Friday, May 7, 2010



Once again, I’m posting writing links that I previously posted to Twitter.

The idea of doing this isn’t to overwhelm anyone. But I thought that if I kept track of these writing links in a searchable database (you can search my blog on the top left of the page) then we can access some of these helpful links by topic, when we need to.

One author shares lessons he's learned:

What makes a writer a professional?

A published author gives aspiring authors the benefit of her hindsight:

Eliminating vague pronouns:

Delegate your way to more writing time:

The Evolving World of Book Publicity (Huff Post):

Men don't read books? Research Fail:

Is DRM More Costly Than Piracy?

8 basic writing blunders (Writer's Digest):

Bringing your characters to life:

A query and a rejection (snort): @thmafi

What readers want:

Bowker to provide ISBNs for Google Editions--

Write, exercise, write:

Brainstorming techniques:

On Facebook and the Increasing Erosion of Digital Privacy--

Amazon—or Shamazon? inside customer reviews--

Literary Agent Steve Wasserman Delivers Digital Rights Advice for Authors @GalleyCat :

The art of choosing illustration (write picture books? Don't try to pair the text w/ pictures):

Changing times for the promoting writer:

5 articles on writing with voice:

Fantasy’s Top Ten Fight Scenes: The Duels--

An author discusses fanfic:

Google to launch ebook store (Guardian):

Literary novels don’t have to be plotless – Revolutionary Road--

It’s Time to Realize You’re a Talentless Hack--

Know Your Characters – Part 1-- @jaysubject

3 Things Don Corleone Knows About Writing--

Notes from the NY Times newsroom on grammar, usage and style:

Virtual Book Tours for Novelists:

Top 10 illustrated books for adults (Guardian):

Where's the Future for Science Fiction?

One question an editor always hears:

What should I write?

How To Organize Your Google Feed Reader: @TannaC

You don't know jack about ISBNs: @ereads

Writing characters--must we stick to what we know?

Setting up a critique group--think quality, not quantity:

What Swiss transportation can teach us about writing: @WriterAbroad

How a good scene is like a good joke: @julie_bush

Showing vs. Telling: Subtexting --

Tips for writing success:

The worst things an agent has seen in contracts:

Ways the writing life can enrich our families: @JodyHedlund

Building a villain: @msforster

“Connect, Don’t Network”: Gaiman, Benet on Blogging--

10 Marketing Excuses That Can Kill Your Book and Career:

Why men don't read (Salon):

An agent on keeping our facts straight with series bibles:

13 Things You Should Have Known About Your Characters Beforehand:

5 tips to survive an agent meeting or pitch session:

Handwriting analysis, part 2, for the crime writer:

Margaret Atwood on why we must defend writers (Daily Beast):

Quoting song lyrics in your fiction: @nickdaws

Writers and the internet (can authors survive it?) :

Formulating your workshop goals

Advice for a Mystery-Hater:

When did "beware" become a noun?

Cross-dressing characters:

Going to Paris? Events and news for writers:

Why Your Email Account May Be Getting You Rejected--

Writing From the Incomprehensible--

Working with an editor-- making it productive: @greyhausagency

Best last lines in books:

The phrase-finder...another online site to help you procrastinate:

7 Secret Signs an Agent is Into You-- @thmafi

What's Jodi Picoult looking for? Respect. (Telegraph):

Not Just Another Funny Forehead: Creating Alien Characters--

On writing acknowledgments:

The writer’s toolkit: Eavesdropping for dialogue--

He says/she says: What is creativity? @merrileefaber @cvaldezmiller

Workshop tips from the SCBWI Michigan Conference:

Authors, do you look the part when doing TV promo? (Huff Post)

Authors, do you look the part when doing TV promo?

For book marketing research, authors can use TitleZ-- @TheCounter

Teaming up with another writer for offline promo: @TonyEldridge

107 Things You Should Know About Being a Published Author--

Lessons learned--my first writing conference: @bluemaven

Editors on agents:

Reading around the world--in photos. (LA Times): @LATimesbooks

An agent on synopses:

POV tips--

Reading a publishing contract--part 9:

On using coincidences when we write:

An agent throws a little cold water on agents fighting over the same client:

Do libraries help or hurt book sales?

