Sunday, August 4, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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Writers as Thieves: @WriterNancyJane
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iTunes users spend a lot on apps and music, not so much on ebooks (chart): @gigaom
The Ongoing Story: Twitter and Writing: @newyorker @thomasbeller
On Becoming Multimedia Emperors: @indiereader @stephenmarkley
How To Correctly Use Emotion To Create Drama And Set The Pace: @seandsouza
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Writing is Rewriting: @shalvatzis
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Character Archetypes 101: The Magician: @jeanniecampbell
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Getting Real about Writing Time:
Prose Poetry Is A Slippery Beast: @EDFsChronicles
Literary Voice: Developing it…and defining it. @KatZhang
Combating writers' isolation: @hilaribell
The Surprising History of the Pencil: @brainpicker
18 vintage photos and illustrations that show people reading: @ebookfriendly
Writing Exercises: Word Choice and Voice: @davidbcoe
What a Stunt Pilot Teaches Us about Creativity, Impermanence, and the Meaning of Life: @brainpicker
Raising Questions with Your First Line: @EMentior
Keeping Your Spirits Up Before You Get Published: @millerc086
Tips for using beta readers:
Prepping your family for your book's sex scenes: @btmargins @kimtriedman
7 Time-Saving Lessons From a Newbie Freelance Writer:
Active Writing Keeps Readers Engaged: @NancyBrandon4
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Making a living with your short fiction: @deanwesleysmith
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Chekhov's Gun: @melissadonovan
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Blocks and Breakage: @dancinghorse
The Unexpected Exotic: Settings in Science Fiction and Fantasy: @tordotcom
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The Art of Relocation: a Poet Chooses What to Bring—and What to Leave Behind: @talkingwriting
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Do it yourself? 10 tips for beginners from top self-publishing sites: @darlawrites
Indie Author Organizations for Publicity: @cateartios
How Genre Labeling Keeps Some Books from Being Discovered:
Writing, Art and Outlining: @fcmalby
7 Reasons You Should Have a Songwriting Process: @usasong
Authorial Artists: 5 Painters Who Also Wrote: @chris_shultz81
30 Days of Screenplays "Little Miss Sunshine": @gointothestory
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