Sunday, June 23, 2013


 by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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Flash Fiction –Make It Up and Make It Snappy: @Beth_Barany @amowriting

The alphabet in crime fiction--knives as a murder weapon: @mkinberg

"Most of the readers love bad books." @pubperspectives @Porter_Anderson @DeMarcoAV

"Anybody Press" (self pub) is the new member of the Big Six (for ebooks, at least): @MikeShatzkin

The best form of marketing--promoting others' books: @storyrally

How To Structure a Story Around a Large Problem: 14 Steps x 56 Movies = 784 Examples: @cockeyedcaravan

A rush to publish creates trouble. But editors can be pricey. Could betas help? @hughhowey @miralsattar @Porter_Anderson

How Labels and Comparisons Weaken Creativity: @denisedesigns

Scene Breaks In Ebooks: Giving Readers A Clue: @JWManus

Writer quirks and advice from @HughHowey: @JanetBoyer

After readers have figured out the whodunit in crime fic, is there still incentive to keep reading? @mkinberg

Winners of Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award--$110,000 to 5 Authors: @Porter_Anderson @RysaWalker @JLincolnFenn

Giving advice to aspiring writers: @ColbyMarshall

Harper Collins scores ebook profits by decreasing author royalties: @Porter_Anderson @DeFiore @jasonboog