Book Marketing--experience & options -- thoughts on different approaches:

Posting Your Unpubbed Concepts On Your Website: Yes or No? @jkcoi

Know your children's lit category:

Content farms: @Personanondata

Writer @JulieHyzy reminds us it's prom season--and gives us a recipe for a spinach quiche to serve.

An agent on how to write the breakout novel: Part 2 - Larger-than-life characters: @JuliaChurchill

Storytelling is Motion: @gwenbell

Top 10 Greatest Science Fiction Detective Novels Of All Time:

Fiction Magazines Worth Reading: 2010 @ericrosenfield

Powerful WordPress Forms Made Simple--

Kindle pros and cons:

The best book I ever edited: @jevonbolden

Quidditch--fictional? Think again: (Guardian)--

The Trials and Triumphs of Turning a Print Novel into an eBook:

The Facebook writer's challenge:

Steve Wasserman on the Qualities of a Good Literary Agent-- @GalleyCat

A few rules for romances--and what's hot and not:

Factors that influence character names:

Why do editors edit?

Great tips here-- A Writer's First Year: "Do Not Snort on NPR" and Other Tips for Flogging Your Book

What's your intent or objective for being on Twitter?

Writer Jeff Cohen comes up with "The English/GPS--GPS/English Dictionary" while on the road:

Starting a novel in the wrong place:

What every fiction writer can learn from Starlighter:

Conference etiquette--be a class act:

No idea is wasted when we write:

10 writing tools you can have for free:

Poetry is for rich kids:

A good writer is a good writer--whether it's genre fic or lit fic:

10 Handy Travel Gadgets for Geeky Business Travelers-- @marcandangel

What you should do with every guest post you write:

Science Fiction and Romance: Fraternal Twins--

Monday Markets/Jobs/Opportunities --

How To Get Your Book Mentioned In A Newspaper:

Distractions--how they hold us back. @joannapaterson

An agent on what's in a publishing contract: @RachelleGardner

What you're entitled to, as a writer: @julie_bush

When to start your agent search:

Maid as Muse: How Servants Changed Emily Dickinson’s Life & Language:

Comparative overkill--how to compare and contrast in our writing:

Writing conversations-- how many people should converse at once?

Skype is not quite ready for prime time:

Romantic Times conference wrap up:

How to use mysteries in your novel: keep the reader guessing – but not too much

Can Goodreads Ads Help Unknown Authors Find an Audience?

3 vital steps to writing a novel:

Action and intensity = 2 different things:

Why write?

Why I don't say 'science fiction' or 'fantasy' to regular people:

When your story doesn't turn out like you planned:

Dealing with scraping (plagiarism) from a blogger's point of view:

Will sex save publishing? (MSNBC): via @AuthorScoop

Writing the hardboiled--keeping it edgy:

An agent answers a writer's question--would she rather rep a writer with a deal on the table?

When you hate your book: @kirstenhubbard

Handwriting analysis or graphology:

Can the Author Survive the Internet? (Daily Beast)

Plot is presentation:

Links to Savvy Book Marketing Tips for Authors--

How to read a publishing contract (part 8):

Some gun tips for the crime writer:


Fiction's talking animals (Guardian):

I'm a writer--let me tell you a story:

Ten of the best visions of Heaven in literature (Guardian):

What you should know about non-writers:

Blake Morrison on the cost of quoting lyrics (Guardian):

Author toolbox--the 3 hooks:

Traditional book retailers face trilogy of threats:

How poetry, Google, and Craigslist helped me find the family I never knew I had--

Meet the Telegraph's cryptic crossword maestro:

Adding Extra Content When Republishing a Novel as an eBook:

Never give up--a probable possibility:

What to Do When They Hold Your Guest Post Hostage:

What's really preventing me from writing?

How do I choose which book to review?

7 deadly sins (if you're a first chapter):

Climbing Pyramids and Other Writing Exercises:

The Eternal Questions: When, Where, How--

How to travel lightly to literary events:

What's in a name?

Should you query a first novel?

The 'do it now' principle:

Self-promo--starting too soon?

What booksellers want:

How Transmedia Storytelling Becomes a Billion Dollar Business:

Dramatic monologue (Guardian):

What’s in a Name? --

Five Things Phishing And Literary Scams Have In Common--

Censorship--the ultimate ignorance:

Why branding yourself is important: