Sunday, October 27, 2013


By Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 23,000 free articles on writing related topics. It's the search engine for writers.

November 13-14:  Get Read – Marketing Strategies for Writers: Dan Blank’s We Grow Media is a  two-day online conference for authors looking for promotion strategies--and, ultimately, readers.  Speakers include Porter Anderson, Chuck Wendig, Dan Blank, Jane Friedman, Therese Walsh, and many others.  (I'm one of the scheduled speakers and am also am serving on the advisory board.)  More information about the conference and registration information can be found here.

If you use the discount code elizabeth, you receive $20 off the conference price.

Check out the new resource for writers.  It’s Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group website.  There you’ll find pages of links to resources—writing tips, publishers, agents, queries, self-publishing, marketing, contests, and publications for writers.

The Age of the Algorithm: Is everything we know about book marketing about to be wrong? @JaneFriedman @scratch_mag

Characters--Wealth and Power.  Alpha Dogs: @camillelaguire
Macmillan and the Library Biz: @sarahw @laurahazardowen @Porter_Anderson
Publishing's future in "concept, creative work & technical production": @Porter_Anderson @MirabilisDave @agnieszkasshoes
Contracts 101: The Stand Up for Your Rights Clause: @JaneFriedman @scratch_mag
Books are content, not containers. Moving into a "webby" future: @Porter_Anderson @PeterHaasz @tealtan @katepullinger
Crime fiction--giving into temptation as a theme: @Mkinberg
Play a story game to generate ideas: @camillelaguire
A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:
The Art of Tiger Trapping and Truth in Writing:
How not to be a starving freelancer: @KristenStrassel
A Conversation About Writing Conferences: @Vol1Brooklyn
Designer Combines Bed & Writing Desk: @galleycat
The Flawed Notion That Novels Can Transcend Genres: @TheAtlantic
Writing and the Creative Life: "Creativity-In-Action": @gointothestory
Neil Gaiman explains the worth and value of libraries: @boingboing
Writing Through Depression:
Writing Pitfall: Stereotypes and Clichés: @Savage_Woman
3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Writing Speed: @francescaSN
No-inventory publishing changes everything for everybody and nobody will escape making adjustments: @MikeShatzkin
What to Price Your eBooks: an Ongoing Experiment: @loriculwell
The indie publishing option for short fiction: @smithwritr
How To Create Your Screenplay Plot In 5 Steps: @raindance
How to Kill the Inner Critic Inside Your Mind: @kippras @MenwithPens
10 tips to bag a writer: @npbooks
11 Famous Authors Who Weren't Published Until After Age 40: @11points
How Stephen King's Wife Saved 'Carrie' and Launched His Career: @mental_floss
Turn Traumatic Experiences Into Fuel For Your Writing: @LydiaCrichton
How to Write a Screenplay in 3 Weeks: @raindance
How to Bring Writing into Your Day Job: @indieauthoralli
The Busy Person's Guide to Writing a Nonfiction Book: @ChadRAllen
Conquer Your Fear of Screwing Up the Book You Want to Write: @florabrown
Date A Girl Who Writes: @thoughtcatalog
The Mobile Writer:
The Opposite of Success: @rachellegardner
The 5 Keys to Being Unstoppable in Your Screenwriting Career: @scriptmag
Finding your next book, or, the discovery problem: @MikeShatzkin
A clever book promo by @HughHowey: @jonathangunson
Is Genre a Straitjacket? @AnthonyEhlers
The Dark Stories Dark Writers Tell in the Dark: @leah_beth
Creative writing tips taught in writing courses and how they are looked at in Dramatica: @glencstrathy
22 storytelling rules:
Why superheroes & supervillains need each other:
"No, I Am Not Going To Write Your Story": @TeriHeyer
How Do You Write? Answers of Notable Screenwriters May Help Your Process: @nofilmschool
Dear Young Writer: @susankayequinn
Plot and character are equally important: @mythicscribes @KMWeiland
Tips for writing better blog titles: @MarcyKennedy
Thoughts on Other Cultures and Diversity in SFF: @aliettedb
Formatting for iTunes: @susankayequinn
5 Good Habits for Writers: @ava_jae
How screwed up can your hero be and still be a hero? @stephenwoodfin @ventgalleries
