Sunday, June 16, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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Jailhouse deaths in crime fiction: @mkinberg 

Downsides to using pseudonyms: @spunkonastick

Tackling a first draft: @JoannaShupe

Both publishers and authors should tone down rhetoric, anger: @Porter_Anderson @DavidGaughran @timdavies1998

There's No Such Thing as Good Writing: @theAtlantic @joefassler @craignova

When our stories give off unintended implications (regarding race, misogyny, etc.) @PAShortt

Falling out of love with writing: @billycoffey @RachelleGardner @Porter_Anderson

Chick-lit will survive - but don't count all female authors in: @KatyFBrand

3 useful additions to your mystery: @lindasclare

The mounting pressure on authors to write faster: @Porter_Anderson @cjlyonswriter @jamesscottbell

How to Lengthen Your Nonfiction Book When You Feel Like You've Said Everything: @jevonbolden

Ways to Announce That You’re a Successful, Unpublished Writer (And Have The World Agree):  @grubwriters

The Secret Recipe for Writing a Perfect Pitch: @kristenlambtx
Blurb etiquette: @rachellegardner
How to Approach a Literary Agent: @bubblecow
The Writer's Vices: @storydepartment
4 Ways to Improve Your Prose:
5 Tips to Help You Make Your Deadline: @writersdigest
What You Stand to Gain from Sharing Your Dirty Laundry:
5 Things Indie Authors Do Very Well: @alisonbav
The daily routine of Sylvia Plath: @Explorer
Revision tips: @amsmibert @LeagueWriters
Interactive novels: pretty but pretty exhausting: @guardianbooks
Tips for Twitter and ways to keep it from driving us crazy: @kristenlambtx
Uncomfortable Social Media: @jgetzler
Does Your Website Reflect Where You Are in Your Career? @hostbaby
Boundary setting for sensitives and writers: @jennaavery
Editing Tips and Tricks: @bethrevis
Managing Critique in Writing Workshops: @BTMargins
Planning Your Marketing as You Write Your Novel: @dineenmiller @livewritethrive
5 Authors Who Prove It's Never Too Late To Start Writing: @kimber_regator
How Many Books Would You Have To Write To Quit Your Job? @woodwardkaren
What Batman Can Teach You About Proofreading:
Getting the Most out of Smashwords: @AuthorKSBrooks
The Most Important Thing Literary Agents Owe Their Clients: @jamesscottbell
Heroes Should Ascend, Not Descend: @cockeyedcaravan
Story breakdown: Sense and Sensibility:
How Paradoxes Deepen Character: @shalvatzis
5 Principles for Dialogue That Delivers: @mythicscribes
The Author Exploitation Business: @davidgaughran
Stress for writers:
The importance of instilling a need to read: @JDLiteracyTrust @telegraph
How 1 writer got her writing groove back: @KSElliott_Shark
The fractured writer: @sarahahoyt
Changing the Image of Self-Publishing: @IPPYmag @tpersun
An analysis of a book's beginning: @janice_hardy
Get One Link To Your Book In All International Amazon Stores:
A screenwriter on a scene he'd written for Cheers (and a joke that fell flat at the time): @KenLevine
The Dos and Don'ts of Dialect: @KMWeiland
Agent stalking: and a response from the stalkee: @literaticat @StinaLL
Chuck Wendig On Finding Your Voice: @woodwardkaren
So Bad They're Good: Sympathizing with the Bad Guy: @quippy @crimehq
Why is the hero or heroine so often the least interesting character in the book? @melissadonovan
Bad Revision, in 3 Easy Steps: @victoriamixon
10 things you can do with a Kindle--10 things you can't: and @AuthorKatherine
Build a better blog: Resources to start with: @amytschubert
10 Ways to Find Inspiration for Fantasy Writing: @The_Drill99
Atmosphere in a Southern Gothic: @MartinaABoone @tessagratton
Lessons From a Book Signing:
Greek myth in Game of Thrones: @DelReySpectra
3 lessons for writers to learn from marketers:
10 Essential Neo-Noir Authors: @flavorwire
Writer's groups: @CuriosityQuills
Using Fantasy Agent Responses as a Writing Tool: @juliabucks
Trying out to digitally sign & doodle autographs: @inkyelbows
A review of commas: @BryanThomasS
Top 20 Picture Book Agents: 171 Sales: @fictionnotes
How to Use Pinterest Analytics: 6 Metrics Worth Measuring: @smexaminer
Classification Necessary: Problems with Horror Films:
Character arc:
Character Archetypes 101: The Explorer: @jeanniecampbell
Energize your writing with verbs: @write_practice
