Sunday, October 13, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 23,000 free articles on writing related topics. It's the search engine for writers.

November 13-14:  Get Read – Marketing Strategies for Writers: Dan Blank’s We Grow Media is a  two-day online conference for authors looking for promotion strategies--and, ultimately, readers.  Speakers include Porter Anderson, Chuck Wendig, Dan Blank, Jane Friedman, Therese Walsh, and many others.  (I'm one of the scheduled speakers and am also am serving on the advisory board.)  More information about the conference and registration information can be found here.

If you use the discount code elizabeth, you receive $20 off the conference price.

There's a new resource for writers—whether you’re writing your first book, trying to query agents or editors, or whether you’re working on promo.  It’s Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group website.  There you’ll find pages of links to resources—writing tips, publishers, agents, queries, self-publishing, marketing, contests, and publications for writers. Alex is a friend and frequent commenter here and very active in supporting writers. Thanks to Alex and his helpers for compiling the information for the site.

How not to write a mystery:

34 Strategic Ways To Use Pinterest to Market Your Book and Your Author Brand: @writerplatform
Tips for finding a hungry agent:
Why 1 writer hates strong female characters: @McDougallSophia
6 Personality Types Who Will Fail as Writers: @victoriamixon
Hand-Selling Your Book: How Savvy Are You? @angelaackerman
A Reluctant Novelist's Confession: @BTMargins @MaryanneOHara
Gothic Science Fiction – a beginning: @GothImagination
Titles For Aristocratic Characters In Novels: @WriteHistNovels
Seven Stages of Writing:
Trendy Hotel Wants You to Finish Your Novel in One of Their Rooms: @theAtlanticWire
Being a Writer: Commitment vs. Self-Doubt: @jamigold
Killing the Top Ten Sacred Cows of Publishing: Book as Event: @deanwesleysmith
5 Ways To Use NaNoWriMo As Your Writing R&D Department: @Figures
Top 10 tips for writing a Hollywood blockbuster:
Bad Characters Do Bad Things: @mooderino
Don't cliche yourself into becoming a hack writer: @jasonsanford
3 Secrets To Writing Blog Posts That Go Viral:
On Keeping a Notebook: @SarahNumber4 @parisreview
Nonfiction: How to See Yourself Through an Acquisitions Editor's Eyes: @ninaamir
How Self-Published Authors Can Improve Our Industry: @mollygreene
Is crowdfunding right for you? 5 questions:
3 Sure-Fire Ways to Prepare Your Characters: @matty_gibbon
Goodreads For Authors: @PatrickRBrown
A Dungeons and Dragons Guide to Book Sales: @DoSomeDamage
Famous Writers and their Addictions: @Writers_Write
Adventures in Horrific Fantasy Literature?
25 Steps To Becoming A Self-Published Author: @chuckwendig {lang.}
SF--Dragons: Classifications: @fantasyfaction
How 1 author stays organized: @ventgalleries
Rejection and Despair:Just Another Day in Writer Paradise: @TMRadcliffe
Jump-start Your Writing Routine with NaNoWriMo: @fictorians
"Up": High concept or not? @gointothestory
How to Edit a Book: Long Sentences and Comma Splices: @EBindery
6 Psych Tips For Creating The Ideal Workspace: @PsyBlog
Tools for Character Excavation: @YAMuses
New Facebook Feature Spells 'Awesome' for Blogging: @JennyHansenCA @LisaHallWilson
Writing in 2nd person POV: @MartinaABoone
Fear and the Second Book in a Trilogy: @jlizhill
For Biographers, The Past Is An Open (Electronic) Book: @npralltech
When 'Show, Don't Tell' is Really Bad Advice: @readjennymartin
Authors who reprise the greats need a bold touch: @TelegraphBooks
What did the publisher do to help make the novel succeed? @MacGregorLit
Script To Screen: "Badlands": @gointothestory
Are You Writing in the Right Medium For You? @Julie_Gray
Get in the water already.
When Science Fiction is Not Science Fiction: @AmazingStories0
Tom Clancy's 5 big rules for writing and life: @salon
Need an Attitude Adjustment? Screenwriting Tips on Approaching Your Work: @nofilmschool
Why Should You Be an Unconscious Writer? @WriterJimDenney
Write your story--don't worry about what people will say: @RachelintheOC
Embracing Your Dark Side: @pshares
Tips for making it as a writer:
Get Past the Fear and Just Write: @rebeccatdickson
Querying Literary Agents: Your Top 9 Questions Answered: @thewritelife
Four Things 'Breaking Bad' Taught 1 Writer about Writing: @NaturiThomas
How to choose a theme for your author blog: @Belinda_Pollard
8 Book Marketing and Diversification Tips to Make Money: @karencv
Don't Let Your Characters Act Like Idiots: @JamesScottBell
Three Most Common Story-structure Pitfalls: @KMWeiland
20 Places to Publish Personal Essays: @meghancward
How to Craft Perfect Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter: @hubspot
