Sunday, September 15, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:
26 Minority Screenwriters to Inspire You: @amandapendo
20 Tips for Writing Picture Books:

Wine as a murder weapon in crime fiction: @mkinberg
Hybrid Author @HughHowey on Self vs. Traditional Publishing: @Porter_Anderson
Is indie publishing for you? Things to consider: @authorterryo
10 Counterintuitive Tips for Self-Publishers: @HughHowey @Porter_Anderson
Goodreads reviews are for readers, not authors: @Mike_Mullin
Problems to Look for Before You Pitch or Publish Your Thriller: @DPLyleMD @JodieRennerEd
A poisons resource for crime fiction writers: @clarissadraper
5 things about publishing 1 writer wishes she'd known then:
Is"Oyster" a Netflix for Books? @arhomberg @PatrickRwrites @Porter_Anderson
Too Old to Write? Proof the Answer is “No": @Sherrey_Meyer
The industry and readers weigh in on Amazon's new MatchBook program: @Porter_Anderson @katepullinger @laurahazardowen
How 6 Pieces of Self-Publishing Advice Led to Averaging $1,250 a Month in Book Sales: @richdenoncourt
What to look for in a writer's group: @fantasyfaction
The Importance of Flash Fiction: @NatRusso
6 Tips for Managing Multi-Author Blogs Without Losing Your Mind: @problogger
Cover to Cover: From Inception to Publication: @Philip_Overby
Stephen King On What Makes An Opening Line Great: @woodwardkaren
Fight Club's 8 Rules for Writing that Creates a Ruckus: @JonMorrow
Keeping Action Scenes Clear and Interesting: @janice_hardy
Writing Biographies for Children:
The Kindle has turned a rare book dealer off of paper books: @guardianbooks
Writing with Dyslexia: @womenwriters @Dandeliongirl01
Interview with agent @SaraMegibow: @fantasyfaction
3 Lessons 1 Editor Has Learned from Her First Year as Publisher: @shewrites
Writing to heal--1 writer's journey: @AnneWainscott
How to Tell People You're a Writer (Without Telling Them Anything): @shermanave1
The Fine Art of Saying No: @pshares
Motivational Tools for the Freelance Writer: @B2Community
10 rules of writing fiction: @BlackmanAndrew
Writing is all about trust: @altait
On writing and dating: @duchessofrock @salon
Fan Fiction Writers are Gryffindors: @lucyhallowell
'Also, the Drink Helps': Famous Writers' Daily Writing Routines: @TheAtlantic @brainpicker
Setting Details—Mastering Technology: @noveleditor
3 blogging mistakes to avoid: @JFBookman
Tips for building strong characters: @write_practice
4 Tips on Using Theme in Science-Fiction: @cairnswrites @@VeronicaSicoe
Fiction Writing Exercises for Creating Characters: @melissadonovan
Grid Lets You Organize Your Ideas Visually: @mediabistro
What sucks and what's great about letting go of the novel you've been working on for 2.5 years: @lucas_klauss
This Is Your Writing On Drugs: @kenyonreview
A community for screenwriters offering resources for screenwriters and fiction writers in other media: @theBlackBoard
Bare-Knuckle Writing: @katiekitamura
21 Ways to Not Finish a First Draft: @MADaboutWords
5 Writing Quotes that are Wall Worthy: @SherlockedSarah
Backstory - What It Is And Why We Use It: @pyrosama
Great Openings Grab the Reader by the Throat: @Eve_Silver @martinaaboone
Bad reasons to blog and how to know you shouldn't do it: @TiceWrites
Using a Chapter Framework to Manage Plots and Subplots: @querytracker
7 tips for open and honest communication in a writers group: @WriterlyTweets
Tips for building strong characters: @write_practice
5 Quick Fixes for a Story that Goes Wrong: @yeomanis @writeitsideways
Healthy Eating Tips for Writers:
Writer's Spreadsheets: @janlewis77 @lisagailgreen
A look at epic fantasy: @TeresaFrohock
Lessons Learned While Preparing for a Writer's Workshop: @davidbcoe
What to Do When a Possessive Blocks Punctuation: @writing_tips
21 Things Writers Know that Non-Writers Don't: @victoriamixon
The Fine Art of Saying No: @pshares
The Many Layers of Structure and Design: @ingridsundberg
Why All Self-Publishers Should Sell Direct: @TheWritPlatform
Stephen King's 20 Quotes on Writing: @LuisAFAzevedo
Selling Your Novel in a Digital World: @NAAlleyBlog
How to Handle Rejection: Don't Give Up: @wherewriterswin
Refresher on pronoun usage:
Valuing Complexity in Entertainment: @okalrelsrv @ClarionUCSD
How To Format A Perfect Novel: @gbr0binson
Getting Your Rights Back From the Publisher: @rachellegardner
