Sunday, May 12, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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20 Great Writers on the Art of Revision: @flavorpill
Discovery of a Character – Finding, Building, Creating: @scriptmag
9 Ingredients of Character Development: @TomPawlik
Character Archetypes 101: The Innocent:  @jeanniecampbell
10 Ways Proven to Draw Readers to Your Novel's Website: @authormedia
The Charles Dickens school of character naming: @indie_jane
90 writing tools in a single post: @galleycat
Repairing a 'broken' manuscript: @carlywatters
Need a favor? Here are 6 ways to boost your odds of hearing yes: @tawnafenske
Follow your heart and do what you love: @writeloud
Query tip: do your research: @ava_jae
Indie Author Branding: How to Figure Out How to Brand Yourself: @passivevoiceblg
Write the Ending First: @LAMysteryWriter
The importance of asking 'why': @phillywriters
4 helpful tools for writers: @MADaboutWords
Art & Failure: Why the Two Go Together: @jeffgoins @MattTCoNP
The Foolish Writer and the Wise: @JaelMchenry
10 Overused Fantasy Cliches: @shaunduke
Writers and their creative spaces: @fcmalby
Are a Media kit and a press kit the same thing? @melissabreau
New Literary Forms for Self-Publishers: @indieauthoralli
Industrialization in Epic Fantasy: @BrianTMcClellan @MadHatterReview
10 Writerly Riddles: @elspethwrites
Keep Your BIC Out of My Erogenous Zones: @bourbonista
The Psychology of Language: Why Are Some Words More Persuasive Than Others? @lifehackorg
How to Choose the Right Conference: @diymfa
4 Ways to Build Healthy Relationships with Your Readers: @mattmikalatos
What You Won't Learn from Writers' Letters: @BenjaminHedin
Info with Attitude: @jodierennered
All about urban fantasy: @EmApocalyptic
Last rites for the campus novel: @guardianbooks
The One and Only Way To Success? @indieauthoralli
50 pieces of writing advice from authors: @shortlist
Capitalization Rules for Names of Historical Periods and Movements: @writing_tips
The Surprising Thing About Book Influencers: @LucilleZ
Defying Decomposition: The Enduring Zombie: @rajanyk
A Writer's Guide to Types of Publishing Companies: @melissadonova
Self-Publishing Overview in 30 Minutes and 50 Seconds: @jfbookman
Why Hire an Editor? @cathryanhoward
9 Fantasy Characters Who Ultimately Regret Their Final Decisions: @MildlyAmused @buzzfeed
Do You Suffer From Shiny Object Syndrome? @joelrunyon
5 ways to practice the art of double-duty writing: @SusanSquires
Using Close-Up Shots to Give Sensory Detail: @livewritethrive
Dear Younger Writing Self:
Making scenes go deeper--a checklist: @WriterLor
What authors think about KDP select: @ashkrafton
Tips for finding a niche as an author: @tferriss
6 Types Of Poems To Banish Writers Block: @kimber_regator
First Sentences of Great Books: @chrisrobley
4 ways to enchant others: @woodwardkaren
1 writer is a self-pub failure: @salon
Should we let a website re-run our posts for free? @MichelleRafter
21 Ways to Develop Fresh Content Ideas for Your Blog: @lifehackorg
Memorize Poetry with a Free App: @mediabistro
Differentiating Through Dialogue: @mooderino
Crafting Teen Characters with Respect and Authenticity: @ingridsundberg
Dos and Don'ts for poets: @poetrynews
5 Ways First Pages Go Wrong: @fictionnotes
Why 1 writer avoids 1st person POV: @vgrefer
What's your vision for your story? @storyfix
Is craft killing your creativity? @jammer0501
5 Common Problems in Your Young Adult Manuscript: @howtowriteshop
Top 10 Storytelling Cliches: @robwhart
Words to cut in our manuscripts: @ScottTheWriter
Engaging A Reader's Interest: Offering Something Strange: @woodwardkaren
Redundancies to avoid: @livewritethrive
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Slicebooks Aims to Take Re-mixable Ebooks Mainstream: @pubperspectives
Unsolicited Writing Advice to Never Follow: @EdieMelson
Master Class: @KHill0 @parisreview
Give readers what they want? @rachellegardner
How to write for the jugular: @ScottTheWriter @write_hook
How to Read Poetry 101: Whys and Wherefores: @tithenai @tordotcom
