Sunday, June 2, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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An approach for plotting a novel: @WriterAbroad
Realistic fantasy--an oxymoron: @amazingstories0
Getting into the head of your protagonist:
WordPress Questions and Answers: @jamigold
The Alphabet in Crime Fiction: Horse Collars, Herbs and Other Highly Unusual Homicides: @mkinberg
BEA’s Authorial Irony: @Porter_Anderson
Finding Your Unique Author Voice… Like Everyone Else?
Equal Opportunity Ego: @Porter_Anderson @Jack
Writing to the Rule of Three: @Lindasclare
#BEA13 kicks off with industry insights from Malcolm Gladwell and @HughHowey: @Porter_Anderson
Finding Character Motivation, Conflict and Compassion: @jeannevb @scriptmag
Who Owns E-book Rights From Old Publishing Contracts? @nathanbransford
3 Ways To Create An Antihero Your Readers Identify With: @woodwardkaren
3 Cases of Confusion with Introductory Adverbial Phrases: @writing_tips
Staying Creative:
E. B. White on Egoism and the Art of the Essay: @brainpicker
Now You Can Read The Worst Novel Ever Written For Free: @chris_shultz81
Poetry and its audience: @poetrynews
Structure vs. Creativity in Writing:
Screenwriting--everything you wanted to know about specs: @gointothestory
Why it's okay to buy books and not read them: @berkun
Ideal reader exercises: @LauraPepWu
Best-Seller Lists: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?
A Novelist's Adventures in Screenwriting: @grubwriters
How Indie Authors Can Work Together: @galleycat @jasonboog
6 Tips on Reading to Train the Writer's Eye: @robdyoungwrites
The real reason 1 writer writes every day: @Rachel_Aaron
A free writer's group directory: @galleycat
Jumping in Time in Writing a Novel, Memoir, Screenplay: @plotwhisperer
Choosing Your Next Project: @Lydia_sharp
Refine Your Characters With the Pizza Test: @kmweiland
The Writing Zone: 5 Top Tips For Staying There: @AwfullyBigBlog @lucycoats
How to Format Remembered Dialogue: @Janice_Hardy
The Flipside of Hero Empathy: @storyfix
"The Lie Most Frequently Told In Hollywood": @gointothestory @goodinaroom
Writers offer suggestions for finding reviews in a post's comments:
5 truths 1 writer wishes she'd known before she began writing: @ava_jae
Are libraries offering enough self-published ebooks? @digibookworld
Why big names are turning to self-pub: @wherewriterswin
Defining the New Role for Literary Agents: @passivevoiceblg
Has Climate Change Created A New Literary Genre? @AJEvancie @nprbooks
15 classic science fiction and fantasy novels that publishers rejected: @io9
5 Ways Writers Can Get the Most Out of Goodreads: @writersdigest
30 things to tell a book snob: @booktrust
Treating each finished book as an event hurts writers: @kristinerusch
Skip the boring stuff--questions to ask when determining whether a scene should be scrapped: @MartinaABoone
Tone, Mood, & Style—The Feel of Fiction: @noveleditor
An agent answers picture book questions:
Tips for writing better book titles: @killzoneauthors
Objectives Provide Story Momentum: @mooderino
The Flipside of Hero Empathy: @storyfix
The myth of writing slow to write better actually hurts writers: @deanwesleysmith
4 more tips for title creation: @SophieMasson1
Thesaurus of Physical Attributes Entry: Neck: @beccapuglisi
Tips for submitting graphic novels: @Dear_Editor
How High Will Your Elevator Speech Take You?
