Sunday, October 20, 2013


By Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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November 13-14:  Get Read – Marketing Strategies for Writers: Dan Blank’s We Grow Media is a  two-day online conference for authors looking for promotion strategies--and, ultimately, readers.  Speakers include Porter Anderson, Chuck Wendig, Dan Blank, Jane Friedman, Therese Walsh, and many others.  (I'm one of the scheduled speakers and am also am serving on the advisory board.)  More information about the conference and registration information can be found here.

If you use the discount code elizabeth, you receive $20 off the conference price.

There's a new resource for writers—whether you’re writing your first book, trying to query agents or editors, or whether you’re working on promo.  It’s Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group website.  There you’ll find pages of links to resources—writing tips, publishers, agents, queries, self-publishing, marketing, contests, and publications for writers. Alex is a friend and frequent commenter here and very active in supporting writers. Thanks to Alex and his helpers for compiling the information for the site.

Current WKB newsletter features an interview with @DanBlank: Includes discount code for Nov. online con,#GetRead.

A look at what goes into narrating an audiobook: @authorterryo @CaptPamsVoice @KelleyHazen1
Traditional Publishing: One Reason Not to Choose It:
Thoughts on changing genres and using pen names: @tobywneal @KristineRusch @Porter_Anderson
When readers drift away from series they used to love: @mkinberg
After the Critique: Sorting the Good Advice from the Bad: @RMFWriters @Lori_DeBoer
The future of reader engagement and a warning against hurrying through our writing: @Porter_Anderson
Getting Started With Character Structure: @camillelaguire
A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:
Tips To Run The Optimal Goodreads Giveaway: @publishingllc
12 myths to forget in order to become a better writer: @pubcoach
5 Must-Haves For a Successful Writers Conference Experience:
How Smart Writers Deal With One-Star Reviews: @hughosmith
7 Ways to Develop a Stronger Writing Voice: @ChilaWoychik
Are readers changing and what does that mean to writers? @rchazzchute
Elizabeth Gilbert: What All Writers Can Learn From Her: @danschawbel @forbes
10 Rules for Writing First Drafts: @copyblogger
The Self-Publishing Myth: Why Most Self-Publishers Don't Work and What to Do About It: @GerarddeMarigny
6 Habits of Highly Successful (Screen)writers: @noflimschool
8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Writing Coach: @KimberleyGraham @SouthrnWritrMag
Poets discuss poetry and writing:  @Nationalpost
How to win NaNoWriMo: Realistic Goals, determination and a bottomless pot of coffee: @EliseVanCise
Learning to Fall: @ElaineNeilOrr @womenwriters
Do You Have What it Takes to Survive Indie Publishing? @susankayequinn @beccajcampbell
A Quick Inspiration Tip:
When is a Good Time to Tell Instead of Show? @ava_jae
Getting Ready For #NaNoWriMo : @woodwardkaren
Tying theme to each archetypal character: @glencstrathy
Writing lessons learned from "The Maze Runner" : @juliemusil
Essential Tools to Organize Your Book Manuscript: @writeabook
Should You Pitch (and Sign With) a New Literary Agent? The Pros and Cons: @ChuckSambuchino
5 Cool Places to Find Writing Inspiration Online: @JodiLMilner
Memory in Fiction and Memoir--"Peeling the Onion": @KimsCraftBlog
6 reasons a workshop jolts your writing: @HCasavant @thewritermag
World Building: Underworlds: @EllenBooraem
Checking your creative path: @tannerc
The Chemistry Between Writer and Reader: @TrishaNicholson @FCMalby
Dialogue Do's and Don'ts: Crafting Lively and Believable Back-and-Forth on the Pages of Your Book: @writeabook
How Self-Published Authors Can Improve Our Industry: @mollygreene
What Makes A Good Short Story: @BAShortStories
The top ten lies of copywriters: @mstibbe
Self-publishing lends flexibility to projects that demand it: @kristinerusch
Creative Flow: How to Silence Negative Voices and Write: @sarajevojosh
Don't Build Worlds on Your Doorstep: @GeoffreyGudgion @civilianreader
Answers to Questions About Plurals: @writing_tips
Advice For Writers From Literary Agents: @ChuckSambuchino
6 Ways to Write Better Bad Guys: @BrianKlems
10 tips on starting and sustaining an online writer's group: @DeniseCCovey
Writing and the Rule of Three: @ashkrafton
How Not To Treat Your Editor: @edsikov
Agents and Editors on "New Adult": @dpeterfreund
5 Common Networking Mistakes: @thewritermama
Don't Kill Your Thrills With Premise Implausibility: @jamesscottbell
Ten Things to Help Defeat Writing Slumps:
5 Things You Shouldn't Say to Authors: @brandontietz
How Smashwords Authors Can Manage Books in a Series: @galleycat
Writing as Vocation: @shewrites
