Sunday, May 5, 2013


 by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:
The Search Engine for Writers:
Types of story planning for writers: @mythicscribes
10 Proofreading Tips For Self-Publishers: @completelynovel
10 Tips for the Debut Author: @KelseyBrowning
5 Industry Trends Requiring Every Writer's Attention: @janefriedman
Konrath on KDP Select: @JAKonrath
Easy Steps to First-pass Revision: @lindasclare
Tips for teaching writing: @nadinekenney
Query Advice: Always be ready to move on: @meaganspooner
7 Writing-Based Ways to Fund Your Fiction: @robdyoungwrites
Scene Selection: @juliemusil
Time Management for Writers: @write4kids
Change How You Create To Please The Market? @atrueblood5
Why ebooks are a different genre from print: @guardianbooks
Why your play was rejected: @melissaimpact
Liberating the Essay: @the_millions
For the Reluctant Writer: 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Action:
Killing Off a Character: @LJSellers
When was science fiction's genesis? @amazingstories0
Creating Emotional Frustration in Your Characters: @writersdigest
What Makes a Reader Like a Character? @hopeclark
7 Things Editors at Children's Book Publishers Wish Writers Knew: @write4kids
Tips for A Successful Book Launch: @Casey_McCormick
Creative book signings: @authopublisher
Kindle Numbers: Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing – Joe Konrath: @JAKonrath
Plot Holes and Why Should You Avoid Them: @write_practice
Creating Emotion Within Dialogue: @ingridsundberg
Creating Flawed (But Likeable) Characters: @ALSowards @rlbelliston
Why you'll never be ready (and what to do about it): @FortheCreators
Poetry's tense relationship with e-readers: @MrDanZak
Famous Authors as Teenagers: @flavorwire
Science weighs in on the Shakespeare authorship question: @iliablinderman
8 Ways To Channel The Power Of Your Unconscious Into Your Writing: @woodwardkaren
Why 1 reader loves going to book readings: @BooksAreMyBFs
Write first: @LiaKeyes
Getting to know the agents you're querying: @cavalcar
Keeping the creative momentum going: @boydmorrison
Cheat Sheet for Social Media Cover Photo Dimensions: @hubspot
The Many Meanings of The Book Club: @Nathan_S_Scott
Can you spot a Charles Dickens sentence? @guardianbooks
Never pity the adverb: @amercad9 @rlbelliston
4 tips for completing your manuscript: @shewritesdotcom
1 writer is sick of promo: @katdish
The real journey of a writer: @justinemusk
Noir as Everyday Life: @NMamatas
Do not misunderstand Kickstarter: @chuckwendig
Quirky Works in Indie Publishing: @erikwecks
Author Visits that Impress and Inspire: @wenger13
Kickstarter: Is it right for you?
The 2 types of TV stories: @scriptmag
Tips on Finding Your Writing Motivation:  @KarenCV
The Creative Writing Gene: @fcmalby @MWheelaghan
Do You Have A Premise or a Plot? @Janice_hardy
5 Examples of Dangling Modifiers: @writing_tips
25 Ways To Be A Happy Writer (Or, At Least, Happier): @chuckwendig {lang}
Beating a Dead Horse (for writers): @JulieLCasey
Writing the High ROI Screenplay: @ozzywood
How to Add Amazon's Send to Kindle Button to Your Website: @wherewriterswin
How Boxing Can Make Us Better Writers–Endurance: @kristenlambtx
Pimp Your Premise: @kid_lit
Your Secret Weapon Against Story Coincidences: @KMWeiland
12 Ideas for Email Updates that You'll Actually Enjoy Writing: @duolit
An Interview with a Hybrid Author: @DigiBookWorld
How Many Spaces After a Period? Ending the Debate: @daveBricker
Does this novel seem crowded to you? @NovelMatters
Cultivating The Observer: @BarbaraONeal
10 Twitter Tips for Authors: @meghancward
Self-publishing--the nuts and bolts:
A closer look at Scrivener: @SA_Larsen
4 Things 1 Writer Learned About Writing from Playing World of Warcraft: @TiceWrites
Tension in every scene: @JordanMcCollum
Is the Agent Pitch Session an Effective Tool or Could it use a Tweak? @SaraMegibow
Tips for rewrites: @diymfa
7 things one debut author has learned: @Jeanne_Ryan
he Origins of 5 Common Literary Allusions: @writerscramp1
Sex and the Literary Writer: @the_millions
The wrong time to query an editor (comic): @inkyelbows
Submission Fees: What are They Good For? @thereviewreview
