Sunday, April 28, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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When Something Changes Mid-Draft: @stdennard

The only benefit of trad. pub. is print distribution? Agents disagree: @Porter_Anderson @EkstromRachel @Janet_Reid

Self-pubbed authors take spotlight at the #LBF ...& a reminder for them to stay grounded: @Porter_Anderson @OrnaRoss 

Shakespeare's influence on crime fiction: @mkinberg

Is there a turning point in the us-vs-them acrimony of trad pub and self-pub? @Porter_Anderson @barryeisler

A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:

Easy Steps to First-pass Revision: @lindasclare
Screenwriting--how to create a TV show (blog series): @cockeyedcaravan
The 6 most common logline weaknesses: @CrackingYarns
3 Tips To Help You Contact Book Reviewers: @badredheadmedia
Social media malpractice (knowing what platform-building advice to ignore): @annehill
When it's Okay to Say No to Conventions: @reudaly
Fighting writing resistance: @JennaAvery
Writing routines--word counting and other habits: @nealasher
10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Characters Before They Can Stay In Your Story: @amazingstories0
Tips for teaching writing: @nadinekenney
The importance of a logline: @TheWrookie
Offset Printing for Self-Publishers: @jfbookman
6 questions for an editor of Sleet Magazine:
Ways To Tap Into Your Creative Juice Reserves: @theheraldryang
"Save the Cat" Beat Sheet Cheat Spreadsheet:
5 Tips For Finding Your Pirated Novel Online: @jeanoram
The fantasy language problem: @DjangoWexler
An author and book blogger with tips for authors on handling reviews: @SweetMarie83
Beware of instant conflict: @cockeyedcaravan
A checklist to help you write your story: @storyfix
How to use 'telling' to get the most out of a scene: @mooderino
How to improve your working habits: @AwfullyBigBlog @nicolamorgan
Tips for getting to know your characters: @noveleditor
The secret to subplots: @crackingyarns
25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer: @99u
Logline library with examples of winning loglines: @TheScriptLab
3 things 1 agent found surprising about publishing: @RachelLKent
Flash Fiction: Writing with Restraint(s): @EDFsChronicles @salesses
Tips for making a living as a writer: @rachellegardner
Why 1 writer doesn't self-pub: @cstross
Only 15.5% of Readers in Survey Do Not Intend To Read eBooks: @galleycat
How to Increase Creativity with Ambient Noise: @lifehackorg
Use a Mood Board to Boost Your Writing: @diymfa
Need a Creativity Jolt? Drop by a Modern Art Show: @creativitypost
Publishing excerpts from your book to build a platform?
How Humor Can Make You a Better Writer: @kmweiland
5 Red Flags Your Story Needs Revision: @kristenlambtx
Why 1 writer disagrees with part of the Hero's Journey: @crackingyarns
Is Fifty Shades of Grey Literally Making Romance Sexier? @AaronStanton
How to write a logline: @crackingyarns
Story Problems? Maybe You Need a Good Piece of Device: @AlisonAtlee
You Are Here: The Road Map of Writing: @christicraig
Why You Need to Be Excited About Every Single Thing You Write: @kmweiland
Writing From an Authentic Teen Viewpoint: @Lydia_sharp
Students' Recollections of Authors as Professors: @theatlantic @flavorwire
Writers, Are You Wasting Your Time Submitting to Agents? @goblinwriter
When to query an agent after meeting one at a conference: @mayaprasadwrite
Tips for overcoming writer's block: @RuthHarrisBooks
Top 10 worst celebrity books: @telegraph
Using project binders to organize our writing: @StephanieLMcGee
Five ways to keep up your motivation: @janelebak
8 Sneering Synonyms for "Obvious": @writing_tips
Do you need a web presence before querying agents? @mayaprasadwrite
Folders: The Computer's Version of Project Binders: @StephanieLMcGee
The Art of Pacing in a Novel: @elissacruz
Entertainment vs. Truth: @donmaass
You Signed With An Agent! ...What Now? @nataliewhipple
9 Essential Things Most Author Websites Need And Don't Have: @jeanoram
Physical Attribute Thesaurus Entry: Fingers: @ BeccaPuglisi
Tips for Writers on Working Smoothly with a Graphic Artist:
Ebooks: newspapers should capitalize on their could mean their salvation: @guardianbooks
Hooking a Reader While Establishing the Story World: @Janice_hardy