A Quick Tip for Getting to Know Your Characters--And Your Plot: @Janice_Hardy
Best time of year to submit to an agent? @carlywatters
The New Explosion in Audio Books: @passivevoiceblg
Unleashing the Writer in You:
Storytelling is getting formulaic. This is an opportunity: @nathanbransford
5 reasons to embrace the 21st century: @rachellegardner
The Art of Anthology: @ErinUnderwood
A Blogging Technique That Will Cut Your Writing Time in Half: @ticewrites
Writers and Self-Promotion: Stop bleating, start writing: @pstjmack
5 Moments of Horror in Unexpected Places: @AnnieNeugebauer
Restless for Writing, or How Writing Ruins Everything: @LetaBlake
Leveraging Anxiety as a Creative: @RealLifeE
Six lessons we can learn from a family of writers:
Find a Fun Hobby to Boost Your Writing: @PhilosBooks
How To Turn Complicated Books Into Movies:
Why it's difficult to get into the manga/comic business: @DavidCampitiGHG
For coffee-addicted writers: What Caffeine Really Does to Your Brain: @PsyBlog
Ambiguity, Fiction, and TV? @PsychCentral
How your morning pages may become a sacred space: @emilypfreeman
Tips for getting more reviews: @gbr0binson
Priming The Pump: Selling Your eBook On Amazon Isn't As Easy As It Seems: @erikwecks
4 Ways To Create A Strong Antagonist: @woodwardkaren
Getting Your Start as an Indie Author in 2013:
How Doing Nothing Makes You More Creative: @beaccidental
Conjuring a fright: what makes a great horror movie? @guardianfilm @Tom_Shone
How To Let Yourself Be Imperfect And Win Big: @ollinmorales
Mental Illness and Writing: @GKBCinc
Crap someone should have told you writers by now: @rebeccatdickson
Ghostwriting: Have Pen. Will Write. (For Pay):
10 Triumphs Of Low Budget Horror Film Making:
4 Reasons to Buy Books in Print: @SylviaNey
Editing issues in trad published books: @passivevoiceblg
An Agent Answers Questions on Querying, Graphic Novels, and Books for Children: @ginger_clark
12 Ways to Americanize Your Dialogue: @WriteDivas
Getting Your Start as an Indie Author: Don't Wait:
Standard Pages for A Non-Fiction Website: @authormedia
Don't Be an All-or-Nothing Writer: @grubwriters
How the Talent of Productive Loafing Aids Creativity: @JeffreyDavis108
3 Ways Writers Can Compete Well in Today's Crowded Market: @jodyhedlund
2 Ways to Manage a Large Cast of Characters in Your Novel: @write_practice
5 Ways Mindful Breathing can Stimulate Your Creativity:
How to write discussion questions for your novel: @JordanMcCollum
An interview with Audible: @LorenKleinman
Editing pet peeves: @WriteDivas @larin20
4 Ways to Improve Your Writing: @ava_jae
7 Tips on Writing a Series: @janice_hardy
12 Reasons to Include Video As Part of Your Online Strategy: @12most @mistygirlph
What you should work on now: @tannerc
Great Character: Miles Monroe ("Sleeper"): @gointothestory
Why Writers Should Read: @howtowriteshop
The Character Therapist: Teen v. Adult Reactions and Guilt Trips: @jeanniecampbell
Top 10 joy stealers for writers: @wendypmiller
The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing: @BrendaMoguez
5 Social Media Branding Lessons From The Grateful Dead: @heidicohen
Producer's POV: Dos and Don't's of Reality Show Pitch Proposals: @scriptmag @HeatherJHale
10 things 1 self-pubbed writer has discovered:
Creative Author Marketing: Beyond the Bookstore: @wherewriterswin
Does A Writer Need An Office?
Lessons on Storytelling and Being a Writer: @lydia_sharp
Interview with agent @SaraMegibow: @fantasyfaction
5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Editing Experience: @BookAnalyst
7 Reasons Why Social Media Isn't Growing Your Fiction Readership: @storyrally
Healthcare for the Self-Employed Writer: @VistaHealth
Encouraging your Readers to Suspend Disbelief: @laurapauling
The roots of anger and how they help us understand our characters: @catie_rhodes
The issue of novel length: @lawrence_wray
Writing About Shock and Trauma:  by @cateartios
Yes, Virginia, You Can Totally Force Art: @chuckwendig (lang)
The real secret of productive writers: @nickthacker
Stories Are About Change: @SPressfield
Great scene--The Natural: (watch scene here: ) @gointothestory
Writer Beware: American Book Publ / Alexis Press / All Classic Books / Atlantic National Books: @victoriastrauss
On travel writing: @bob_brooke
4 Tips to Reach Your Writing and Publishing Goals: @jfbookman
Writing Authentic Dialog That Hooks a Reader: @janice_hardy