Sunday, June 9, 2013


By Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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The Alphabet in Crime Fiction: Injections as a Murder Method: @mkinberg

Getting Reviews as a Self-Published Author: @SpunkonaStick
#BEA13 "positions authors primarily as creatures of the publishers": @Porter_Anderson
1 writer's editing process: @authorterryo
The publishing industry is telling itself fairy tales: @samatlounge @Porter_Anderson
Observations on #BEA13: @Porter_Anderson @jwikert @ChuckWendig
How to write a novel in three years or more: @EmilyWenstrom
Amazon execs meet with writers and those who report on publishing--for input: @Porter_Anderson @dearauthor @JasonBoog
The 4 Best Strategies for Savvy Self-Publishers: @writersdigest

No, E-book Sales Are Not Declining: @nathanbransford
How To Cure Writer's Block Using Photos:
Beware the comma splice: @ScottTheWriter
Tips for writing academic papers: @manon_eileen
What makes a book irresistible: One reader's advice to authors: @novelpublicity
Submission Standards: @EdieMelson
How to Write in the Face of Rejection: @writersdigest
The Importance of the Trunk Novel, and Recognizing it for What It Is. @marshallmaresca
Manage Your Writing Connections with LinkedIn Contacts: @galleycat
Writing Epic Action Scenes: @MBTPonderers
A writer's group for creative nonfiction: @galleycat
Tips for getting story ideas: @woodwardkaren
Having a goal when entering contests and what it takes to final: @jamigold
How Do We Write What We DON'T Know? @shewritesdotcom
Tips for daily writing: @leobauta
How to successfully build tension: @angelaackerman
Why and how you should backup your writing: @galleycat
Questions to ask CPs, Betas, and (Friendly) Reviewers:
Writing Close Point of View: @StacyGreen26 @janice_hardy
5 Ways to Spring Clean your Manuscript: @pj_hoover
You've got an offer of representation. Now what? @mollykh
How Much Attention Should You Pay to Book Design? @jfbookman @janefriedman
How Do You Keep Your Book Sales Momentum Going? @goblinwriter
Who Inherits Your Copyrights? @susanspann

