Sunday, August 18, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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And...I have a new release! Death at a Drop-In, a Myrtle Clover mystery, released last week. 

The Alphabet in Crime Fiction: Scissors and Other Sharp Objects: @mkinberg
Using Android's Contacts to Store Character Information: @clarissadraper

Common Style Issues for Writers: @DianeKrause2
The 4 Cornerstones of Strong Characters: @writingeekery
Are you marketing to readers or writers? A reminder to 'platform-out': @Porter_Anderson @petermccarthy
The Readers Sound Off! How They Read, What They Like and Where They Find Us: @marieforce
Be Consistent With Your Book and Your Promo Plan: @behlerpublish
George R.R. Martin: The Real Iron Throne & Boycotting Orson Scott Card: @woodwardkaren
How to Evaluate Your Chapter Summaries Prior to Writing Your Book: @ninaamir
Crime fiction--when detectives must travel to solve a case: @mkinberg
Light a Fire Under Your Characters: @noveleditor
4 Keys to Finding Time For Your Creative Work: @susankayequinn
The Most Important Kind of Edit a Book Needs: @jodyhedlund
Crafting the Nonfiction Book Cover: @DebraEve @SusanShankin
How to Sell Ebooks: 5 Proven Tips: @robeagar @DigiBookWorld
3 of Michael Connelly's Favorite Bits of Writing Advice: @writersdigest
Why 1 writer lawyered up against fan fic: @tobywneal @PassiveVoiceBlg
Amazon Patents 'DVD Extras' for E-Books: @strngwys
The Business of Screenwriting: Writing Credits: @gointothestory
How to stay motivated (podcast): @chase_reeves
5 Stimulating Ideas to Spark Your Creative Juices: @lizstrauss
The Brief Zine-Publishing Career of Mo Willems: @jasonboog @The_Pigeon
Getting to know readers: the new accessibility: @tobywneal
101+ Descriptive Words For Foods: @kathytemean
When is it okay to stop reading a book? @iainbroome
Why Self-Publishing Doesn't Work – And How It Can: @yeomanis
Using the Subtext of Body Language in Storytelling: @AlienNextDoor
Where to begin your story: @KMWeiland
Describe with Telling Details—Character: @ava_jae
Streamline Your Writing: Cut Out "That": @lindasclare
5 Quick Fixes for a Story that Goes Wrong: @yeomanis @writeitsideways
Lack of Support For Your Creative Work: @susankayequinn
Fixing info dump dialogue: @JordanMcCollum
The Evolution of Process: @Marie_Lu
Why We Should Read Introductions at the End of the Book: @galleycat
Strategies to work around Twitter's follower ceiling: @stevebuttry
Should we let a group reprint our blog posts to help promote an e-book? @michellerafter
Writing as Compulsion: @womenwriters @janmerry607
What Gets Preserved? @amazingstories0
Unpacking Bowker's new market research ("the ebook is here to stay") : @Porter_Anderson @Bowker
Does Twitter Make Sense for Most Writers? @JaneFriedman
Facebook Graph Search Advice for Writers: @jasonboog
Organization: Tips for Dealing with Overwhelm: @GeneLempp
How To Get a Book Published: A Step-by-Step Guide: @annerallen
Scams in Writing Contests: @susanspann
How to write realistic dialogue using subtexting (scroll down for post): @Brandilyn
How to Include the Five Senses Without Falling into the Telling Trap: @MarcyKennedy @Janice_Hardy
A Pantser's Guide to Beat Sheets: @jamigold
Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone: @diymfa @wendyluwrites
7 Ways to Write Better Blog Posts: @aliventures
Hidden In Front Of Everyone's Eyes – Our Own Potential: @danblank
Hell With What Sells: @chuckwendig (lang)
Great Character: Neytiri ("Avatar"): @gointothestory
Michael Connelly on the No. 1 Key to Writing a Series: @writersdigest
5 Successful Marketing Strategies For Fiction Authors: @thecreativepenn @passivevoiceblg
How Do You Balance Work and Writing? @LAMysteryWriter
Taxes 101 for Authors: @susanspann
Bowker on who buys what: @Porter_Anderson @Bowker
They Don't Buy Your Book because it's Good: @junglereds @PJNunn
3 Ways to Fill an Empty Bio: @lydia_sharp
Why people stop reading books: @speechwriterguy
Low cost options for getting editing help if you can't afford an editor: @nailyournovel
