Sunday, May 19, 2013


 by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week. The links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 19,000 free articles on writing-related topics. It's the search engine for writers.

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Strategies for Turning Impersonal Info Dumps into Compelling Copy: @jodierennered
Stalking the Muse: @ashkrafton
To Save Indies, Publishers Need to ReConsider DRM: @dearauthor

Creating a reader-friendly website: @ellenmgregg_nh
Why Literary Agents Attend Writers Conferences: @KarenDionne
One Writers Conference Can Be All the Catalyst You Need: @hopeclark @bookbaby
How to Promote an Audiobook: @dinasantorelli
Tips and an exercise for writing better dialogue: @hookedonnoir @kristenlambtx
Writing Tip: Clustering:
Understanding screenwriting (analysis of various movies and TV shows): @slant_magazine
Using Language To Evoke Emotion: @woodwardkaren
Perils of the Writer: Clarity and "Literary" Writing:
Great Scene: "Fight Club": @gointothestory
Book Marketing Using Paid Promotion: Targeted Email Lists: @thecreativepenn
Dealing with Bad Reviews: @jakonrath
Creating Perks for a Crowdfunded Writing Project: @jasonboog
Why Do We Keep Making Ebooks Like Paper Books? @gizmodo
The Joys of 1-Star Reviews:
10 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From Forrest Gump:
When is it OK to Blog Your Book? @annerallen
10 Literary Beers to Drink While Reading: @flavorpill
I Don't Need a Hero: The Kick-Ass Heroines of Gaming: @c_morgs65
A Look at a Middle Grade Query Letter: @janice_hardy
How to Write a Screenplay in Nine (Not So) Easy Steps: @scriptmag
Why Suddenly Is a Four-Letter Word: @KMWeiland
100 Things for Authors To Tweet About: @authormedia
How to Write a Memorable Beginning and Ending: @write_practice
A look at 3rd person POV: @fictorians
Fiction Writing Exercises: Symbols and Symbolism: @melissadonovan
Comfort food for the long wait:
Don't Write A Drama Spec:
Tips for better blog posts: @EdieMelson
Songwriting Tip: Writing The Bridge: @usasongs
What are agents looking for in a writer? @carlywatters
Synopsis Writing 101: @MyraJohnson
Thoughts on how subplots fit into the main story: @DeeWhiteauthor
Artists and writers: drop the confusion and define your own labels: @originalimpulse
With More Authors Self-Publishing Each Year, How Will Your Book Get Noticed? @thecreativepenn
The Most Common Dialogue Errors In Screenplays:
How to Set Tone and Mood in Your Scenes: @janice_hardy
How To Guarantee Yourself a Rejection: @behlerpublish
Demystifying Contracts: Novels – Discounted Royalties: @amazingstories0
When Should Writers Get Critiques? @jodyhedlund
Handling Story Problems: @mooderino
Colon review: @missedperiods
The sexual jeopardy device in sf/f: @ThGalaxyExpress
"Indie First?" What Is Best In Publishing? @chuckwendig
Beyond the same-old fantasy culture: Nine authors worth reading: @juliettewade
When Should You Send Your Short Story Out For Critique? @woodwardkaren
Hugh Howey on Why Writers Need an Author Platform: @hughhowey @danblank
How To Create And Maintain The Habit Of Writing: @woodwardkaren
Use Relationship Marketing to Sell Books: @bookmarketer
The Art of Modeling--How Other People's Books Can Make Yours Better:
7 lessons from 7+ years blogging: @amytschubert
Choosing your genre: @JanetKGrant
How to Set Tone and Mood in Your Scenes: @Janice_Hardy
This Is The BEST Time To Be A Writer, If You Work For It: @danblank
How to Write Multiple POVs: @ava_jae
How a marketing scientist wishes that Amazon reviews worked: @SEOmoz @dr_pete
1 trad. published author tells about her positive self-pub experience: @ElisNaughton
Writing with Repercussions: @susanjmorris
Publishing With A Small Press: Yes, No, Maybe? @mollygreene
2Tips to Take Your Dialogue to a New Level: @hookedonnoir @kristenlambtx
Live First, Write Later: The Case for Less Creative-Writing Schooling: @Jon_Reiner
How to Stick with It When You're Learning Something New On Your Own: @lifehackorg
