Sunday, August 11, 2013


 by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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How Genre Labeling Keeps Some Books from Being Discovered:
Writing, Art and Outlining: @fcmalby
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30 Days of Screenplays "Little Miss Sunshine": @gointothestory
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How to Keep Writing When You're Scared of Failure: @diymfa
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Want to Read More? Think About Audiobooks: @booklifenow
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Reviews - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: @maryannwrites
Retired and Writing:
The outlaw hero: @NykiBlatchley
The 5 deadly sins writers don't see in their own writing: @rxena77
3 Types of Headings: @writing_tips
The Truth About Having Time to Create: @JeffreyDavis108
An author rounds up the most memorable criticism of her career: @AdriennedeWolfe
Adaptations: Passionate, Not Precious: @jtjarzemsky
5 Traps of the Imagination John Grisham Helped 1 Writer See: @VanderwarkerT
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4 Things Barnes & Noble Could Do to Stay Competitive: @dearauthor
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Building your author platform--Goodreads: @tonyriches
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8 Promises You're Making to Readers—and Then Breaking: @KMWeiland
Help with show, don't tell: @BridgetMcKenna
Screenwriting – Character Outlining:
11 Tips On How To Become A Better Writer: @woodwardkaren
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4 More Things Published Authors Know:
4 ways to be a polite screenwriter: @Bambookiller
4 Ways Images Can Inspire Writing:
Focus on One Book Series or Start Multiple Series? @goblinwriter
5 Red Flags for a "Self" or "Indie" Publisher and Author: @mybookshepherd
Proof Copies: Do You REALLY need them?
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How to Connect With More Readers in Just 5 Minutes: @duolit
2 things an agent isn't: @JanetKGrant
10 Never-Fail Ideas for Twitter Updates: @EdieMelson
Dig deep and get to the heart of a character by asking 'why': @livewritethrive
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5 Lies Writers Tell Themselves: @losapala
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Is “Copyright Protection” an Oxymoron? @Porter_Anderson @beccarosen
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Bezos purchases the Post--and analysts weigh in: @Porter_Anderson @mathewi @koxinga21
Fear and loathing at the bookstore: @Porter_Anderson @juderogers
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What Not to Think About When You're Writing:
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NA, YA & MG book reviewers: @SA_Larsen
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You just sold your book! Now what?
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Is This Too Erudite For Modern Readers? @Peculiar
The Greatest American Novel? 9 Experts Share Their Opinions: @KSHartnett
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Writing Scenes You Haven't Seen: @PatrickRwrites
Revealing a Character's Past Without Falling Into Backstory: @Janice_Hardy
8 Promises You're Making to Readers—and Then Breaking: @KMWeiland
Eliminating "thought verbs" from our writing: @Porter_Anderson @chuckpalahniuk
Free Print Book Resource for Authors: @bookbaby @JFBookman
Genre Fiction and Digital Publishing: A Marriage Made in Heaven: @DennisAbrams2 @Pubperspectives
Tips for a Series Bible: @jemifraser @writeangleblog
The Impact Character: @glencstrathy
Do you know a good rejection when you see one? @EdieMelson
When it's time to listen to your body (carpal tunnel): @KristinNador
10 Essential Neo-Noir Authors: @wickerkat
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5 Ways to Limit Your Character's Options - and Make Your Story Better: @mooderino
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AmazonCrossing Publishes More Books in Translation than Anyone Else (In 2013. Probably.): @chadwpost
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How To Improve Your Writing In Your Sleep: @writersrelief
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Automated Online Proofreaders: Are They Worth It? @LyndaRYoung
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