Good rejections: @WriterNancyJane
Testing Clarity and Wordiness in an Opening Scene: @Janice_Hardy
What 1 writer learned by growing up with trashy TV: @dnkboston
15 kinds of tweets that will get your blog posts shared more: @JudyLeeDunn
6 things 1 writer wishes she'd known before she tried to get published: @TA_Martin
A writer's 10 writing confessions: @roxannecrouse
5 writing mistakes: @robertbruce76
Long to Write a Novel? Join in the Annual Race to 50,000 Words: @florabrown
Pros and cons of self-publishing: @Kerrie_Flanagan
How Beats Helped a Writer Self-Publish an Amazon Hit: @ChrisKohout
Tools and skills for a successful freelance editor: @Indie_Jane
Talking Heads, Hearing Voices and the Disappearing Narrator: @CraigClevenger
5 Signs You're Hiding Behind Your Writing—and 5 Ways to Use It as a Mirror Instead: @KMWeiland
Writing a scene that works: @woodwardkaren
Social Media Quicksand: @susankayequinn
Rules, Discipline, and the Paradox of Creativity: @jeffgoins
Are Beat Sheets Intimidating? Cut through the Clutter: @jemigold
How to Start Your Novel: @ChuckSambuchino
3 Tips On Cleaning Up Your Twitter Account: @JennyHansenCA
The Best Online Photo Editing Tool is Google+:
15 Questions That Will Define Your Book Market: @wherewriterswin @ShariJStauch
Mapping your story world: @Alvarez_Justin
Tips for writing for teens:
Book-Writing as Parenting: A Way to Explain Things to Non-Writery Types: @YAHighway
Facebook Groups for Indie Authors: @cateartios
Ebook Pricing: What's The Perfect Number? @mollygreene
Choosing the Right Viewpoint and Tense for Your Fiction: @aliventures
5 Reasons to Use a Facebook Profile (Not a Page) to Build Platform: @LisaHallWilson
How to Please Your Editor—Without Losing Yourself: @kbrittonvt
What's an author event worth?
Critique Technique—Confused Storyline: @Ross_B_Lampert
Stop Self-Editing While Writing: @larin20
Creativity Is Really Just Persistence, And Science Can Prove It: @drake_baer @fastcompany
Your Characters Are Lost: 4 Ways to Find Them: @aliciarades
Radio Interview Pointers: @carolewyer
9 Key Elements of a Great Author Media Kit: @SusanGilbert
How Searchable are Your Book's Title and Subtitle? @KMWeiland
Dos and Don'ts of Pitching Journalists on Social Media: @mashable
5 writing exercises:
Why 1 writer isn't a fan of tip jars: @author_sullivan
Promo overkill: @scarlettparrish
Why 5-Star Book Reviews are Utter Rubbish: @TaraSparling
5 Books Dictated From Beyond the Grave: @mental_floss
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15 Ways to Survive as a Freelancer: @GlennStout
Writing In A Roomful of Elephants: @JadedIbisPress @laurelhermanson
How to Overcome Anxiety as a Writer: @111publishing
3 Simple Tips for Finding Your Story:
30 Mantras To Keep In Mind To Write Better: @ZionAmalRafeeq
Pricing for Launch: Book 1 in a New Series, Go High or Low? @goblinwriter
How to develop a writer's instinct: @nailyournovel
The Ebook Market No Author Should Ignore: Think Globally: @annerallen
Write short to write long: @sciwrihandbook
7 easy questions to shape your story (and synopsis): @tombarry100
Resources for writers: @DeirdreSpark
Tag Lines to Hook a Reader: @novelrocket
Don't like doing promo? Don't write a book: @JonAcuff
How to pre-plot a series: @plotwhisperer
Cover conferences:
"Words are still the most powerful medium for telling stories." @MirabilisDave @Porter_Anderson
5 Inspiring Holiday Destinations For Writers:
Self-Editing- Choose Your Modifiers Carefully: @AimeeLSalter
9 Online Gold Mines for Finding Paid Freelance Writing Jobs: @thewritelife
Finding your character's voice: @flawritersconf
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13 Rules For Using Commas Without Looking Like An Idiot: @businessinsider
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The establishing shot and your novel: @ashkrafton
4 Reasons You Need a Business Plan for Your Book: @ninaamir
Comics & Film--More Than Storyboards: Collaboration – The Smartest Person in the Room Isn't You: @tylerweaver
Using sticks and carrots to keep motivated: @kristinerusch
First Manuscripts: Self-Publish or Keep Going? @KateBrauning
SFF Goes Mainstream: @Leo_Cristea
6 things alcohol taught 1 writer about writing: @MiaJouBotha
Start Your Author Blog in Five Easy Steps: @BillFerris