How many different types of queries should you write? @mayaprasadwrite
How to avoid info dumps: @americanediting
Why novelists should read obituaries: @nailyournovel
4 things to understand about character emotion:
How to Support Authors You Love Without Spending A Penny: @sarah_nicolas
5 writing tips from an award-winning biographer: @PublishersWkly
The rise of the Amish romance novel: @salon
Do You Need an Agent? @bob_brooke
No matter what happens with publishing, books will remain: @TechCrunch @rezendi
How an enhanced ebook is being created [infographic]: @ebookfriendly
Tools For Writers: Using Dragon Dictate: @catrambo
3 SEO Myths That Scare Writers (And How to Use Them to Your Advantage): @robertleebrewer @alexisgrant
What makes a book YA versus Adult? @rhapsodybooks
Writer's Block aka The Dead End: @fantasyfaction @DEMEmrys
Author Blogging 101: Creating Income by Recommending Resources: @jfbookman
5 things 1 self-pubbed author learned in the last year: @JadeKerrion
A POV Guide – With Graphics And Examples: @VeronicaSicoe
Setting Up Your Story – Your 3 Point Terrain:
How to submit short fiction: @amazingstories0
7 Starting Tips for Adapting Your Own Novel: @ChuckSambuchino
How to Improve your Outline: @SHalvatzis
The Indie guide to Audiobooks on ACX: @chaseadventures
3 writing commandments, in order of importance: @JennyHansenCA
When agents should follow up on submissions: @janet_reid
5 Underrated Artistic Qualities: @annieneugebauer
Make Your eBooks Rock by Breaking All the Rules of Creating a Book: @danasitar
Character Archetypes 101: @jeanniecampbell
As long as you have a word, there's never a blank page:
The New Yorker Rejects Itself: A Quasi-Scientific Analysis of Slush Piles: @thereviewreview
Picture Books Are Not Just for Children: 10 Reasons Why: @writersdigest
8 Common Creative Writing Mistakes: @melissadonovan
Writing Action Scenes: @AJHumpage
5 Red Flags Your Story Needs Revision: @kristenlambtx
Goals for You and for Your Characters: @plotwhisperer
Why the Reader Is Your Co-Writer: @kmweiland
How to Write a Short Story: @jamesscottbell
How to Organize Time for a Dramatic Story: @BrianKlems
Is it Really Time for Authors to Stop Blogging? @annerallen
Conflict – The Foundation of Storytelling: @scriptmag
Ten Deadly Sins of Pitching: @lizlip
Using Nuances and Subtext to Bring Characters and World To Life: @BryanThomasS
Repairing a 'broken' manuscript: @carlywatters
Gordon Ramsay's Novel-Writing Instruction: @hookedonnoir
Children's Nonfiction Publishing Comes of Age: @pubperspectives
One Simple Trick That Makes Editing Less Painful: @jodyhedlund
The Trouble with In Medias Res: @kristenlambtx
5 things necessary for a writer's survival: @DoSomeDamage @jcharbonneau
Bookshop browsing vital for publishing, research finds: @thebookseller
Are the French Preparing an E-Book Revolution? Mais Oui! @mediatwit
Plot – What Happens Next? @scriptmag
What Do Readers Really Want From Literary Adaptations? @JoshACorman
Why Zombies? A Defense of the Z Word: @amazonbooks
5 self-pubbing mistakes 1 writer made last year: @mollygreene
3 Tips for Developing Enthralling Characters: @jodyhedlund
Writing A Setting For a Locale You've Never Visited:
The five biggest bullies of writers: @wendypmiller
Dos and don'ts for screenwriters: @scriptmag
All about writing serials: @susankayequinn
12 Ways To Ensure You're Legally Using Online Photos: @12most
Deep Worldbuilding and POV Preparation: @juliettewade
3 things you need for a successful book: @rachellegardner
Tips for Writing and Working Full-Time:
After the Editorial Letter: a peek at pass pages and beyond: @erin_bowman
DeviantArt's New Service Turns Users Into Massive Outsourced Creative Team: @Wired_Design @passivevoiceblg
A New Question to Ask Your Characters: @jeanniecampbell
Write About What Scares You: @write_practice
10 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From Ghostbusters:
How Boxing Can Make Us Better Writers: @kristenlambtx
5 things 1 writer learned from her editor: @DonnaGalanti
6 Things Readers Want from Your Author Website: @authormedia
How much should we worry about word count? @noveleditor
Writing Contests – When to Enter, When to Run: @hopeclark
Why plot milestones might not be equally spaced – and why that's good: @dirtywhitecandy
What is a story? @scriptmag