25 ways to be more creative:
Do You Have a Surface Conflict and a Suppressed Conflict? @cockeyedcaravan
How to wake a dormant muse: @dirtywhitecandy
Is Black and White Fantasy Dead? @mythicscribes
17 Steps to a Reader-Grabbing Title: @kmweiland
10 Tips For Proofreading Your Manuscript: @woodwardkaren
On plot holes: @bethrevis
2 Tricks for Breaking Writer's Block in One Day: @victoriamixon
Gain Traction with Social Media instead of Spinning Your Wheels: @ediemelson
5 Gaping Plot Holes Hollywood Knows You Won't Notice: @cracked
Kill your darlings: @melissadonovan
Mothering Your Writing: @lisagailgreen
On "casting" while you write. Or not. @LAGilman
A writer wants readers to hear a story when they read her book: @EDFsChronicles
Putting the Brand Before the Book Produces Profits: @pubperspectives
Should you use a pen name? @JanetKGrant
The Top 7 Lies Prospective Freelance Clients Tell: @ticewrites
Mystery vs. Suspense: The 8 Keys:
The Joy of Editing:
The Importance of Strategic Goals: @lyndaryoung
5 things 1 writer learned about writing from her mom: @sherlockedsarah
Creating Nail-Biting Suspense: @StacyGreen26
Hands-On Tips For Spotting Flaws In Your Writing: @amiekaufman
Tips for better narrative: @behlerpublish
Planning Your Own Writing Retreat: @christicraig
20 Insights Into a Successful Agent/Client Relationship: @breeogden
Visualize Your Writing: @write_practice
Tips for succeeding as a self-pubbed writer (interview with @DavidGaughran): @markmcguinness
When Good Series Go Bad: @CreepyQueryGirl
Self Editing: The Last Check List Before You Submit: @TereMichaels
How Writers Can Explore Erotica: @galleycat
We don't have to take every suggestion our beta readers make:
The Serious Superficiality of The Great Gatsby: @joshuarothman @NewYorker
Stand while you work to improve your health and productivity: @unclutterer
Why Smashwords surveys self-pubbed books and behavior: @markcoker
All about character arcs: @JordanMcCollum
Too many deadlines? Here's how to avoid panic mode: @michellerafter
Body and Identity in SF/F - a rich source of inspiration: @juliettewade
Help Your Friends Help Your Book Go Viral: @shewritesdotcom
Scene interruptions: @kid_lit
How to Approach a Literary Agent: @bubblecow
Getting the Most out of Smashwords: @AuthorKSBrooks
Rags to Riches plots: @write_practice
Creating Multi-Dimensional Characters--Everybody Lies: @kristenlambtx
How frequently should writers blog? @problogger
Literary Agent Misconceptions: @carlywatters
A Librarian's Response to "What's a Library?" @ScrewyDecimal
Game Writing--The Decline of Survival-Horror and Why it Needs Saving: @ausgamers
How To Secure Your WordPress Site Against Hackers: @lifehackorg
As Kids' On-Screen Reading Overtakes Print, Outcome is Worrisome: @pubperspectives
Breaking Down the Writing Process:
How Gardening Relates to Writing: @MBTPonderers
Screenwriting-- Writing Character Descriptions and 'Last Action Hero": @scriptmag @RWWFilm
10 Biggest Book Adaptation Flops: @Publisherswkly
4 designers discuss their work on recent book covers: @NYTimes
Authors Can Be Trapped by TMI: @passivevoiceblg
The Ten Commandments of Query Letters: @evilwriters
How to get your message across without spamming: @annechaconas @novelpublicity
The Cores of Literary Fiction and Speculative Fiction: @kgelfland2ndcuz
Writing Summer Blockbusters: @scriptmag
25 Ideas to Freshen Up That Query: @mayaprasadwrite
6 Secrets to Creating and Sustaining Suspense: @writersdigest
5 writerly things you can still do when life interrupts your writing:
How to Increase your Email Optin Rates: @bloggingtipscom
The Unique Geography of Speculative Fiction: @sfsignal
Tips for modeling your writing after other writers' works: @woodwardkaren
Cover Art: A Designer's Perspective: @tordotcom @catjuju
Book fetish--bookish things for those who love books: @homebtwnpages
How poetry became an essential part of US weddings...and why it's so hard to choose a poem: @poetrynews
Chick Lit Is Dead, Long Live Farm Lit: @theatlantic @EmilyMatchar
The cocktail chart from film and lit: @PopChartLab
5 Ways to Bond with Your Blog's Audience: @copyblogger
10 Great Commencement Speeches by Writers: @bookriot @JoshACorman
5 Ways To Stay Motivated in Your Writing Career: @bookbaby
Writing is a Humiliation Banquet: @SaraMTaber
No, E-book Sales Are Not Declining: @nathanbransford
Where to find cover artists: @woodwardkaren
Publishers Should Empower Authors to Sell Their Own E-books: @nathanbransford
How to Weave Backstory Into Your Novel Seamlessly: @writersdigest
How to start a blog: @MichelleRafter
How to Fire Your Agent: @jennybent
5 memoir-writing resources: @sherrey_meyer
Going transmedia: @TheWriterMag
An analysis of a successful query: @SaraMegibow @writersdigest
A 3-Step Process to Book Marketing: @badredheadmedia
9 Social Media Tips for Freelancers: @socialtimes
Writing is tough--but we chose to do it: @KeithCronin
What 1 self-pubbed author may be doing wrong: @SoozOnSports
How much content should you have ready when you launch a blog? @problogger
A 70 year old book is gaining popularity again in the creativity and innovation fields: @CreativityPost
Simplify. Focus. Combine characters. Hop over detours.
Fact and Fiction. The Crime Writers' Responsibility? @CazRamsay
The Perils of Prequels: @Gollancz
Short form writing--revealing the power of two: @TheWriterMag @RoyPeterClark
Paper submissions are not dead yet: @catewoods
The Many Paths to Publishing—Which One's Right for You? @shewritesdotcom
How to prevent predictable plots: @brianklems @writersdigest
What writers can learn from a close reading of The Great Gatsby: @RoyPeterClark
How Books Get Sold to Traditional Publishers: @ninaamir
Booksellers finding success through a leaner ordering method that helps eliminate returns: @kristinerusch
Daily Deals propel older ebooks to popularity: @NYTimes
How to Help Your Cover Designer Come Up With a Killer Design: @NikkiJefford @cjlistro
Pitching a self-pubbed book to a publisher: and @yeomanis
SF/F--from humble origins to lofty heights: @fantasyfaction @Leo_Cristea
The Basics of Author Branding: @BillFerris
How To Write By The Seat of Your Pants:
The world doesn't reward perfectionists. How to stop being an overthinker: @lifehackorg
Physical Attribute Thesaurus Entry: Chest: @angelaackerman
Scene and chapter endings: @Ross_B_Lampert
Internal Dialogue and Pacing: How Much is Too Much? @Janice_Hardy
Why aren't there more plays with sequels and prequels? @HillaryDePiano
Why speculative fic is popular with young readers: @LeighAnnKopans
A review of clauses: @writing_tips
Craft books are good to a point...then writers need to write: @hopeclark
The Easiest Way to Get Started Podcasting: @MichaelHyatt
The Key To Being A Productive Writer: Prioritize: @woodwardkaren
Thoughts on Parenting a Writer: @mollybackes
10 Ways to Torture Yourself as a Writer: @marybethwhalen
Embrace the Messy Writing Process: @fictionnotes
Should You Self-Publish? 15 Questions: @ornaross @janefriedman
2 Power Questions Every Writer Should Ask: @jamesscottbell
5 Ways to Build Solid Relationships in Your Story: @KasieWest
33 Blogging Tips to Maximize Social Media Reach: @HeidiCohen
How NOT to Self-Publish: 12 Things for New Indies to Avoid: @annerallen
How to Give Yourself Writer's Block: @Amanda_Hocking
Using Amazon's Top Reviewers as a way to draw attention to your book: @rxena77
How Stories Teach Us About Ourselves: @mythicscribes
Prozac and creativity: @ahmpreston @guardianbooks
Songwriting tips from Burt Bacharach: @USASong
5 reasons to stop writing: @KMWeiland
What makes a novelist? Writing. @PatBertram
Breaking down author swag: @JeanOram
Writing the Dreaded YA Love Scene: @Laura_the_Wise
Maturation and reviewing: @Squirrelpunkd
Narrative, Fiction, and Life: @davidbcoe
Infographic: 5 Key Book Publishing Paths: @janefriedman
3 Tricks to Increasing Tension in One Day: @victoriamixon