Sunday, September 22, 2013


By Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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My tips for handling writing and life: @DIYMFA
What’s Important in the Man Booker Debate? /@Porter_Anderson @nicksidwell @meandmybigmouth

Tips for Creating an Online Community:  @annerallen @AlexJCavanaugh

Making Your Book Promotable – Before It's Published: @theprexpert
Jonathan Franzen takes on ebooks and Amazon: @jenniferweiner @DennisAbrams2 @Porter_Anderson
4 Motivations of Traitors: @mishaburnett
A poisons resource for crime fiction writers: @clarissadraper
5 Tips for Writing and Marketing YA: @NatalieWright_
Tips for describing characters: @glencstrathy
Getting Rid of the Parts Readers Skip: @SouthrnWritrMag @DanWalshAuthor
Sell More on Keywords, Categories, and Amazon's Algorithm: @bookgal
Down the Rabbit Hole of Research: @JustBethanne @BTMargins
Creativity in pregnancy: @womenwriters @EleanorFitz
Keeping your Characters Consistent: @patbertram
5 Examples of How Hyphens Help: @writing_tips
13 Surprising Ways to Add Depth to a Story: @victoriamixon
Where 1 writer finds ideas for her stories: @melissadonovan
5 Common Problems in Your YA Manuscript: @howtowriteshop
Musicality and Reader Emotions: @ingridsundberg
5 Issues That Affect How You Should Price Your Book: @tonyeldridge
A writing instructor on story arcs: @EdanL
Hugh Howey, Liliana Hart and Matthew Mather: How To Write And Sell Books: @woodwardkaren
The Writing Wasteland:
What works and what doesn't with some recent ebook covers: @JFBookman
Don't Split Infinitives – Fact or Myth? @BrianKlems
Useful Writing Apps for Authors: @wherewriterswin
What deals will publishers offer in five years' time? @nailyournovel
Using Multiple Texts to Develop Your Story World: @lisawengland
4 ways to Keep Your Story Interesting:
Writing Fantasy Battles – A Look At Strategy: @fantasyfaction
Tips for reaching the teen market: @InkSlingerPR
Recording things: Emotions and thoughts: @Le_Shack
Screenwriting by Numbers: @scottwsmith_com
How to Have a "Productive" Blog Break:
Creative Longevity: Always Come Out of Another Hole: @SPressfield
15 of the most overused tropes in YA:
Writing with Dyslexia: @womenwriters @Dandeliongirl01
You're Not a Real Writer Unless…: @julie_glover
1 writer's pre-writing process: @roniloren
Anatomy of a book proposal: @lisajjackson
What's the Difference Between an In-Depth Edit and the Over-Enthusiasm of an Editor? @ChilaWoychik
How to Hone in on Memory When Writing Memoir: @LilaQWeaver @mroachsmith
Top Ten Tropes in YA: @StrangeChem
Neil Gaiman's Advice to Aspiring Writers: @brainpicker
7 simple rules for good writing:  @MsLianneLaroya
10 Bizarre Work Habits of Famous Authors: @JennyHansenCA
5 tips for being a better writer: @storyfix
The Sounds of Writing – Why Some Pieces Work & Some Don't: @ChilaWoychik
De-rotica – the Sad New Literary Genre: @gregmischio
Tips for First-Time Horror Writers: @WriterlyTweets @kculpepper1
7 Ways to Write to the Future: @Orion_Magazine
Twitter's effect on writers and writing: @walkthelinesldn @lucyinglis
Tips for approaching authors for guest posts or interviews: @jodimeadows
Summer Lessons from an Unpublished Essay: @BTMargins @andrealvolpe
Why Fan Fiction? @CarrieMesrobian
Becoming Shakespeare: @TheEconomist
"Why I'm Not Writing YA (though I often wish I was)": @KameronHurley
Gothic Intersections: Between the Creative and the Critical: @GothImagination
You don't write books alone: @AlissaLukara
Productivity for Writers: @KOMcLaughlin
How to win a Pulitzer Prize: @TheWriterMag
Tools to Organize Your Book Manuscript: @grubwriters
10 Things 1 Writer Has Learned about Crowdfunding (and why writers should try it): @MaryDeMuth
The Hidden World of the Typewriter: @jjamesjoiner
