Sunday, May 26, 2013


 by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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Big news for BEA--6 top indies have a booth. Is the BEA ready? @bellaandre @cjlyonswriter @Porter_Anderson @hughhowey
Garroting as a murder method in crime fiction: @mkinberg
Can we love our second book as much as our first? @HartJohnson @JohannaGarth
What do authors owe publishers?Ann Patchett's remarks in @thebookseller cause furor: @MickRooney7777 @Porter_Anderson

The need for self-pub work to be well-produced--and the associated costs: @miralsattar @Porter_Anderson
Creating great blurbs from negative reviews: @RonCharles @washingtonpost
How to Write a Book in 3 Days: Lessons from Michael Moorcock: via @this_distracted
3 Ways to Add Repetition That Pleases Readers: @KMWeiland
A closer look at Amazon's fan fiction program, Kindle Worlds: @flourish @scalzi @Porter_Anderson
A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:
The Search Engine for Writers:
11 Ways Stay-at-Home Moms (and Other Busy Folks) Can Find Time to Write: @KMWeiland @devtflaherty
The Reality of Writing for Content Mills — 14 Writers' True Stories: @TiceWrites
Why We (and our characters) Fall in Love: @FaeRowen
5 Writing Lessons 1 Writer Learned from Being an Editor: @diymfa @emilywenstrom
A reluctant poet:
The Rule of Three in Writing: @SKRViLL
Getting Comfy with the Discomfort: @SarahrCallender
What 1 writer loves about notebooks: @Jennifer_Castle
Speculative fiction: the superset of all possible literature: @shunn
Washington Post's Outlook avoids these words and phrases:
Why The End Of Professional Magazines May Be In Sight:
Selling Yourself as a Writer: @robertleebrewer @ShaunEHorton
Labels of an introverted writer: @hopeclark @danasitar
The Point of the Paperback: @nicholebernier @the_millions
Inventing New From Old: @mooderino
3 Storytelling Methods to Improve Your Writing or Speaking: @dennisbrooke @bloggingbistro
3 Ways to Reuse Your Research:
"I Love Your Story Anyway!" -- Tales From the Unintended Audience: @museinks
10 tips for handling public pressure and online vitriol without losing it: @ajackwriting
7 Tips for Choosing Your Book Cover Art: @charmaineclancy
Maximizing Your Fallow Season: @JMHochstetler @SouthrnWritrMag
How to Write Great Analogies: @ava_jae
8 Types of People Who Attend Writing Conferences: @writersdigest
Converting Posts to Resource Pages: @JFBookman
When The Writing Challenges Are All Mental: @nataliewhipple
Don't Be a Hater: On Lit Mags and Their Covers: @grubwriters @thereviewreview
Do We Expect Too Much Realism in Our Stories? @Janice_hardy
Robert Frost's 10 favorite books: @csmonitor
11 quick + dirty things about writing: @justinemusk
2 tips to help you build your online presence: @BloggingTipsCom
Writers Writing About Writers Writing About … @amazingstories0
What It Takes to Be a Real Author CEO: @kristenlambtx
The Sting of a Negative Review: @V_Rossibooks
Busting publishing myths: @rachellegardner
Self Esteem and Avant-Garde Cinema: @scriptmag
Literary Agents Are Watching Blogs & Amazon Bestseller Lists: @galleycat
7 Publishing Tips 1 Writer Learned at the Writer's Digest Conference:
Making a Social Media Marketing Calendar: @vgrefer
How To Get Honest Book Reviews: @woodwardkaren
What do readers want from front matter and end matter?