Giving It Away: Why Fiction Authors Should Offer Free Ebooks: @storyrally
Did you write a second book first?
1 writer reclaims her first drafts:  @YAConfidential @a_shostak
How to write in your sleep:
The Problem With "Revealing" Information That's Already in the Cover Copy: @janice_hardy
What's the Right Tone for a Query Letter? @Dear_Editor
4 Types of Gerunds and Gerund Phrases: @writing_tips
Being a good literary citizen: @GillianMarchenk
Anne Lyle and Historical Sexuality: @HaralambiMarkov
Marketing is Destroying the Science Fiction Genre:
Revisions: Knowing When You've Got It Right. @YAHighway
7 ways to build your writing routine: @philjourdan
Creating a catastrophe plan for our writing: @bob_mayer
Tips for revising: @moonbridgebooks
The Top 8 Free Online File Storage Sites: @socialtimes
Different types of self-publishing: @amazingstories0 @author_sullivan
Motivation Too Weak? Don't Multiply It—Simplify It: @cockeyedcaravan
3 Keys to Writing Memorable Fiction: @ruthharrisbooks
Does your picture book premise have power?  A checklist: @jeanreidy
Writing cliffhangers: @woodwardkaren
The Psychology of Story Physics: @storyfix
Digital Book Signings: A Range Of Technologies And Services: @digibookworld
10 Reasons Not to Be A Writer: @Booktrust
What NOT to Do When Beginning Your Novel: @RayRhamey
Follow submissions guidelines: @HookedOnNoir
How an e-book is like a treadmill at the gym: @bufocalvin
Juicing Emotion: @kid_lit
Screenwriting software review:  Persona Character Development Software: @scriptmag
Chart the Time You Spend Checking Email, Twitter & Facebook: @galleycat
5 things to do before accepting a guest post: @problogger
YA Lit Really Screws Over Parents: @chihuahuazero
Writing and Researching a Time Travel Novel: @passivevoiceblg
Craft Chat about Fake Places: @swkehoe
Things To Consider When Planning Your Protagonist's Death: @writersrelief
Thesaurus of Physical Attributes Entry: Neck: @beccapuglisi
"The Lie Most Frequently Told In Hollywood": @gointothestory @goodinaroom
The end game: @JoeMoore_writer
Writers Write – Seeing the Cliché Through New Eyes: @matty_gibbon
Rags to Riches plots: @write_practice
Handling Scene Transitions With Multiple POVs: @Janice_hardy
12 Most Successful Ways for Writers to Win with Pinterest: @12Most @pegfitzpatrick
Screenwriting Tip: Know who you're writing for: @gointothestory
How the ebook evolution might get started in other places: @mikeshatzkin
Examples of modern farce: @the_millions
Handwritten Manuscript Pages From Classic Novels: @flavorwire
A Kobo director's thoughts on self-publishing: @authorterryo
The Immobilized Man in Noir Fiction: @write_practice
Oxymorons for writers: @LShirtliffe
Time Management Tips for Writers: @DIYMFA
The Importance of Memoir: @christicraig
Some creative philosophies are universal: @erin_bowman
Freelancers--why you shouldn't create your own samples (and how to get real clips, instead): @ticewrites
Character clinic--making a character likeable while keeping her guarded: @jeanniecampbell
Uncertainty: The Normal Writing Process: @fictionnotes
How to Use "Help a Reporter Out": @karencv
Checklist questions for your manuscript: @artzicarol
Creating Multi-Dimensional Characters--Everybody Lies: @kristenlambtx
The 4 Best Strategies for Savvy Self-Publishers: @jfbookman
Stuffing too much into one sentence: @JordanMcCollum
12 Tips to Market Your Book at Shows: @charmaineclancy
When Authors Pull an Anne Rice: @DinaSantorelli @ms_articulate
4 Reasons Your Book Is Not Your Baby: @carlywatters
Website Navigation: Make it Easy for People to Explore Your Site: @hostbaby
How To Fix Convoluted Writing:
Tips for persevering in writing: @SylviaNey
The thin-skinned writer: @booktrust
Improving Book Publicity in the 21st Century: @doctorow
Naked calisthenics, air baths, head stands, and other strange artistic habits: @masoncurrey @slatest
The Collected Wisdom of Great Writers: @brainpicker
Using Anchor Text In Your Posts: @karencv
Don't look a gift writer in the mouth: @flawritersconf
James Patterson: Prototypical Indie Author? @lynnmessina @IndieReader
Script To Screen: "Scream": @gointothestory
Copyright, the Double-Edged Sword:
Why 1 trad. author is self-pubbing: @JAKonrath @fpaulwilson @tracylcarbone
Book beginnings and endings: @donmaass
The Joy of Creative Ignorance: Embracing Uncertainty In Your Day-to-Day: @99u
Should You Write Nonfiction or Fiction? @joebunting
4 Questions to Define Your Social Media Presence: @diymfa
How To Create Character Empathy: @beccapuglisi
The importance of habits to working writers: @kristinerusch
Rejections--why they happen and dealing with them: @novelpublicity
What Novelists Should Know About Short Fiction: @writeitsideways
5 Things to Consider When Writing Webcopy: @WendyENThomas
Why Your Novel May Not Be Historical Fiction After All: @KMWeiland
Top 10 writing craft sites on one writer's list: @kmweiland
Health Insurance for Writers:
Writers' Neuroses:
Promises and Threats: @LDBogart @TNBtweets
20 Rules for Writing:
Using all the senses when writing: @noveleditor
Quality and the new publishing paradigm: @davidbergsland
How to Market a Book and Strengthen Your Author Platform with Goodreads: @writerplatform
3 Reasons Critiquing Will Improve Your Writing: @write_practice
KDP Select Giveaway, a Case Study: @loriculwell
Creating Characters with Character: @GPChing
When to Nudge Agents, Hiring Editors: @litreactor @breeogden
Respecting your dreams: @ajackwriting
"How's the Book Doing?" @andrewkarre
Scene interruptions: @kid_lit
Plot Generators, What-If Tools, 37 Dramatic Situations, and Getting Past Writers Block : @EnchantedInkpot
Lessons Learned From Bestselling Indie Authors On Writing And Book Marketing: @thecreativepenn
Stress and writers: @jennybent
7 steps to the perfect story (infographic):
1 writer's problems with self-publishing: @salon @TedHeller
Bold Storytelling Statements That Are Almost Always True: @storyfix
Book vs. Film: Jurassic Park: @litreactor @chris_shultz81
5 Ways To Get More Traffic From Pinterest: @MelonieDodaro
Writing a Book Proposal: @behlerpublish
Query Critiques: More Important Than You Think: @ava_jae
The Secret Recipe for Writing a Perfect Pitch: @kristenlambtx

Readers are "interactive players in the (publishing) marketplace": @Porter_Anderson @stephaniebond @otown