Character Analysis--Alpha Dogs: @camillelaguire
Crime fiction--characters who adopt new personas: @mkinberg
Writing Toxins: Optimising A Fully Functioning Mind: @cateartios
Villains Who Would Make Great Protagonists: @Marie_Lu
The Fundamental Skills Of Creative Thinking:
The 'Magic Trick' to Selling a Screenplay: @Scriptmag @jeannevb
Agents aren't required to sell books: @deanwesleysmith
Physical Attributes Thesaurus Entry: Voice: @beccapuglisi
The Reality of Working From Home: @FinishedPages
Being trad-published means knowing the market: @sally_apokedak
5 Ways To Become A Confident Writer: @chgriffinauthor
50 Things Under $50 Bucks To Promote Your Book: @bookgal
Comics & Film--More Than Storyboards: Collaboration – The Smartest Person in the Room Isn't You: @tylerweaver
The Value of a Writing / Reading Community: @jeanoram
Strong Character Is Strong? @mooderino
The indie publishing option for short fiction: @smithwritr
3 Writing Rules that Can Derail Your Story: @LisaCron
Writing Fiction for Children – Character Believability and Conflict:
5 Things a Writer Always Overlooks: @victoriamixon
From Traditional to Self-Publishing: One Editor's Journey:
Why do creative people suffer from depression? @_RobbieBlair_
Screenwriters: Being Solely Identified by Your Scripts Leads to Permanent Identity Crisis: @NancyNigrosh @akstanwyck
Gothic Intersections: History, Story, Memory: @GothImagination
11 Most Evil Characters in Books: @PublishersWkly
Crowdsourcing for editing:
Tricking yourself into writing more:
Real Life Diagnostics: Is This Opening Working? @janice_hardy
Why You Should Self-Publish: @hughhowey
10 Ways to Goose the Muse: @jamesscottbell
How to Create a Custom Facebook Cover Image That Gets Noticed (Without Spending a Dime): @writerplatform
How To Face Your Fears and Write:
Tips for pitching your book: @nailyournovel
Creating Unforgettable Heroes: Three Lessons from the Bard: @scriptmag @JennieEvenson
Author @JAKonrath on quitting:
A Fine Line Between Love and Death – How to Write Love Scenes: @mythicscribes
10 best practices for writers: @rchazzchute
Dialogue: Punctuation: @lynnecantwell
Pinterest as book research: @raquelbyrnes
The Upcoming "Get Read" Online Conference: (discount code: elizabeth) @DanBlank
How To Create Your Screenplay Plot In 5 Steps: @raindance
25 Steps To Edit The Unmerciful Suck Out Of Your Story: @chuckwendig {lang.}
When Life Forces You to Take a Break: @YAOTLBlog @NancyOhlin
Paranormal? Why Do You Write That Stuff? Writing & Being Who You Are: @DeniseAAgnew
3 Ways to Get Out of a Writing Slump: @writeitsideways
On rejection letters: the day Raymond Chandler struck back: @ventgalleries
Philip Hensher stirs debate among authors after refusing to write for free: @guardianbooks
Revision's Role in the Writing Process: @jenkohan
The Blank Spaces in Our Stories: The Messages Writers Send Readers Between The Words: @writeinthethick @RMFWriters
Managing Writing Advice: @ulieEshbaugh  @Porter_Anderson
From Crap to Craft: @fictorians @sjamesnelson
How to Kill the Inner Critic Inside Your Mind: @kippras @MenwithPens
7 Writing Tips from Ann Patchett: @robertbruce76
10 tips to bag a writer: @npbooks
Book Tour Planning 101: @midgeraymond
Writing a Book to Discover Your Book: @martinaaboone
Make a living as a writer by writing for those who will pay you: @thewritelife @hopeclark
A tip to energize our writing: @Write_Tomorrow
Why 1 writer chose to write a memoir: @evelynalauer
Hot Tips For Your First Novel: @thetoast
Reclaiming Creativity after Infertility: @LiteraryMama
Scene Soundtracks: @Fictiffous
10 Rules for Writing First Drafts: @copyblogger
"The Only Thing I Know About Writing is That I Don't Know": @NataliaSylv @DebutanteBall
Getting Help With Your Writing: @leslielehr1
Exploring the world of verbs: @sinandsyntax
On Being A Professional Writer: The Long Game:
Writing Paid Guest Posts for Clients: 1 Writer's Nightmare: @ticewrites
How to Punctuate with "However": @writing_tips
Harnessing the Storm in Brainstorming: @livewritethrive
The Blessings of a Do-Over: @SouthrnWritrMag
25 Things You Need To Know About Writing Mysteries: @SusanSpann
The establishing shot and your novel: @ashkrafton
New Adult: No Sex Required: @ava_jae
How to Create a Three-Phase Writing Ritual: @DebraEve
Writers & Their Money: @ollinmorales
10 Reasons NOT to Become a Novelist:
Reframing for Writers: @Dannie_Morin
The Exaggeration of Story: @mooderino
Don't respond to negative reviews: @chuckwendig
Poor word choice can kill a story: @NatRusso
Successful books mean hours of practice: @kristenlambtx
Focus on one thing when writing descriptions:
Dystropia: Why The Sassy Gay Friend Isn't Progressive: @filth_filler
Developing Conflict and Character in an Opening Scene: @Janice_Hardy
The Two Most Powerful Words: What If: @julie_gray
12 reasons to self-publish: @RachelintheOC
8 Creativity Lessons from a Pixar Animator: @LeoBabauta