Digital publishing and the loss of intimacy: @fjdekermadec
How to get better feedback: @berkun
5 Cases of "Which"/"That" Confusion: @writing_tips
The Author Solutions lawsuit--a time for restraint: @Porter_Anderson @sarahw @MickRooney7777 @DavidGaughran
7 things 1 new author has learned so far: @writersdigest
Tetris Effect + Genetics: Why We Write: @poetrynews
A Complicated Genre– Telling Your Own Story: @wendylawton
The rejected writer: @karencv
Saggy book middles: @tarynalbright
Be precise but avoid unnecessary details:
How to trim the fat from your story: @nickthacker
Tips for finding fresh ideas:
Why Suddenly Is a Four-Letter Word: @kmweiland
Marking Time with the Viewpoint Character: @noveleditor
Why Does Horror Have Such a Bad Reputation? @thisisdannyg
Triggers And Taboos In Fiction: @VeronicaSicoe
Writing an epic--getting stuck: @matty_gibbon
5 Tips for Submitting to Writing Contests: @EDFsChronicles
Freelance Writers--Building a Writer's Portfolio:
Social Media Rule #1 for Writers – Be Social: @DevourerofBooks
The Art of Asking People to Buy our Books: @Rachel_Aaron
What the heck does a book cost? @Scholarlykitchn
Remember the Quiet Moments: @Lydia_sharp
Social Media for Authors: Where Do You Start? @mybookshepherd
How to embed tweets and follow conversations: @stevebuttry
Emotions Belong To Readers: @mooderino
10 Tips To Finish What You Start: @lifehackorg
Creative Researching:
Views on viewpoint:
A List of Things Scott Turow Doesn't Care About: @davidgaughran
How To Get Out of the Slush Pile: @Martinaaboone
What's to love about Goodreads? @Indie_Jane
Reading as an Agent: @martinaaboone
Communication Breakdown for your novel's dialogue: @DavidCorbett_CA
6 ways to market children's books: @LauraPepWu
Goals for You and for Your Characters: @plotwhisperer
When you suspect you've been taken for a ride by your publisher: @JapanLite
How to use the QueryTracker site: @janelebak
Diversity in Writing: @martinaaboone
Does your book need an index? @SueCollier
Creating amid chaos: @JennaAvery
5 Ways to Stay Physically Healthy While You Write: @chrisrobley
How to unlock personal truth through intuitive writing: @justinemusk
Dan Brown has got readers. Has he got talent? @Porter_Anderson @MichaelPDeacon @JakeKerridge @mollydriscoll
How To Punctuate Dialogue In Your Prose: @writerscramp1
What's Your Character's Deal Breaker?: A Key to Compelling Characters: @dannymanus
How Indie Authors can use NetGalley: @BiblioCrunch
Impact character(s): @glencstrathy
Tips for creating a viral book trailer: @tferriss
Characters for hire: @ClayStafford
What Works in Real Life Works Just as Well in Writing: @EdieMelson
Roundtable on Unreliable Narrators:
A reader explains why readers don't owe authors anything: @mittenstrings
Joe Konrath responds to questions: @JAKonrath
How to beat a creative block: @FortheCreators
Advice for writers waffling over whether to start a project: @EdanL
Finding beta readers: @goblinwriter
4 Ways Google+ Communities Help Authors Build Their Platforms: @genelempp
The Slow Death of The Old Paradigm Author: @kristenlambtx
5 Steps to Take Before You Publish Your Blog Post: @wherewriterswin
Time Management for Writers: @nancyjcohen
Just Get On With The Story? @mooderino
Scheduling options for freelancers:
Tips for taking your spec script to market: @gointothestory
Dos and Don'ts of Working with an Editor: @fictorians
Writers selling to writers: @Porter_Anderson @PBSMediaShift @MissAdventuring  @ChuckWendig
Marking Time with the Viewpoint Character: @noveleditor
Writing advice from 14 spec fiction authors: @22words
Spring Clean Your Writing: @howtowriteshop
At 9 p.m. EST, joining #indiechat to discuss going from trad. pub to self-pub.  @bibliocrunch
Falls (pushing) as a murder method in crime fiction: @mkinberg
The wages of platforming: @Porter_Anderson @DonMaass @RLLaFevers
How to create a marketing plan for a self-pubbed book: @NickThacker
Tips for putting your villain in a crisis situation: @WhiskySageMusic
Use of cars as a murder weapon in crime fiction: @mkinberg