Write Tight: @EarlStaggs
Creating likeable characters: @sdwriter
How to Pitch an Agent in Person: @carlywatters
All about New Adult lit: @wordforteens
Write, Learn, Revise, Rinse, Repeat: @atrueblood5
Freelancers--how to master a query letter: @LFormichelli
How to Stay Focused in a World of Distraction: @CarlaYoung
10 Great Commencement Speeches by Writers: @bookriot @JoshACorman
The Complexity of the Creative Personality: @PsychCentral @DouglasEby
The Complicated Relationship Between Horror and Video Games: @GamerGirlTay
Life cycle of a novel: @amazingstories0
Pinterest Tip: How to Shape-Shift and Frame Images: @bloggingbistro
Writing meaningful dialogue: @scriptmag
Character Archetypes 101: The Explorer: @jeanniecampbell
Do writers need agents? @CMKaufman
Launching a Blog Is Easier Than You Think: @jeffgoins
Non-compete clauses: @passivevoiceblg
25 Helpful Writerly and Twitter Terms: @ava_jae
Why use simple words? Because it's easier to control connotations. @juliettewade
The asterisk: @justinedell
Plot Structure Chart: @carrieryan
Writing is a Humiliation Banquet: @SaraMTaber
Your book in one sentence: @mooderino
5 Ways To Stay Motivated in Your Writing Career: @bookbaby
Straying From the Party Line: Casablanca: @cockeyedcaravan
8 Must Have Elements in Your Newsletter's Subscriber Welcome: @karencv
How to Create Tension Through Misdirection: @writersdigest
Author Beware: Self-Publishing Book Scams Abound: @janvbear
8 Places to Get Inspired Online: @emilywenstrom
How To Maximize Your Word Count And Write More Every Day {Lang.}: @chuckwendig
Are Tense Shifts Advisable? @writing_tips
What Do Authors Have in Common with Orchestra Conductors? @fcmalby
The staleness of historical romance: @dearauthor
Social Media for Writers: A Kool-Aid Drinking Cult? @jodyhedlund
Screenwriters--how to be serious about your writing career:
How Long Does it Take to Edit a Novel? @patbertram
8 ways to take the pain out of writing slideshows: @MichelleRafter
5 Ways to Get Your Book into Bookstores: @bookmarketer
7 Types of Plots: The Quest: @write_practice
Is your query trying to tell you something about your manuscript? @RC_Lewis
Flexing your verbs: @woodwardkaren
How To Get Over A Destructive Critique: @woodwardkaren
No, E-book Sales Are Not Declining: @nathanbransford
Creating a catastrophe plan for our writing: @bob_mayer
Does your picture book premise have power? A checklist: @jeanreidy
Rags to Riches plots: @write_practice
How Retailers Fight Back Against Shoppers Who Use Them As Showrooms: @RWW @TheTechScribe
Does a good query equal a good novel? @SharonBayliss
3 YA Sub-Genres That Should Exist: @BooksAreMyBFs @bookriot
Pay Closer Attention To YouTube: @mitchjoel
What makes a good book adaptation? @guardianbooks @alanyuhas
How to Make a Video with Google Hangouts: @freelanceswitch
Why steampunk cons can be confusing for genre authors:
5 tropes 1 writer likes: @mistymassey
Just keep writing: @YAStands
The most incongruous book covers of all time: @guardianbooks
The 24 types of journal entry when Journaling for Creativity: @J4Creativity
How To Write Whether You Feel Like it Or Not: @joebunting
Where to find cover artists: @woodwardkaren
How Prog Rock Influenced Writers: @galleycat
Self-pub insights from a Q&A with a successful MG author: @diymfa @EricDelaBarre
Driving your Young Adult Novel's Plot: @howtowriteshop
Write Hot, Edit Cold? It's Still Great Advice: @noveleditor
The Year of The Bookstore: @kristinerusch
Publishers Should Empower Authors to Sell Their Own E-books: @nathanbransford
Wills in Author Estate Planning: @susanspann
What House-Sitting Teaches You About Writing: @KMWeiland @JessBaverstock
Sustaining Your Creativity During Fiction Withdrawals: @jessbaverstock @vgrefer
Did Your Project Stall? @jillkemerer
The end of the print run: @deanwesleysmith
Revealing your story's ending in your synopsis: @Dear_Editor
Finding DIY Authors: @heroesnhearts
Fantasy Meets Crime Fiction: @crimehq
6 tips for better tweeting: @mybookshepherd
An agent on copyright: @Janet_Reid
Pulitzer Prize: huge sales neither required nor guaranteed: @csmonitor
Putting Passion in the Pages: @livewritethrive
How the Act of Writing Changes Your Ideas: @JessBaverstock
9 agents tell what they're looking for: @MartinaABoone