Sunday, September 1, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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8 online writing communities: @SMisDynamite
Business of Screenwriting: The Niceties – Manners Matter: @scriptmag
Seven Deadly Sins Of Novel Writing: @angelaackerman

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5 Reasons Perseverance is the Most Important Quality for a Writer: @Woollz
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7 Hemingway quotes on writing: @InkTanked
Donald Wollheim and the Ace Double Novel: @KirkusReviews
3 Reasons You Shouldn't Sweat Email Unsubscribes: @copyblogger
Swapping in Writing:
Should Authors Post Negative Reviews? @MsBessieBell
5 Top Reasons to Live "The Artist's Way": @charmaineclancy
"Yes, I'm An English Major. No, I Will Not Be Working At McDonald's." @HeyThereFuture @ThoughtCatalog
11 Essential Books to Be a Better Online Writer: @rogercunard @kaleidico
Thinking and Marketing a Novel Outside the Box: @Riduna
Carbohydrates for Writers: Finding Creative Fuel: @YAHighway
The "Why" of Mysteries and the issue of Immortality: @swkehoe
How A Few Tricks Can Keep the Momentum Going on That New WIP: @cleemckenzie
Tips for interacting with agents at conferences: @JennyBent @Porter_Anderson
What Are Amazon's Weaknesses? @arhomberg
4 Signs That Your Manuscript Isn't Ready: @ava_jae
Query Letter: There's Disagreeing and There's Being Unwise: @behlerpublish
The Unexpected Agony of Recording Your Own Audiobook: @theatlantic @katiehafner
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10 Daily Rituals Of Brilliant and Successful Creators -
5 Ways to Keep Your Writing Sharp: @KristinaLudwig1
7 Most Common Misconceptions About Science Fiction Publishing: @io9
In defense of 'bad' writers: @TobarWriter
9 Reasons to Keep A Reading Journal: @DollyGarland
KDP Quality Notices: @marla_ann
6 Things 1 Writer Learned from Charles Bukowski: @jaltucher @thoughtcatalog
Mapping a writer's brain: @joycedyer2010 @NYTimes
A creative's work is never done, and what it means for us: @tannerc
What Makes A Better Writer – Deliberate Practice or Writing for a Purpose? @DollyGarland
An editor addresses gender disparity in the bylines at the @nybooks : @alexnazaryan
Writing life: Chunks vs. bites: @apalanca
How to Trick Yourself into Writing: @emarianaranjo
8 Practical Tips for a Better Relationship with a Writer: @_mohul
What's My Character Motivation? – At the Root of It All: @scriptmag
10 Things Emerging Writers Need To Learn: @mpnye
Accurately Representing Your Novel: @tipsylit
3 short story lessons from Graham Greene: @icess
11 tips for editing your own writing: @rebeccaberto
5 literary movements that shook the world: @InkTanked
To Blurb or Not to Blurb? @JLDelbourgo
40 Books for Every Writer's Library:
Writing Short Stories - Worth the Time? @h_mccoubrey
A Brief Tutorial on Fanfiction: @thealiasjones
A minister attends writing classes to learn how to deliver sermons that won't be boring:
Introduction to SFF – Pulp: @AmazingStories0
Five Rules of Writing: @sleepybard
How Not to Write a Superhero Novel: @mixerpublishing
10 Basic Writing Tips:
Writing Your Way Through Depression: @cateartios @christybis
How to Create Layers of Thematically Pertinent Conflict: @storyfix @KMWeiland
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On Staying Motivated: @BlueMesaReview
How Does An Author Adjust His or Her Approach from Novel to Novel? @vgrefer
The Book Marketing Maze: 22 Wrong Turns And How To Avoid Them: @JonathanGunson
5 Places to Find Critique Partners: @ava_jae
A Book Trailer for Structuring Your Novel: @KMWeiland
A character therapist answers writers' questions on guilt and Intermittent Explosive Disorder: @jeanniecampbell
A character development exercise: @SCBWI_BI
The Most Serious Screenwriting Mistakes:
5 Tips for Writing a Memoir: @Writers_Write
An analysis of diversity in children's books: @4everYA
Action/Thriller Writing: The DIE HARD Method:
'Twilight Zone' Creator Rod Serling Shares Great Screenwriting Insight in Final Interview: @nofilmschool
Setting the Tone with Style:
The Puritan Work Ethic and Writing with Passion: @ShanJeniah
Tips for covering your self-pubbed book: @aimeelsalter
A scam affecting freelance writers:
Writers behaving badly: @kemiogunniyi
Some advice: Don't read this article, but do go write something: @31Plays31Days
An analysis of "A History of Violence": @thescriptlab
The Documentary Screenplay:
1 Simple Way To Resolve Plot Issues In Your Novel: @vgrefer
More Tips 1 Writer Learned From Her Editors: @lkblackburne
5 Ways to Write a Killer Plot Twist: @KMWeiland
To Improve Your Writing, Stand Outside of It: 7 Tips: @RobBiesenbach
Character Differentiation: @ajkandathil
Let Your Characters "Say Everything" – Writers & Analysts: @coachkiki
On Keeping a Notebook: @SarahNumber4 @parisreview
4 Books That Every Young Writer Should Read: @hamiltoneliz @PolicyMic
Finish What You Started: How To End Your Story: @btmargins
10 Remarkable Posthumously Published Novels: @mashable
How 1 writer has learned to write faster: @GuyHaley
15 Writers and Their Bedrooms: @Writers_Write
Writing A Novel Proposal: Author Background: @NovelRetreatsAu
A Story is a Story. Write It.