The 5 Rookie Mistakes Writers Make When Negotiating A Contract: @WritersRelief
5 Steps To Develop A Terrific Writing Style:
How Not To Treat Your Editor: @edsikov
Pet words: @pageturner @newyorker
2 tips for finding your writing voice: @KatieAxelson
Freelancers: What to Put On Your Writer Website if You're a Newbie: @ticewrites
A Genealogy of Speculative Fiction: @kaath09
6 ways to be more like Hemingway: @fastcompany
1 writer's journey to publication and her advice for writers: @KatZhang
Even if you don't live great stories, you can write them: @ventgalleries
9 Epic Literary Burns: @mental_floss
'Think About Characters Like a Sphere': @joefassler
Poetry Isn't as Useless as a Lot of Poets Say It Is: @theatlantic
4 Ways To Create A Strong Antagonist: @woodwardkaren
4 Ways to Improve Your Writing: @ava_jae
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How Not to Be a Writer: 15 Signs You're Doing It Wrong: @KMWeiland
An analysis of Agatha Christie's appeal: @Writers_Write
The magic of the new idea: @altait
17 writers' quotes on writing:
The Grief Writer: @elephantjournal
10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly: @chronicle
23 Writers Who Were Famous by Age 23: @FrugalAndrea
The 6 Habits of Highly Tormented Writers: @gripemaster @BTMargins
On Being a Writer of Genre Fiction: @herebemagic
"Illegal downloading is moral squalor" (and commenters weigh in): @passivevoiceblg
12 Famous Authors on Writer's Block: @A_WritersStudio
Scene Description Spotlight: "Saving Private Ryan": @gointothestory
Secrets of writing short: @katysteinmetz @time
Two More Ways for Writers to Milk the Cash Cow: @jamesscottbell
Vague settings: @Ross_B_Lampert
Literary Architecture: @parisreview @SadieStein
7 Advantages of a Verbal Pitch: @rachellegardner
3 lessons for great storytelling: @DrNickMorgan @Forbes
How to Create a Three-Phase Writing Ritual: @DebraEve @writeitsideways
Life and Death: Proofreading Your Novel: @evmysterywriter
The Importance of Knowing Why You Write: @LyndaRYoung'
Face It: You Wrote a Bad Book:
Talking the Story: @shalvatzis @TrishaNicholson
Using a graph to revise:
What Your Shelves Say About You: @BTMargins @nicholebernier
How to Avoid Twitter-Fritter and Facebook-Fail: @annerallen
Double trouble: two authors in the house: @nailyournovel
A Straightforward Technique to Make Your Writing More Immediate and Effective:  @chavelaque
How to Use KDP's Cover Creator: @joleene_naylor
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Freelancing---Being a "Kept" Writer: @Jenpens2
What Should an Author Blog About? @annerallen
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42 Fiction Writing Tips for Novelists: @melissadonovan
15 Places to Promote Your Book for Free: @jasonboog @galleycat
Should writers branch into print instead of offering only ebooks? @JanetKGrant
Top Six Agent Pet Peeves: @LynnetteLabelle
The $55 Wooden Pencil: @ChandlerWrites
4 Reasons You Procrastinate and How to Break the Cycle: @MenwithPens
The Alphabet in Crime Fiction: Technology: @mkinberg
How Filmmakers Build Twitter Authority On 15 Minutes A Day: @raindance
Savvy Writing Advice from Famous Authors: @livewritethrive
8 Places to Look for Your Characters: @victoriamixon
7 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Book Sales Without Even Realizing It: @JonathanGunson
5 Reasons Why Perseverance is the Most Important Quality for a Writer: @Woollz
Using Multiple Texts to Develop Your Story World: @lisawengland
Neil Gaiman's Advice to Aspiring Writers: @brainpicker
What you should work on now: @tannerc
7 Craft Lessons Every Writer Must Learn: @Readwritestory
Do you need an agent to sell your book? @deanwesleysmith
Gothic Intersections: Between the Creative and the Critical: @GothImagination
Writing About Shock and Trauma: by @cateartios