Sunday, July 28, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:
Is Blogging Worth the Time and Effort? @fcmalby
6 Tips for Finding the Courage to Write: @QuipsAndTips
Placing Setting Details for Best Effect-- The Danger of Frontloading Your Story with Description:

The PERFECT Hook: How to draw your reader and make him swallow the bait:
What Makes Iconic or Popular Characters Unforgettable? @melissadonovan
10 Authors Whose Novels Took Over 5 Years to Write and Publish: @LauraMarcella
Don't write everyday: @ElanaJ
The importance of saying no:
"Writers are atlas makers":
Podcast on subtext: @cockeyedcaravan
Pacing tips: @lisagailgreen
High-stakes plotting: @ellecosimano
Why Does "I" Take Plural Verbs? @grammargirl
How To Come Back Up From The Writing Downs: @chgriffinauthor
How to make a scene in your book or screenplay come alive (Prof. Chekhov):
A Must Have App For Writers: Index Card: @woodwardkaren
Rules for writing: block that metaphor: @guardianbooks
Tips for school visits:
Shift Syntax to Strengthen Sentences: @writing_tips
(Re)tell Me a Story: @MissDahlELama
So You Want to Write a Sequel to Your Novel: @amazingstories0
5 dialogue tips: @juliegray
How to Hook Your Reader and Deliver: @amazingstories0
What are your novel's or screenplay's 3 magic words?
How To Write A Query Letter: @chgriffinauthor
What's the Visual? Adding Power To Your Writing: @MargieLawson
Editing 'As' and 'ing' Phrases: @gemma_cooper
Letting Your Characters Lead:
What Parenting Books Can Teach Us About Critiquing:
Resonance: The Core of the Verse Novel:
4 Tips for Beta Reading in Other Genres: @jamigold
There are two sides to every story: @AJHumpage
If This Is What I Want As A Reader. . .
The Reality of Freelance Writing: @writing_tips
What Writers Can Learn From Dan Brown's Inferno: @thecreativepenn
The 7 Basic Plots: Rebirth: @write_practice
Things that change in First Pass Pages: @jodimeadows
Saying no to an editor: @fictionnotes
Plot points for fantasies: @ThereDraftAgain @EMCastellan
Bring characters to life through their families: @MorganMandel
An author's guide to using Goodreads: @SarahPinneo
How to Serve and Swallow Criticism: @KristanHoffman
A Rare Interview with Storyteller Stephen King:
What is the bigger factor for author success? Marketing or luck? 1 writer's experience:
How to Decide on the Best Possible Movie Ideas to Develop Into Screenplays: @scriptmag
Why 'the worst idea ever' can be useful: @AwfullyBigBlog
What to Include in Your Ebook Besides The Story: @ddscottromcom
7 things I writer has learned so far: @Pamela_Sherwood
A critique of several loglines: @thestorydepartment
First page critique: @JordanDane
Don't overdescribe: @authorterryo
Crime fiction--people-watching as a tool for fictional sleuths: @mkinberg
How to Style Alphabetical Letters: @writing_tips
The definition of "story physics": @storyfix
Tips for writing in public: @YAHighway
Women's Fiction—A Publishing Perspective: @BenisonAnne
Free eBook Formatting & Marketing Guides for Writers: @jasonboog
7 stages of blogging: @grubwriters
Working With Your Inner Reader: @tordotcom
How Many Self-Published Authors Are Making a Living? @PassiveVoiceBlg
How to Start Your Stories: @shalvatzis
The Unexpected Exotic: Settings in Science Fiction and Fantasy: @tordotcom
Beginner's Mind:
Indie earnings survey and results: @Brenda_Hiatt
Earn Readers With Well-Crafted Sentences:
10 Genres that Superheroes Have Swallowed Up: @io9
Every Writer Needs a Bio: @EdieMelson
Weapons while traveling (info from a weapons expert):
Plot points for fantasies: @ThereDraftAgain @EMCastellan
6 tips for your own stay-at-home writing retreat: @beth_barany
How Book Advances Work: @michellerichmond
Conflict – No Pain, No Gain: @kathytemean
What it Feels Like to Get Critiqued: @matty_gibbon
Creativity Takes Time And Patience: @criticalmargins
Plotting the Middle with the Hero's Journey: @fictionnotes
The Risk-Taking Writer: @terrywhalin
How Do You Build a Fan Base, Anyway? @goblinwriter
How to Host a Buzz-Worthy Book Launch Party: @bizauthor
4 Kindle formatting problems you can't fix…so you might as well stop trying: @BooksByEd
21 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing 2.0: @copyblogger
Does Great Literature Make Us Better? @nytimes
What's the Difference Between Problems, Flaws, and Goals? @cockeyedcaravan
Piercing the Hype: The Hybrid Author is the New Pottermore:
Researching settings (that you don't live in or near): @lifehackorg @halophoenix
Working with the Obstacles in Your Path: @leobabauta
Is Interior Book Design a Commodity? @JFBookman
Process-Focused Goals:
Is publishing about to come face to face with the corridor of mirrors that is Alt Lit? : @thefuturebook
Speculative Fiction and Bugs: @sfsignal
How Long Should a Scene Be? @joebunting
6 Ways To Make Your Submission Process Less Time-Consuming: @writersrelief
An analysis of successful ebook authors' approaches: @tferriss
Why a free chapter is a lousy thing to give away if you want to sell a book: @andytraub
Your book is a start-up: @tferriss
Submission: 6 Rules of Thumb From an Editor-Turned-Writer: @JaneFriedman  @jniesslein
Make the Decision To Do the Hard Work Before You Start to Write a Book: @SheWrites
Writing Shop Talk: How To Use Description:
Confidence: the writer's crucial asset:
Tips for editing blog posts:
Game writing--In Defense of Silent Protagonists: @TheEscapistMag
Should You Move Blog Subscribers To MailChimp? @mollygreene
Why literature should be more like art: @agnieszkasshoes
The 101 Best Written TV Series:
Working with the Obstacles in Your Path: @leobabauta
Setpiece scenes: the unlimited production budget:
Mantras for writers:
Does your first line hook readers? @lynnettelabelle
Writing is rewriting: @shalvatzis
Superfluous Words: @artzicarol
Back up your manuscripts and business files: @ddscottromcom
Using nature as a weapon in crime fiction: @mkinberg

A wrap-up of a couple of workshops, with craft tips for writers (subtext, strong openings, etc.): @authorterryo
A closer look at issues facing agent-assisted publishing: @Porter_Anderson
Faulkner Heirs Lose Lawsuit Against Sony Pictures: @Pubperspectives
Are authors on a tightrope with Author Solutions? @Porter_Anderson @DavidGaughran @molbarton
Without gatekeepers to reject them, new sub-genres spawn: @barbaraoneal @Porter_Anderson
Why Stephen King Spends 'Months and Even Years' Writing Opening Sentences: @joefassler @TheAtlantic
Book Country: Opening New Territory: @Porter_Anderson @molbarton @brandilarsen
Writing tips based on your Zodiac sign--WriterScopes: @janetboyer
"Hoping for Amazon to collapse or fail is (mutually) self-destructive." @fakebaldur @Porter_Anderson