Thursday, June 17, 2010

It’s Thursday! Where’s Elizabeth?

Apparently on Thursdays I have a subconscious desire to take over everyone’s Google Readers with my posts. :) This is the second Thursday in a row that I’m writing for 4 different blogs (I’m counting this one.)

First up, I’m at Diane Wolfe’s excellent Spunk on a Stick blog, where I’m posting on writing settings—should you choose a real place or a fictitious one? If you choose an actual location, should you choose a town you live in? If not, how do you research your setting?

I’m also at fellow mystery writer Beth Groundwater’s blog for an interview. I’ve answered all Beth’s questions…see if you have any additional ones for me and I’ll be happy to respond in the comments.

It’s also my day at Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen today. If you feel like some blueberry stuffed French toast (above), then pop on over!