On Keeping a Notebook: @SarahNumber4 @parisreview
Why you shouldn't ask Beta Readers to do copy editing: @belinda_pollard
Understanding the Hidden Editing in Hitchcock's 'Rope': @nofilmschool
As Naysayers Cleave To Old Ideas, Indie Authors Keep Moving Forward: @RachelintheOC
The Oddest Odd Jobs of 10 Literary Greats: @writersdigest
The CFD–Crappy First Draft: @niniehammon
How to Write Like Nicholas Sparks: 4 Tips: @monicamclark
The Strange and Unpleasant World of the Sock Puppet: @cathinnorway
Who Wrote at Standing Desks? Kierkegaard, Dickens and Ernest Hemingway Too: @openculture
10 Ways to Develop Confidence as a Writer: @mufidah
5 Tips for Writing Query Letters: @authorterryo
25 productivity secrets from history's greatest thinkers: @TheWeek
Dan Brown sells more books than Michael Chabon. Does that make Dan Brown a better writer?
The 3 best ways to physically describe your characters: @niniehammon
What Makes A Good Short Story: @BAShortStories
30 Obnoxious Phrases to Expunge from Our Writing: @writerspotlight
Why Don't Writers Have a Lingo for Their Writing?
Word sprinting: @TheSprintShack
Top Writing Tips for Self-Published Authors: @PublishersWkly
5 POVs complete with short story excerpts that show them in action: @JanineDonoho
When Writing Feels Wrong: @DavidSpinks
C.S. Lewis on Writing and Criticism: @SilverPetticoat
Self-Publishing: Top Four Lessons Learned: @JL_Campbell
Writers on writing about sex: @nytimes
The 7 Best Literary Wedding Themes: @BNBuzz
10 Tips for Working with an Editor: @jonestony
8 books about writing: @elephantjournal
Learning from the homes of famous writers: @BostonGlobe
How 7 Step Plans can be Straitjackets: @JamesPrescott77
Screenwriting: The Simple Things Every Writer Should Know: @scriptmag
Write every day and other lies: @missstaceymay
Tips for Parting Ways with Your Agent: @ElisabethWeed @writerunboxed
A publisher tries to understand the negativity in reader reviews:
Need more time to write? A better way to tell people "no": @katecollinsbook
What Would Dickens Do? @Bookkaholic
Is Trope a Five-Letter "Four-Letter" Word? @lemmony @pink_typewriter
Hating on Present Tense? A Defender: @Tamfrancis
Writing Tips for Creating a Complex Villain: @melissadonovan
Jennifer Egan And Michael Chabon Reveal 16 Truths About Writing:
When to Be and When Not to Be a Writer: @BillieMosiman
Don't let your characters over-share: @alexbilledeaux
The Importance of Reading Out Loud: @brevitymag
7 questions for an MG lit agent:
Writing Out of Middle Age: @BTMargins @kimtriedman
Behind the curtain: the dark arts of dramaturgy: @IrishTimes
First Novels: The Romance Of Agents: @nprmonkeysee @hppywrtrMartha
8 Tips For Creating Great Stories From George R.R. Martin, Junot Diaz, And Others: @hughhart
Easy Book Marketing Techniques For Writers: @writeonepub
After You Sign The Publishing Contract: What Comes Next? @randysusanmeyer
Branding Yourself. Be Careful Of The Hot Pokers. @The_Real_HH
Top Three PR Moves Authors Should Make: @makasha
10 Dumb Things Stopping You From Finishing Your Novel: @ajackwriting
10 things 1 writer has learned about author crowdfunding so far: @MaryDeMuth
Can a Foreign Language Enhance your Writing? @serbaughman @writeitsideways
Creative Flow: There is Magic in Asking Yourself The Right Questions: @ADDerWORLD
Understanding the Five Phases of Book Marketing: @writerunboxed @BKGKristen
The Top 5 Reasons for Not Doing NaNoWriMo This November: @chrisbaty @ChronicleBooks
What Do Authors Owe to Indie Booksellers? @passivevoiceblg
277 Movies About Writers And The Writing Life: @thewritermama
A self-pubber's memories of querying: @GerarddeMarigny
Tips for writing a blog post intro: @HubSpot
E-readers: the best way to get the world's children reading: @guardianbooks
How to Edit for a Friend: @writing_tips
4 Cool Facebook Tools to Run Contests on Your Timeline: @jeffbullas
9 Do's and Don'ts for Creating Outstanding Facebook Cover Photos: @hubspot
5 Reasons Why Journaling is the Ultimate Tool for Self-Development: @JWhite
Blending urban fantasy with legal thriller: @mybookishways
How to Sell Your Short Fiction: @amazingstories0
Publishers Constantly Mistreat Their Suppliers: @passivevoiceblg
Making Your Characters Extreme: @storyfix
Five Myths About Writers: Busted: @chel_c_cam
Concrete Tips for Developing Voice in Your Fiction: @JodieRennerEd
Bowker's new self-pub figures: @Porter_Anderson @ljndawson @BeatBarblan
Write the introduction last: @Belinda_Pollard
The Laws of the (Amazon) Jungle—8 Rules Authors Need to Know to Stay Safe: @annerallen
Query pitfalls to avoid: @KeithCronin @WriterUnboxed
Reader pet peeves: @JungleReds
Phrasing for immediacy and power: @JodieRennerEd
At CONTEC: Content, Technology…and Questions: @Porter_Anderson