Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Comfort Zones

Willem Bastiaan Tholen-1860-1931--Open Water 1921 I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable leaving my comfort zones in the last couple of years (especially concerning public speaking, signings, appearances, etc.) And then I just got satisfied with where I was. No more growth for me!

I’ve noticed several other bloggers who’ve been interested in personal growth via shaking up their routines a little.

I always enjoy visiting Karen Walker's Following the Whispers blog. She provides a great oasis of reflection..something I ordinarily don’t schedule much time for.

In the link above, Karen posts on several ways that she’s stepped outside her comfort zone…for the month of December. Wow. That’s very inspiring to me.

Marvin Wilson, The Old Silly, made one of his pontifications on stepping outside our comfort zones. He calls it:

“A fundamental element in the path of self discovery and personal growth..”

On Eye Feathers, Tara McClendon’s blog, Tara mentions that many of the best things in her life resulted from big changes. She, like me, is still conservative toward change and acknowledges it sometimes results in loss.

Have you stepped outside your comfort zone lately personally or with your writing? Queried? Tried writing a different genre? Joined a critique group or other writing organization? Tried public speaking? How did you prepare yourself for taking the leap?