOL): @elspethwrites

Twitter Fiction. Really!

Reassessing Your Trajectory--

The Unbridled Passion of Young Adult Readers:

What is Fanfiction?

Real Life Diagnostics: Show vs. Tell, Part Two--

Learning how to use social media effectively: @JodyHedlund

Rethinking the Ebook Revolution: @S0BeUrself

Mistaken reports of midlist's demise?

Important Elements of a Solid Creative Writing Program--

Superhero types and how to distinguish yours (Part 2)--

How to Read A Book--

Why You Need to Know Why You Write-- @wawriters

Be brief and specific in our writing:

Nice collection of self-editing links : @jaysubject

The best interview is the self-interview:

Maximize your story's inciting event: @KMWeiland

Showing, not telling-- @flawritersconf

Summer book fairs and festivals for writers:

One Blogger's Favorite Tweets for Writers May 31-June 6, 2010: @simplywriting

The greatest SF universes that include both magic and science fiction--

Writing obstacles and 9 tips for overcoming them:

Writing lessons from a rock concert:

What's for supper? Easy, cheesy broccoli cornbread from the Mystery Lovers' Kitchen: @CleoCoyle @kristadavis @AveryAames

How one writer conducts research:

Who really reads your manuscript?

Sharing stories: @TheNewAuthor

For zombie-loving writers: 5 real diseases that could make you act just like a zombie:

Meet Lulu Taylor of "Delicious and Suspicious." Today, on Killer Characters:

The Two Types Of Twitter Stars--

One writer resents editing other people’s work--

You promised to write your story today:

Writers' Groups: the Nuts and Bolts-- @CPatrickSchulze

Tools for Writers-- @EmilyCaseysMuse

The 3 things that make for lasting motivation for a writer:

Better listening leads to better writing--

Motif in Query Letters--

The Power of the First Sentence--

Creative ways to add dialogue to one-character scenes:

Finding a Writing Mentor-- @flawritersconf

The scene conflict worksheet--developing tension in your novel (excellent): @4KidLit

An agent advised to query on only 1 project at a time: @arcaedia

Unpublished Larsson stories found (Globe and Mail):

What Has Stephen King Done For You Lately? @PauloCamposInk

Ten of the best examples of rowing in literature-- (Guardian):

Writing Effective Description--

Agent Sharlene Martin is Teaching ''10 Secrets to a Winning Book Proposal'':

How can writers make an over-the- top event feel right, if surprising?

Cozy mystery character Skye Denison on today's Killer Characters:

Trying to write a synopsis? Consider the first sentence of paragraphs:

52 Therapeutic Writing Tips & Techniques--

12 things one writer has learned so far (incl. don't look to your cat for approval): @elspethwrites

Don't writers have the right to remain silent? (Guardian)

The cycle of blogging--how life is different at 10 followers vs. 1000 followers: @WritingAgain

Where Do Writers Write? (Huff Post):

Writing sexual tension in a romance: @authorterryo

The resource roundup-- tips for coming up with the right title: @bluemaven

Life is fast-paced. Should books be?

Tales from the Slush Pile--some problems an editor is seeing--

Dialogue--talking about talking:

Big books, small apartment (The Globe and Mail):

Authors Take Note: Yet Another "How Not to Get Published" Story:

Public Speaking: Another Newbie Tale--

Cut the Cord, Writers!--

Macavity Award Nominees 2010-- @JanetRudolph

6 Tips on Writing Picture Books (That May Just Warm Your Heart):

You just don't understand me! @p2p_editor

A voice journal as a writing tool: @paulgreci

5 Must-Read Short-Story Collections (Daily Beast):

5 Elements that Make Fantasy Fiction Feel Real :

6 Ways to Constantly Produce Quality Blog Content--

So frickin’ predictable: The creative process: @writingroads

An Agent on Choosing and Finding an Agent:

Writing Opportunity: New Magazines:

Sex and the single mother--writing a romance w/ a single mom as protagonist:

The writer's rejection dictionary: @4KidLit

How To Build A Strong On-line Following Even Before You Have A Book Deal--

Deadline to meet? Go clean that oven… @wawriters

How to create guest post guidelines for your blog:

Dear Writing Mojo--

Writing a mystery series (some tips):

Avoiding a character description dump:

5 tips for playing a smart publishing game: @JodyHedlund

The Nine Lives of Translated Literature--

6 keys to revising your fiction:

Get to a character's core with this RSC exercise:

Own Your Ambition--

Overcoming Doubt--

How to Make Twitter More Useful (apps)--

How to Craft Back Cover Copy that Sells Books--

How to Become a Speaker to Build Your Platform--

Stieg Larsson: The Man Who Wrote 'The Girl Who...' (NPR):

Under representation in SF:

How to Use YouTube to Position Yourself as an Author-Expert--

The problem with calling your manuscript "cutting edge":

What do you stand to lose if you are unsuccessful at achieving your writing goal?