Why 1 Writer Chose An Assisted Self-Publishing Service: @indieauthoralli
Grimdark as a fantasy subgenre: @amazingstories0
Professionalization in Creative Writing: @daycathy
5 Headaches of Modern Publishing: @joshsternberg
A poet says goodbye to poetry: @scholars_rogues
Proofreading, and How to Hire an Editor:
Don't think of Pinterest as social media: @rachellegardner
The Logic Behind Self Publishing: @kristinerusch
How to Write (Honestly) About Our Kids: @shewritesdotcom
How to be your own book doctor: @woodwardkaren @Janice_Hardy
Courting Your Long-Lost Writing: @pshares
Answers to questions on ISBN, EIN, releasiing an updated version of a book: @cathyanhoward
How To Be Creative When Your Brain Doesn't Want To Play:
10 Reasons Why We Struggle With Creativity: @Neuronarrative @forbes
How To Write A Great Opening For Your Story: @woodwardkaren
Physical Attributes Entry: Faces: @beccapuglisi
5 Lessons 1 Writer Has Learned About Writing From Her Special Needs Children: @insidea_mm
3 Act Structure: A Pair of Spanx for Your Novel: @scarabs
The Balancing Act of the Writer: @CarrieCuinn
Why we write…or don't: @scholars_rogues
Christianity vs. Science Fiction: @amazingstories0
Fantasy protagonists with pets: @sfsignal
When You Want to Quit Writing: @write_practice
Helping Characters Gain Confidence: @jeanniecampbell
Writer's block? Some techniques 1 writer has used to break through: @BTMargins @JustBethanne
How to Manage Your Story's Characters: @SHalvatzis
How Kickstarter is replacing the traditional publisher: @author_sullivan @adribbleofink
4 Obstacles to Self-Publishing Success: @jfbookman
Entering Writing Competitions?  Six Tips: @buddhapuss
Visual beat screenwriting--write from one info beat to another: @scriptmag @clivefrayne
Maintaining Passion for a Story: @stdennard
12 tips to help you gather "just enough" details for your story: @sdwriter
Tips for overcoming writer's block: @RuthHarrisBooks
7 Starting Tips for Adapting Your Own Novel: @ChuckSambuchino
Scene Selection: @juliemusil
Why you'll never be ready (and what to do about it): @FortheCreators
Killing Your Darlings is Not Enough: @diymfa
10 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From "Trainspotting":
6 Questions To Ask Before You Self-Publish: @indieauthoralli
Benefits of Digital Journaling: @J4Creativity
Justification Bias and the Responsibility of the Writer: @RobDYoungWrites
Let Your Characters Live and Breathe: @jamesscottbell
One Simple Trick That Makes Editing Less Painful: @jodyhedlund
Why Fairy Tales? @jules_writes
Sweet Jane…and the problems of writing: @scholars_rogues
Book Design Elements And Interior Formatting: @thecreativepenn
Drawing Inspiration From Other Genres: @theredraftagain
ANTI-Realism in SF/F:
How To Use Twitter Lists: @Rhonda_Hopkins
Zombies: Fine and Decomposing Art: @gerrimahn
Improv rules to help your writing: @scriptmag @StephanyFolsom
7 Things Editors at Children's Book Publishers Wish Writers Knew: @write4kids
Why go to writing cons? @grubwriters @jenna_blum
Drowning as a murder method in crime fiction: @mkinberg
Info Dumps, Lectures, and Other Author Intrusions: @JodieRennerEd
Publishers should pick their battles with Amazon. Top battle to pick--reader data: @doctorow @Porter_Anderson
Enjoying strong ebook sales? Don't get too comfortable: @Porter_Anderson @NathanBransford
Using Pinterest as Inspiration: @kendel_lynn
Authors Sue Self-Publishing Service Author Solutions: @AndrewRichard @PublishersWkly
Do readers have a stake in a writer's series?  Should they? To what extent? @mkinberg
Tor a year after ditching DRM: ‘No Dis­cernible Increase in Piracy’: @Porter_Anderson @julieacrisp @tobiasbuckell
Hachette Makes Full E-book Catalog Available to Libraries @PublishersWkly
When Is It Time to Quit Social Media? @JanetBoyer
Podcast covering how authors can best use Pinterest for promo: @JeffRutherford
'Find what you love and let it kill you': @JRhodesPianist via @designerdaze
Writers and the Magpie Syndrome: @JanetBoy
Libraries, publishers, and ebooks--an overview: @Porter_Anderson @MikeShatzkin @BarbaraAGenco @hitalie
Writing a Historical Thriller: A Journey: @LeFrenchBook