Sunday, April 21, 2013


 by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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Keeping the murderer's identity a secret until the end of the book: @PriceMcNaughton

The one subplot you really need: @crackingyarns

The London Book Fair is disseminated for writers by @Porter_Anderson for @thebookseller: and

A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:

Pros and Cons of Being a Plotter:

Finding Your Writing Rhythm: @erikwecks

How To Write Every Day: Turn on a Dime: @cockeyedcaravan

A Dreadful Fear of Clichés: @thisishorror

Different approaches to plotting: @fcmalby

Is writing faster, better? @roniloren

Everything Will Take Longer Than You Think It Will: @blurbisaverb

What Are the Best Day Jobs for Writers? @galleycat

7 tips for tapping into childlike creativity: @JWhite

7 Amazon Tools To Help Market Your Book Like A Professional:

Cover Images: @authopublisher

Screenwriting Traits: Consistency: @gointothestory

Heighten Your Novel's Emotional Connection: @lindasclare

The creative edit: @BenArtsEngine @emilywenstrom

Formatting for CreateSpace: @indiadrummond

Recording our ideas:

Do Authors Need a Website and Blog? @jamigold

The Western Hero in Speculative Fiction: @kgelfland2ndcuz

The Two Pillars of Novel Structure: @brianklems

Why Facebook is @HughHowey 's favorite promo tool: @galleycat

Project Management: How to Start:

Setting, Landscape, Atmosphere--How Are They Different?

Is Baby Boomer Lit the Next Hot Genre? @pubperspectives @claudenougat

The truth about tropes: @fantasyfaction

A closer look at the @paidcontent and #lbf13 cons : @Porter_Anderson @katiefehren @AndrewRichard @tferriss

Getting It Up, Keeping It Up: The Conundrum for Indie Authors: @bob_mayer

Does Your Protagonist Have Amnesia? @lisacron

Einstein Was the Luckiest Science Fiction Writer Ever: @tordotcom

Do Not Compare Yourself Unto Others: @Julie_gray

Publisher's Weekly picks "worst book cover ever": @publisherswkly

How To Beat Writer's Block Forever: @jonathangunson

Blunt force trauma in crime fiction: @mkinberg

The Slow Path to Writing Success: @jeffgoins

Screenwriting Traits: Flexibility: @gointothestory

The Agony and Ecstasy of Book Reviews: @MariaZannini

A Map to Get Out of Writer's Block: @NYBookEditors

Putting Together A Launch Plan: @inkybites

Slow Down Your Hectic Writing Life With a 'Pause' Button:

Rounding out main characters: @glencstrathy

On Keeping a Notebook in the Digital Age:

The Art of Writing Misogynists:

How To Write Every Day: Work on Multiple Projects: @cockeyedcaravan

The Little Reasons A Story Works: @mooderino

On Writing Special Effects: A Little Goes a Long Way: @thecreativepenn

7 Secrets To Writing A Story Your Readers Won't Be Able To Put Down: @woodwardkaren

Make Your Character Walk Naked Through Times Square: @NYBookEditors

Can Social Media Tools Make us a Social Tool? @kristenlambtx

The End is the Whole Book:

Making the Science Work: Freedom through Limitation: @fictorians

8 Writers Over 80:

Fast-drafting editing:

Commas and Feelings:

It's Time for (Many) Experienced Writers to Stop Blogging: @llbarkat

Refresher on capitalization: @livewritethrive

Great Character: Matty Walker ("Body Heat"): @gointothestory

5 time-management tips for writers who work at home: @bookbaby

5 common obstacles for finishing and publishing your book:

POV: Choosing Whose Head To Be In: @SharlaWrites

Looking for a critique group? @Janice_hardy

Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers: @JordanMcCollum

10 frequently misused words: @writerscramp1

Hugh Howey's 3 Rules For Writing: @woodwardkaren

Publishing Reversion Clauses: @deanwesleysmith

7 Types of Narrative Conflict: @writing_tips

Screenwriting Traits: Persistence: @gointothestory

DeviantArt's New Service Turns Users Into Massive Outsourced Creative Team: @Wired_Design @passivevoiceblg

Your character's profanity says a lot about them: @VioletteMalan

"Indie First?" What Is Best In Publishing? @chuckwendig {lang}

Too old to write a bestseller? @yeomanis

Repeating events in each Throughline: @glencstrathy

Screenwriting--Writing A Groundbreaking Game: @fastcocreate

Arguing for a Disempowered Protagonist and Sadistic Fate: @scriptmag

5 Ways to Self-Edit Your Writing: @JulieBMack

Hacks for Hacks: Top 5 Affectations Every Writer Should Adopt: @BillFerris

Essential and Non-essential Elements:

Kindle's Book Publishing Requirements: @authropublisher

Top 10 plotting problems: @aliciarasley

Meet the Reader: 10 Points to Ponder When You Write: @scriptmag

On Writing And The Fear Of Judgment: @thecreativepenn

Tips for writing query letters: @noveleditor

The Perils of Pure Pantsing: @jamesscottbell

Why plot milestones might not be equally spaced – and why that's good: @dirtywhitecandy

It's ALL writing: @YAHighway

Taking care of yourself as a writer: @jcharbonneau

Hybrid Authors: The Best of Both Worlds: @amazingstories0

Revising When Your Head and Your Heart Agree: @MartinaABoone

How to get laughs without writing jokes: @kenlevine

Finding Your Middle Grade Voice: @Janice_hardy

Great Scene: "Ferris Bueller's Day Off": @gointothestory

A Different Type of YA Hero: @Suzanne_writer

Top 10 Girl-Power Moments in Science Fiction and Fantasy: @sciencefiction

Reclaiming Airships for Epic Fantasy:

Creating Memorable Characters: @hayleymckenzie1

To Blog Or Not To Blog: @woodwardkaren

Resurrecting the Literary Dead: @amazingstories0

10 Screenwriting Lessons You Can Learn From Fight Club: @Scriptshadow

What authors want and how publishers sometimes don't deliver: @jonnygeller

Chuck Wendig On Story Structure: @woodwardkaren

Dealing with character trauma: @ajackwriting

What is a story? @scriptmag

Want to Use Song Lyrics in Your Novel? 5 Steps to Getting Rights to Lyrics: @annerallen

Types of story planning for writers: @mythicscribes

10 Proofreading Tips For Self-Publishers: @completelynovel

10 Tips for the Debut Author: @KelseyBrowning

The Battle of Science and Magic: Nostalgia and the New: @VickyThinks

How to Get Over Your Public-Speaking Nerves: @menwithpens

6 key factors in dystopian fiction: @zujava

6 tips for writers--from telling a story to promoting it:

Screenwriting Advice From The Past: The Final Close-Up: @gointothestory

How can you turn an audience from observers into participants? @scriptmag

Sci-Fi Romance: 10 Star-Crossed Lovers: @moviefone

A screenwriter's approach to writing:

Characters: Static or Dynamic? : @ava_jae

First Drafts: Spaghetti Problems: @fictionnotes

A New Question to Ask Your Characters: @jeanniecampbell

Juggling Genres...Brilliance or Pure Folly?

The Writer's Author Rank Cheat Sheet: @copyblogger

5 Tips for Tighter, Cleaner Writing: @kristenlambtx

Be Your Own Book Doctor: @Janice_hardy

3 Reasons Action is Important, 3 Reasons It's Not: @victoriamixon

3 tips for better guest posts:

5 Industry Trends Requiring Every Writer's Attention: @janefriedman

When Writing Is A Full Body Workout: @OrlyKonigLopez

Why we should always carry a notebook: @melissadonovan

3 Twitter tips for writers: @junglereds @dorieclark

What's In A Genre? @fictorians @sarahahoyt

Using 'me' and 'myself': @jodycalkins

Tax tips for writers: @rachellegardner

DeviantArt's New Service Turns Users Into Massive Outsourced Creative Team: @Wired_Design @passivevoiceblg

A Map to Get Out of Writer's Block: @NYBookEditors

The Year of the Author? @passivevoiceblg

Why Write Book Reviews? 5 Five Payoffs for Authors: @janvbear

An agent on whether you still need an agent: @SaraMegibow @lisagailgreen

Konrath on KDP Select: @JAKonrath

Worldbuilding: Hard and Soft Imports:

Screenwriting Skill #1: Talent: @gointothestory

What 1 Writer Learned About Critiquing From Her Editors: @lkblackburne

When the Hero is His Own Worst Enemy: @kristenlambTX

Keeping your reader on a need-to-know basis:

How to Connect with Readers Using Wattpad: @goblinwriter

Methods of cataloging your ideas: @creativesomething

5 Unexpected Lessons From Inside the Iowa Writers' Workshop: @jessicastrawser

When the Hero is His Own Worst Enemy: @kristenlambtx

Do You Write from Experience or Imagination? @write_practice

New Publisher Authors Trust: Themselves: @nytimes

Then and than:

What Type of Writer are You?

Finding scene goals: @JordanMcCollum

The (Submission) Grinder Is A Free Database Of Fiction Markets: @woodwardkaren

Pros and Cons of Being a Pantser: @LynnetteLabelle

How Verbs Become Adjectives: @writing_tips

When good writers write bad books: @kristinerusch

How 'Same Old, Same Old' Can Make You a Successful Writer: @menwithpens

Wrap-up of the Digital Minds Con: start-ups, industry metaphors, copyright...& few publisher reps: @Porter_Anderson