Sunday, October 6, 2013


 by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 23,000 free articles on writing related topics. It's the search engine for writers.

November 13-14:  Get Read – Marketing Strategies for Writers: Dan Blank’s We Grow Media is a  two-day online conference for authors looking for promotion strategies--and, ultimately, readers.  Speakers include Porter Anderson, Chuck Wendig, Dan Blank, Jane Friedman, Therese Walsh, and many others.  (I'm one of the scheduled speakers and am also am serving on the advisory board.)  More information about the conference and registration information can be found here.

If you use the discount code elizabeth, you receive $20 off the conference price.

There's a new resource for writers—whether you’re writing your first book, trying to query agents or editors, or whether you’re working on promo.  It’s Alex J. Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group website.  There you’ll find pages of links to resources—writing tips, publishers, agents, queries, self-publishing, marketing, contests, and publications for writers. Alex is a friend and frequent commenter here and very active in supporting writers. Thanks to Alex and his helpers for compiling the information for the site.

6 steps to creativity: @authorterryo

New Site Links to Writing Tips; Pubs, Agents, Queries; Self-Pub; Marketing; Contests; and Publications: @AlexJCavanaugh
Murdering sleeping victims in crime fiction: @mkinberg
Unforgettable Picture Books: @womenwriters @cerrieburnell
Characters: Wealth and Glamor: @camillelaguire
Suddenly, conferences are all about the writers: @Porter_Anderson @jpfine @psexton1
Tension-producing confrontations between characters in crime fiction: @mkinberg
Novel Revision: Twenty-page Sessions :
Trendy Hotel Wants You to Finish Your Novel in One of Their Rooms: @theAtlanticWire
A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:
The Search Engine for Writers:
4 Ways to Improve Your Writing: @ava_jae
How to handle personal attacks on social media: @ellynangelotti
There is no perfect publisher: @literaticat
10 Rules for Writing New Adult Fiction: @cathinnorway
Thinking or doing--what's more important for creatives? @tannerc
Why Your Blog's About Page Is Completely Wrong: @JFBookman
The Grief Writer: @elephantjournal
Five Words to Eliminate from Your Writing: @SandraPeoples
Make sure every scene accomplishes at least two things: @projectmgmahem
Being "good enough", creatively: @tannerc
"Don't ask what I'm writing." @NYTimes
Author Taglines:
Use Alltop to quickly go through ebook and publishing news: @ebookfriendly
16 Ways to Get Motivated and Break out of the Slump: @brianleeshl
Intuitive Writing: @juliegray
The Art of Writing Great Google+ Posts: @copyblogger
7 Clever Tricks to Help You Edit Your Ebook: @thewritelife
The Problem with Writing About People You Know, and 3 Ways to Solve It: @Write_Tomorrow @write_practice
3 Ways to Simplify Your Writing Life: @lydia_sharp
How to Write Effective Endings: @ava_jae
5 Ways to Describe Emotions Without Making Your Character Feel Too Self Aware: @Janice_Hardy
Do You Know Your Story's Subtext? @jamigold
25 Blogging Tips for Fresh Bloggers: @ryanhussey
7 Deadly Sins of Prologues: @KristenLambTX
Passion: How To Tap Into Yours Every Time You Write: @livewritethrive
How 1 author sells 70-75 books a day: @LauraPepWu
Marketing for Introverts: @Laura_Gallier
Crime writing--poisons: @karencv
Common issues in academic writing: @laurelgarver
In writing, there is no recipe:
The 3 Pillars Of Selling More Books: @ebooksandkids @digibookworld
Exploring Story Concepts Prior to Writing: @fictorians
Literally vs. Figuratively: @brianklems
What being married to a non-reader has taught one woman: @kelleemoye
Nannies featured in crime fiction novels: @mkinberg
WOOL & Brilliant Marketing: @juliemusil
The Truth About Writing Advice: @ava_jae
4 Famous Rejections to Give Any Aspiring Writer Hope: @paperblanks
Emotionally Investable Characters: @YAMisfits @LylaWrites
4 Tips to Write a Novel That Will Be Adapted Into a Movie: @write_practice @monicamclark
Making Time to Write: @losapala
Female Characters in Fictional Roles: @mooderino
5 Steps for Restarting Your Book Marketing Efforts After a Break: @duolit
Using Taste to Further Your Fiction: @JodiLMilner
A guide to creating better blog content: @aliventure
Setting Free the Poets: @asheresque
1 writer/illustrator's  love-hate relationship with rejections: @MiGWriters @inkyelbows
10 Evil Gremlins of Writers Block Doom a Good Story: @AdriennedeWolfe
Writing Short and Funny for the Internet: @scriptmag @StephanyFolsom
Top 10 mold-breaking fantasy novels: @guardianbooks
11 things happy authors don't do: @rachellegardner
Embedding Sensory Details in Your Writing: @julie_gray
Feminism in Romance Novels: @IzzyFarhi
Write, Direct, Repeat: Working with Line Producers: @scriptmag @kim_garland
No Words on the Page, But We're Still Writing: @fictionnotes