How to Write a Novel Readers Won't Put Down: @jamesscottbell
Crowdsourced Editing: The Future of Self-Publishing? @nickthacker @KMWeiland
The Easiest Way to Make FaceBook Timeline Cover Photos: @lifehackorg
Making a book trailer--tools and tips:
A Writer's Magic Bakery: Selling your short stories again (and again, and again…): @smithwritr
A look at the New Adult genre:
Writerisms Ten:
The Pixar Theory: @JonNegroni
10 Scariest Monsters in Children's Stories: @SmashingLists
Too many characters in a novel? One solution: @medwardsbooks
"Agent-Assisted Publishing": An Interrupted Debate: @Porter_Anderson
Elizabeth George's Writing Process: From Idea to First Draft:
Indiana Jones and the Great Test of Character: @fictorians
Polishing your manuscript...1 writer's suggestions: @j_sandford @authorterryo
Why 1 agent rejects manuscripts: @rachellegardner
Be Clever to Be Riveting: @livewritethrive
The Hazards Of Reading Our Old Manuscripts:
What Makes Beautiful Writing Beautiful? @joebunting
Writing satisfying endings:
Story Maps: @shalvatzis
How Star Trek Helps Us with Showing Rather than Telling: @MarcyKennedy
Market to Readers, Not Writers: @LissyWrites
The Fifty Shades of Grey Effect: @JanetKGrant
What Is a "Literary Change Agent"? And What's Ethical? @Porter_Anderson
When authors spam: @EdieMelson
A Character's Mental State: @ingridsundberg
Write With Confidence:
Create a major direction list for your writing and life goals: @TiceWrites
A Beginning Meditation Guide for Writers: @ollinmorales
Suspect your category, but know your story: @byobrooks
The Essence of Storytelling:
Starting freelance writing? The first 5 things you need to do:
Are Your ISBNs Legit? @mybookshepherd
How to Write about a Time of Anticipation: @joebunting
How to Punctuate Descriptions of Colors: @writing_tips
Where 1 writer gets her ideas: @tobywneal
Covers that Wow: @MariaZannini
How To Start Writing That Next Book and Not Lose The Excitement: @cleemckenzie
The wow factor:
Do You Need a Literary Executor? @susanspann
Is It Fair Use? 7 Questions to Ask Before Using Copyrighted Material: @janefriedman
How to Edit in Passes: @ava_jae
Is Modern Poetry Too Complicated For Modern Readers?
Avoiding perfectionism: @brandenbarnett
Why computer games aren't like novels — but should interest novelists anyway:
Screwing Up On Purpose: The Beauty of The Deliberate Mistake: @jmcaddell
The link between depression and creativity, and how it can be good for you: @tannerc
6 Popular Tumblrs That Landed Book Deals:
Self publishing and perpetual editing: @JordanMcCollum
Organizing screenwriting projects: @scriptmag @jeannevb
How Scholastic Sells Literacy To Generations Of New Readers: @npr
Why Barnes & Noble Is Good for Amazon: @carr2n @passivevoiceblg
7 Essential Online Book Marketing Tips from the Front Lines: @ticewrites
How To Email Your List:
10 Things to Remember When Writing a Legal Thriller: @writersdigest @ZacharyPetit
63 Character Emotions to Explore: @fictionnotes
42 Writing Tips From J.A. Konrath: @JAKonrath
7 Horrifying Ailments Named After Literary Characters: @kimber_regator
A Perfect Plot In 6 Easy Steps: @woodwardkaren
9 Inspirational Bits of Advice From Anne Rice, Catherine Coulter, David Morrell and Others: @writersdigest @ZacharyPetit
22 Rules of Storytelling:
Bringing Personal Experience Into Your Writing: @timscribe @thecreativepenn
The Oxford comma:
25 Things To Know About Your Story's Stakes: @chuckwendig (lang)
Who Got Cultural Studies In My Fandom? @amazingstories0
Death and writing--what's the connection? @BTMargins @LaurHarrington
On writing better endings: @janelebak
Plotting and pantsing...either will work: @ca_london
Finding Time to Write: Old-School Technology Saves the Day: @Christi_Craig
Kurt Vonnegut's 8 Rules for Writing Fiction: @gretchenrubin
Increasing Your Email Subscribers: @blogherald
There's only one requirement for being a writer—do you meet it? @ava_jae
Pricing Low Vs. Pricing High: How Much Should You Charge for Your Ebook? @freelanceswitch
All about advances: @stevelaubeagent

A revealing interview with writer Lee Child: