Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Manuscript Mood Swings


One thing that I’ve noticed with my writing is that I swing back and forth in my opinion of the draft I’m working on.

What I aim for is to feel good about where I am with the draft. Maybe it’s still a mess, but I’ll tell myself I’ve come a long way with it. Or maybe it’s in pretty decent shape and I’ll try to look more critically at it (because if I’m feeling breezy about a manuscript, it worries me.)

Then there are the days where I swing from one extreme to the other with my feelings toward the manuscript.

This is when I enjoy posts like this one by author Libba Bray (one of my all-time favorite articles…because I so completely emphasize). It explains how writing a novel is like a love story. I share it with writing friends when I think the process has gotten to them.

And this post on the Writing Roads blog outlines the phases of a writer—from optimism to defeatism.

It’s a little bit of humor from writers who understand the process and help us realize we’re not alone.

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