The Amazon Ad That Scared The Crap Out Of Apple's Top Executives: @passivevoiceblg
Forget the Facts, Tell a Story: Why Braveheart is a Classic Despite its Inaccuracies: @worldsofstory
On Keeping a Notebook: @SarahNumber4 @parisreview
Twitter for Authors: Book Marketing and Publicity with Social Media: @PublishingGuru
10 Ways to Defeat Obscurity: Tips for Authors Who Want to Get Noticed: @writerplatform
Atypical Protagonists: Six Anti-Heroes From Great Works of Fiction: @readlearnwrite
Getting Back to Work and into the Rhythm of Writing: @noveleditor
Reward yourself for writing: @JennaAvery
Why Writing Horror Is–And Should Be–Hard: @kevinlucia
10 Tips for Critiquing Other People's Writing: @writing_tips
10 great books that made awful movies:
Literary Agent Says TV is Where it's At: @NYFA
Why 1 Christian writer isn't interested in writing Christian fiction: @kevinlucia
The 20 Best Books in Translation You've Never Read: @publisherswkly @chadwpost
Good Quotes on Life, Writing and Art: @artsylliu
15 Ways to Move Forward Faster as a Writer and Author: @ninaamir
How to Make a Depressed Character Likable: @janice_hardy
One frequently negative reviewer decides to 'bury the hatchet': @pageturner
There are no shortcuts to mastering our craft: @EdieMelson @novelrocket
25 ways to improve your writing in 30 minutes a day: @RitaKarnopp1
How 6 of 1 Writer's Books Became Amazon Best-Sellers in 1 Month: @KMLoganWriter
How to Avoid the Slush Pile: @stefanvucak
7 Ways To Integrate Your Writing & Your Day Job: @LittleReadings
10 personal essay writing ideas: @nytimes
How to Craft Perfect Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter: @hubspot
How to Make the Most of Your Chapter Endings: @ava_jae
The Rule of Twenty: @authorterryo
The Johnny Cash Approach to Novel Writing: @bentguy1
A Career Versus Publication: @kristinerusch
7 Ways to Get Extra Mileage From Your Blog Posts: @heidicohen
4 Tips on the Publishing Experience: @writersdigest
Sci-Fi Storytelling for Screenwriters– Structure, Budget, & What's Next: @scriptmag
The Character Therapist: Displaced Anger and Multiple Personalities: @jeanniecampbell
20 Places to Publish Personal Essays: @meghancward
How to Pick up Your Writing Pace Whether You're a Tortoise or a Hare: @Rogenna
Creating Your Own One-Sheets: @MBTPonderers
5 Examples of Extraneous Hyphens: @writing_tips
A Key Book Marketing Principle That Authors Must Learn (or Not Forget): @janefriedman
7 Awesome Crime-Fighting Duos In Books: @colleengleason
The Mathematics of Writing: Is There a Formula for Creative Success?
What To Do Once You've "Finished" Your Novel: @RoganBarbara
There is no perfect publisher: @literaticat
Five Words to Eliminate from Your Writing: @SandraPeoples
50 Cliched Dialogues to Ban From Your Script: @Mentorless
Content marketing--5 Ways to Tell Stories that Sell: @b2community
Three Most Common Story-structure Pitfalls: @KMWeiland
Making the Switch from Nonfiction to Fiction Writing: @jJodieRennerEd
5 online writing tools to boost your productivity: @tessawegert
Don't Let Your Characters Act Like Idiots: @JamesScottBell
The opening act – what the reader needs to understand: @nailyournovel @KMWeiland
How to structure a premise for stronger stories: @thewritermag
How to style quotations in a novel: @glencstrathy
6 Ways to Add Video Marketing to Your Author Social Media Mix: @wherewriterswin
Science fiction is no longer a boys' club: @salon @PolicyMic
What if Emily Dickinson attended a writing workshop? @Writers_Write
Writing Secondary Characters: @Ventureadlaxre @ScottLynch78
How-to conquer self doubt and write anyway: @thefutureisred
Exercising Your Craft: 3 Writers Who Get Physical: @pshares
Use multiple tools to promote your work: @stevebuttry
US vs. the Rest: is American English Taking Over? @TDMcKinnon2012
How To Turn On Your Muse: @write_practice
Package a story pitch to catch the editor's attention: @thewritermag
How to write a killer script: @WaleOwoade
10 Ways to Fake a Professional Edit: @thecreativepenn @skolbwilliams
Writing books--with only 2 pages a day: @writerunboxed
8 Book Marketing and Diversification Tips to Make Money: @karencv
The Furby Way To Make Your Script Stand Out: @raindance @jurgenwolff
Writing Powerful Sentences: @RachelPhifer1
Why Film & TV Need the Novel: @shalvatzis
Does writing in different genres turn off readers? @tobywneal
Word choice:
Author Media Kit Components: @Girl_Who_Reads
The Audience is in Control – Give People What They Want at a Reasonable Price: @passivevoiceblg
11 Creative Film Interpretations You Probably Hadn't Considered:
Why Book Reviews Are Important On Amazon: @JeanetteCates
6 Ways Twitter Lists Can Help Build Your Author Platform: @JFBookman
Ten Commandments of Book Marketing: @bookbuzzr
Writing emotions: @glencstrathy
Amazon Kindle Matchbook For Authors: Prepare Now: @JeanetteCates
A Quick Tip to Drive More Sales to @Bookgal

Issues as publishers try edging into the "self-publishing arena": @OrnaRoss @Porter_Anderson