When you don't want a blog--the basic author website: @Trucking_Lady
25 Tactics to Promote Your Blog via Facebook and Twitter: @heidicohen
The Short Story on Structuring Your Short Story: @storyfix
The Real Reason Why Science Fiction Westerns Are Such a Hard Sell: @i09
An analysis of 1 book's opening: @Janice_hardy
Physical attribute thesaurus--head: @angelaackerman
Your Website Images - Be Careful What You Delete: @karencv
Top 20 Greatest Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Show Finales: @sfxmagazine
Five Year Writing Plans:
"Most contemporary literary fiction is terrible" : @salon @jrobertlennon
Tips for effective linking in WordPress blogs: @BloggingTipsCom
Burning the Manuscripts: @henriettepower
Spice Up Your Writing:
Trading favors and our integrity: @KSElliott_Shark
Advice for trad. published writers now interested in self-pub: @jamesscottbell
The Numbers Game: What to do after you've submitted a short story: @amazingstories0
Fantasy Weapons – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: @Chilari
How to move your story: @lindasclare
7 strategies for ebook pricing: @digibookworld
The Five Cornerstones of Dramatic Characterization: @thecreativepenn @DavidCorbett_CA
Utopia and Dystopia – The Many Faces of The Future: @VeronicaSicoe
3 Tips for Hooking Readers: @MissyTippens
The Thin Line between Character Strengths and Flaws: @jamigold
Are We Badgering Readers? @BTMargins @randysusanmeyer
Creating Your Fantasy Bible: @ThereDraftAgain
Leave In Everything: @mooderino
Using Zombies To Eliminate Passive Voice:
How to Stop Self-Sabotaging: @RealE
How to Increase Tension in your Story: @shalvatzis
Break the Rules to Become a Best Seller: @livewritethrive
5 Things Fiction Acquisition Editors Never Say: @novelrocket
It's not enough to write the book.  Self-pubbed authors must think about business: @nataliegayle1
Links to help with the querying process: @ingridsundberg
Editors: Freelance v. In-house: @fictorians
Dear author: your name is your brand. Here's why: @JosieBrownCA
4 Words That are Killing Your Prose: @write_practice
The Care and Feeding of Secondary Characters:
Algorithms—Are They Killing the "Kindle Revolution"? @annerallen
3 Ways to Improve Your Author Website Today: @janefriedman
Handling conflict in a virtual world (esp. in online writing communities): @Jan_Ohara
Elements that can make a story fail:
Know Your Characters:
The Three Levels of Commitment: @jeffgoins
5 Ways Publishers Can Be More Like Start-Ups: @pubperspectives
Short story prompts: @storyadaymay
4 Ways Blogging Will Make You a Better Writer: @diymfa @danblank
Self Publishing Video Tutorials: @galleycat
No Matter the Genre, Many Great Books Start With a One Sentence Idea: @bob_mayer
Why 1 writer chooses to write erotic fan fiction: @ClarionUCSD
The Writing Conference Trifecta:
Write a killer first line: @MartinaABoone @finneyfrock
The art of story Velcro: @Rachel_Aaron
What Downton Abbey Can Teach us About Tension: @Janice_Hardy
Agent lessons from a conference panel:
Comparison is the thief of joy: @tawnafenske
Life with a Writer: @GingerJohnson_
Pitching dos and don'ts: @gordonwarnock
Should Being Creative Feel Good? @brandenbarnett
Agent advice for better manuscripts:
When writers hesitate to send out their work: @evilwriters
What 1 writer does when she gets stuck while writing: @Word_Wrestler
Instant gratification and pacing: @KristenJett
How 1 agent prepares for an author submission:
Writers Write – Seeing the Cliché Through New Eyes: @matty_gibbon
A Peek at the Real Life of That Writer You Envy: @TiceWrites
What would you write if you weren't afraid? @rachellegardner
Full Shot for Full Effect: @livewritethrive
The Agony and the Ecstasy: Self-Publishing: @PattiHill
The Slow Language of Sculpture, the Fast Language of Words: @the_millions
What New Skills Do Publishers Need to Navigate in Publishing? @pubperspectives
The 3 forces that are shaping 21st century book publishing: scale, verticalization, and atomization: @PassiveVoiceBlg
4 ways to improve your writing through an online writing workshop: @bookbaby
How To Write Episodic/Serialized Fiction: and @woodwardkaren
Storytelling--Know the Three Levels of Tradecraft: @cockeyedcaravan
The end game: @JoeMoore_writer
When characters age in a series: @rachelnseigel
Writing partner etiquette: @KenLevine
How to Use Stream of Consciousness: @kmweiland
5 Easy Ways to Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking: @jesslaw
Why We (and Our Characters) Fall in Love: @FaeRowen
Defeat Distraction: Refocusing with Purpose: @LeoBabauta
Script To Screen: "Young Frankenstein": @gointothestory
Beating Creative Block: 10 Ways to Bring Back Creativity: @youthedesigner
How to start a group blog: @diymfa
The Pros of Professional Development: @bluemaven
How to Create an Author Page on Facebook: @juliemusil
5 Rules For Writing A Murder Mystery: Keeping the Murderer Secret Until The End: @woodwardkaren
The History of Serialized Fiction Gets a New Chapter: @AndrewLiptak
Owen Egerton's 30 Writing Tips: @woodwardkaren
Words don't exist in a vacuum: @lkblackburne
Why writers should use food in their stories: @write_practice
How James Patterson Made 94 Million Dollars Last Year: @Gretchen_Archer