5 Reasons to Set Your Novel in a Famous Place: @writersdigest
Is waking up early the secret to artistic success? @slate
Use Your Dreams To Be Endlessly Creative:
12 Screenwriting Tips For Aspiring Screenwriters:
Is Your Writing Drab or Full of Color? @lleander11
How an editor chooses (or rejects) a story: @amazingstories0
Tips for readers and authors on effective reviews: @tobywneal
What's next for ebooks? Ask a teen: @digibookworld
What agents don't tell clients and clients don't tell agents: @JanetGrant
2 Strategic and Compelling Reasons to Keep Blogging—and When to Kill a Blog: @DanBlank @JaneFriedman
How to Create the Final Story-Moment: @shalvatizis
Things To Consider When Planning Your Protagonist's Death: @writersrelief
What Makes a Reader Pick Up a Book By a Debut Author? @jodyhedlund
Advanced Manuscript Revision (with 'Great Scene' Checklist):
C.O.R.E. of a Hero:
What Would Happen if Amazon Gave Every Ebook Away for Free? @EdNawotka
Writing With the All the Senses: @LauraHoward78 @PriceMcNaughton
Solutions for Wordy Phrasing: @writing_tips
12 things about writer Chuck Palahniuk: @flavorwire
Thoughts on the changes the digital revolution in publishing has wrought: @author_sullivan
What Do You Want From Your Reader? @phillywriters
Getting everything right is wrong: @boydmorrison
'Separated-ended' and 'self-ended' picture books:
Translating Trauma into Memoir: @meghancward
10 types of transitions: @writing_tips
5 tips for finding ghostblogging clients: @MichelleRafter
A Poet on the Road: @CharlieSimic @nybooks
The One Question Every New Writer Wants Answered: @shewritesdotcom
Every Event Must Be A Character Event: @cockeyedcaravan
What Soap Operas Can Teach Us about Writing: @jamigold
Theme And Truth In Story: @mooderino
Tips for building chapters: @kathytemean
Thoughts on chapter breaks: @KgElfland2ndCuz
The (Ongoing) Death and Transfiguration of Science Fiction Publishing: @AmazingStories0
Stormwriting: What It Is and Why You Should Try It: @writersdigest
Pre-publication samples: @jwikert
Making Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program: @problogger
8 Classic Western Noir Films: @crimehq
What The Hell Is A "Hybrid" Author, Anyway? {language}
Author Turns Book Release Party into a Game: @galleycat
Publishing Gets Its Own Hackathon: @theatlantic
The Game of Storytelling:
How Embarrassing Will Your Dystopian Fantasy Be 100 Years from Now? @GeoffreyCubbage
Successful Self-Publishing Authors Are Entrepreneurs: @indieauthoralli
The Value of Life Experience: @nathanbransford
Ten writers' reasons for reading: @guardianbooks
How To Write A Critique: The Sandwich Method: @woodwardkaren
2 dangers to watch out for when writing romantic relationships: @ava_jae
What Writers Can Learn From Rock Stars: @thereviewreview
How To Create A Press Kit: @woodwardkaren
Agents' no response=not interested policy: @ingridsundberg
Marcel Proust, Franz Kafka, and other artists who did great work in the wee hours: @slate @masoncurrey
The Hook and The Arm It's Attached To: @fantasyfaction @DEMEmrys
Target Editing – A Time-Saving Strategy for Writers:
Explore Your Characters: Be Surprised: @fictionnotes
Tips from agents for beginning a novel: @chucksambuchino
Building a bridge between literary and genre fiction: @EMCastellan
Editing Your Own Work: How to Dismember Your Darlings: @thisishorror
Unnecessary Romance in YA: @AnimeJune
Three Easy Steps to Deep POV: @lindasclare
The Favorite Books of 32 Famous People: @neatorama
How to build tension successfully: @angelaackerman
Script readers: @gointothestory
Beta Readers and Critique Groups: @authorterryo
The language of fairy tales: @terriwindling
Konrath on Patterson: @jakonrath
3 Things Non-Writers Don't See: @louise_wise
How to Tell Charles Dickens's Prose From Every Other Dead White Guy's: @TheAtlantic
A look at participial phrases: @JordanMcCollum
How to trim the fat from your story: @nickthacker
7 Tips for Choosing Your Book Cover Art: @charmaineclancy
Literary Agents Are Watching Blogs & Amazon Bestseller Lists: @galleycat
20 things 1 author has learned about writing: @wickerkat
Unified Theory Of Writing: @mooderino
The Demise of Private Writing? @BTMargins @NicholeBernier
Focus on the creative process and write what excites you: @MartinaABoone
Are We Badgering Readers? @BTMargins @randysusanmeyer
What 1 writer loves about notebooks: @Jennifer_Castle
What Works in Real Life Works Just as Well in Writing: @EdieMelson
Scriptwriters: Are You Planning Your Script? @jacobkrueger
De-constructing Criticism is a Required Skill for Writers: @authortward
The Author Website – Keep it Simple and to the Point: @karencv
Why 1 writer stops reading a novel: @jodyhedlund
6 tips for reading critically: @woodwardkaren
Writing Fantasy Heroes: @SarahAveryBooks
Mind Maps for Writers: Get Inspired and Get Organized: @DPLyleMD
Common self-pub mistakes: @miralsattar @bibliocrunch