Monday, December 21, 2009

What Does Your Character Want?

blog1 Someone wrote a wonderful post on gift wish lists and what our characters might want for Christmas. I hunted through blogs on my Google reader, but couldn’t find the link. (Getting even foggier than usual as Christmas approaches and the busy factor goes up!) If it was your post, please leave a link in the comments.

I thought it was an interesting post. We always think about what our characters want in the big picture. What do they want and how can we keep them from it? We’re all about creating conflict!

But what about the day to day little things? What does our character value? If they could compile a wish list for Christmas or a birthday, what kinds of things would be on there? What does their wish-list say about them?

My character, Myrtle? She values her independence most of all. Her most prized possession is her driver’s license. Her wish list? It wouldn’t have a thing on it. She’s self-sufficient, thank you, and doesn’t need a thing.

My character Lulu would love a set of knives. She loves spending time in the kitchen…and may also need some knives to deal effectively with all the killers that are suddenly lurking around her.

What would your characters put on their wish list?