Create Printed Marketing Materials to Promote Your Book--

An author's take on MFA programs:

Why everyone hates poetry:

Freelancer’s Survival Guide: Giving Up On Yourself Part One--

Whether by telephone or text message, communication is learned--

Writing unreliable narrators and unreliable impressions:

Looking at our old writing--some observations: @__Deb

How to Make Your Travels Part of Your Career Brand--

What’s behind the boom in dystopian fiction for young readers? (New Yorker)

Responding to comments--how important is it? @stephfaris

Your Blog is Not Your Job--

Will Literary Agents Really Read Your Query Letter? @Writeitsideways

11 Practical Ways To Stop Procrastination--

Some tips on synopsis writing:

A summing-up of an #askYAeditor chat: Great tips on the current market.

On dramatic irony in writing:

Reading Our Reviews:

What Makes You Put a Book Down?

Why you want an intern to read your proposal:

A recap of The Cimmerian Blog, Year Two: Aug. 2006 – Aug. 2007 (a blog of heroic fantasy, horror, and historical adv.):

10 ways authors can profit from instant screencasts for Twitter they create for free--

For a writer, no time is ever wasted--

Adverbs are much maligned:

5 Ways to have your Author Website Work for You--

Summer Survival Guide for Writer Moms--

Reflection Mode: Thinking About Life Inside an MFA Program--

Novelists--be careful before you spend time submitting to writing contests:

Networking for writers:

Avoiding Basic Writing Blunders--

Using Creative Commons to add media to your blog--

So, What’s Really Killing Fiction?

7 things one writer has learned so far:

Writing About Rape--

What I’m Learning from the Launch of My New eBook--

It all comes back to the story:

How to write good dialogue – it’s not simply about what people say-- @dirtywhitecandy

As Lit Fest nears, a query: What's the future of books? (Chicago Tribune):

20 young writers to watch (NY Times):

A nice review of my book by @Ghunibee: Thanks so much, Glynis!

What do editors do?

Killer Characters blog: where characters take over a blog. See what happens when the authors aren't looking.

Crafting Visual, Memorable Scenes-- @4KidLit

A rejection is just a rejection--don't parse it:

Text query letter to e-mail--formatting your query from Word to email:

A writing roundup: @PauloCamposInk

When You're Weary of Writing:

The art of weekend reading (Globe and Mail) :

Having trouble finding the right word? Some resources: @bluemaven

When Bad Writing Becomes Funny--

Top 10 Ways to Cyberslack:

Finding a writer's residency program:

On writing conventions--what can writers get out of them? :

Have you tried fast drafting to silence your inner editor?

Copyright Protection Service: Another One You Don't Need--

Top Ten Signs of a Writer--

Don’t Quit Your Day Job-What Debut YA Writers Really Make-- @Georgia_McBride

Writer's block? Or is it more of a writer's hesitation?

Conveying Character: A Few Suggestions--

An Agent Says Thick Skin is Part of the Job:

Great advice from the experts--

Will my grandma like my book?

Use foreshadowing to keep readers reading (video):

An explanation of some important financial phrases for writers:

Lessons from the Backspace Writers Conference:

An agent on developing the one-sentence summary:

What it's like to do agent revisions: @frankiediane

Have we homogenized writing? Are we better or worse off than we were when we writers labored in isolation?

Tales From the World Steam Expo--

What I Wish I'd Known :

Create Writing Flow Using The 10 Minutes of Gibberish Method:

6 Organization Tips for Disorganized Writers-- @Writeitsideways

An Author’s Plan for Social Media-- 21 tips:

5 observations on how genre novelists deal with setting:

How to Promote an Event--

Twitterific- ElizabethSCraig's tweets from the past week:

Twists on conversational endings--

4 Steps to Create a Simple Website--

5 ways writers can use the "fundamental attribution error":

Twitter 101: Hashtags Worth Checking Out--

The Secret to Success: Harness the Power of Focus and Concentration--

The Secret to Plot in Your Novel--

Things I'd love to see being posted online--

The Hero’s Journey Part 9 – Reward-- @JustusRStone

Cultivating the Mental Energy to Write-- @Wordstrumpet

Do You Really Gain Followers from Online Interviews?

Plot types:

10 Lies Agents & Editors Tell You. And Why.

Beware of those who recite poetry at parties--

The Art of War for Writers :

Manuscript CPR:

Messy friends and messy characters:

Book blurbing:

The E-Book Juggernaut--

What do I deserve as an author?

The Surefire Way to Save Yourself from Mediocrity (That You Already Know, But Don’t Do)

Newer vs. Established Agents--

Paris: What’s not to love? Two expat authors write a list...

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