What NOT to do when Writing: @stefanvucak
Why The iPhone Is Causing Problems For Screenwriters: @BuzzFeedEnt
Structure of Pulp Fiction: Method in the Madness: @TheScriptLab
6 Public Speaking Tips From Ashton Kutcher: @RobBiesenbach
What Netflix Taught 1 Writer About Character Development: @pshares
Writing Advice From Joyce Carol Oats & Stephen King: @woodwardkaren
Creating Tension: @RebeccaLuElla
The Writing Tools of 20 Famous Authors: @flavorwire
A ghostwriter on being a 'writer for hire':
On Work, Creativity & Protecting Your Delusions: @cynthialindeman
The tell-all memoir 1 writer decided not to tell: @deprangy @salon
Writing Tips: 25 Rules For Keeping It Short And Snappy: @huffingtonpost
Writing Memoirs--What to Leave in – And Take Out: @emmabrockes
Meanest Feedback for Writers–a Worst Ten List:
5 things 1 writer learned as a YA debut author: @TheClassof2K13
This Is Your Writing On Drugs: @kenyonreview
Why You Should Write in a Closet: @donaldmiller
Writing A Novel Proposal: Outline: @NovelRetreatsAu
Hard writing makes easy reading: @annwrite @rebeccaberto
Turning our notes into a novel: @nownovel
Tips for giving feedback: @flyingknuckle
Why 1 writer is glad her 1st book is an anthology: @junglereds @sarahw
Reuse and Recycle Your Words: @WordsmithStudio @JenJChow
Social Reading: The OFF Button: @Porter_Anderson
After self-editing, find someone else to look over your manuscript: @digitaldeborah
A Writer's Voice: What It Is And How To Develop Yours: @woodwardkaren
Avoid Trashing a Book Online: @Tamela_Murray @stevelaubeagent
What sucks and what's great about letting go of the novel you've been working on for 2.5 years: @lucas_klauss
Talking about your character: hands: @nownovel
List Of Literary One Hit Wonders: @huffingtonpost
Should fans of YA instead read books written for their own age group? @catagator @Porter_Anderson
Pursuing Intellectual Rigor In Fiction: @mycropht
Be a renaissance writer: @matadornetwork @joshywashington
"I didn't think it would happen...but then it did." One writer takes a break from writing: @CassieCook2
Writing Companions: @vanessab73
Writer's Block: AKA, The Seventh Circle of Hell: @twoodwriter
A Writer's Rules, A Writer's Tools: @scriptmag @KDelin
Cross-Training for Writers: @PStoltey @KatValdezWriter
Tips for Writing a Successful Review: @parajunkee
Synopses: Love the Burn: @AMBuxton
The Geeky Kings & Queens of Comedy Writing:
YA Authors Speak Out About Clichés: @lvoisin
What Good Memoir Can Teach You About Good Copywriting: @jeffgoins
Tips for accessing your creativity: Alphabet in Crime Fiction: Dangerous Undercover Operations: @mkinberg
What does social reading mean for the future of books? @Porter_Anderson @damiengwalter @brianoleary
What to do when you get a bad review: @enthom72