Writing Horror: Inevitable Misconceptions: @amylukavics
Writers who Murder Main Characters:
Dreams, Reality and Writing: @jamesscottbell
The Risky Middle Realm of Character: @storyfix
Physical Attributes Entry: Cheeks: @beccapuglisi
Libraries matter: 5  library infographics: @ebookfriendly
8 Dialogue Tips:
Top 5 Mistakes Writers Make on Facebook and How to Avoid Them: @MarcyKennedy
50 Ways to Build Your Platform in 5 Minutes a Day: @writersdigest
Book Launch Tips for Authors: @jeanoram
If kittens rule the Internet, why do puppies reign in print? @slate @danengber
3 steps to act on what you read in books and blogs: @tomewer
Using Sensory Language: @woodwardkaren
When you're faced with unexpected revision: @robertleebrewer @NicholeLReber
Great Character: Renton ("Trainspotting"): @gointothestory
The Best and the Worst of the Writing Life: @andyholloman @ScottTheWriter
We don't have to get it all done: @InkyBites
Songwriting Tip: The Money Angle: @usasong
Tips for writers who need to make introductions at conferences:
Five Things 1 Writer Wishes She'd Known Before Publishing a Book: @sarahpekkanen
7 Things Editors at Children's Book Publishers Wish Writers Knew: @write4kids
Why you'll never be ready (and what to do about it): @FortheCreators
Cultivating The Observer: @BarbaraONeal
Sex and the Literary Writer: @the_millions
Don't think of Pinterest as social media: @rachellegardner
Courting Your Long-Lost Writing: @pshares
Why you'll never be ready (and what to do about it): @FortheCreators
Plot problems--weak black moments and unsatisfying endings: @karalennox
Everything you ever needed to know about screenwriting: @independent
Fight Scenes and Motivations: @Owlkenpowriter @patbertram
5 Tips for Self-published Authors to Maximize Rights and Licensing Deals: @pubperspectives
How To Start Your Best Writing Day Ever: @ollinmorales
The Writer and Money: @passivevoiceblg
On the Exigencies of Translation:
10 tips for better stories: @joebunting
How to Write Backstory: @shalvatzis
The Doubts and Resolve of a Midlister: @davidbcoe
5 Ideas for Using Pinterest as an Author: @amandaluedeke)
Reading Like A Writer: @tabithaolson
Character Archetypes--The Orphan: @jeanniecampbell
What 'front matter' consists of: @SueCollier
Publishing poetry online: @poetrynews
Why Ideas Pop Into Your Head When You're Trying to Fall Asleep: @lifehackorg
Romantic timing: @heroesnhearts
Create your characters from different molds: @dirtywhitecandy
Tips for better book launches: @angelaackerman
7 Reasons Your Manuscript Might be Rejected: @fictionnotes
10 Benefits of Traveling to a Writing Retreat:
Dealing With Editorial Letters: @emmapass
Should Being Creative Feel Good? @brandenbarnett
12 Tips for Writing a Book Title that Sells Books: @authopublisher
1 writer is sick of promo: @katdish
Falling in Love with Words: A Tragic Romance: @boydmorrison
When platforming overwhelms you--floundering: @StevieLibra @robertleebrewer
Is Amazon's KDP Select Worthwhile for Writers? @cjlyonswriter
Getting Started with Poetry: Make Words Your Playground: @CMKellerWrites
How Novelists Can Steal Marketing Ideas from Their Non-Fiction Friends:|+Duolit%29 @duolit
Character Types – Neanderthal to Alien: @scriptmag
Ten ways self-publishing has changed the books world: @guardianbooks
Why You Should Steer Clear Of Dual Protagonists:

Journalism in crime fiction: @mkinberg
Execution-style murders in crime fiction: @mkinberg

(Just for fun)--Having trouble writing your bio? A generator offers help: @artybollocks

Analysis of the sudden shut down of @timoreilly 's TOC: @Porter_Anderson @brianoleary @samatlounge @EdNawotka 

What Authors Need to Know About Crowdfunding: @pubslush

Deep Third, Demonstrated: @TamaraHogan1 

Inspiring speeches from last weekend’s Grub Street con.: @AmandaPalmer @Porter_Anderson @GrubWriters

Judging Book Covers by Their Sexism: @Porter_Anderson @maureenjohnson @esheepcomix @mfumarolo 

Sometimes the little extras in a mystery are the most memorable elements of the story: @mkinberg