Sunday, April 14, 2013


 by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
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The Search Engine for Writers:
An argument that publishers care more deeply about writers, books, and readers than Amazon: @futurebook
Field Report From the E-Book Revolution: The New Equilibrium: @jamesscottbell
The Bad PR Hangover (and How to Avoid It): @SharonBially
Motivation-Reaction Units: Cracking the Code of Good Writing: @kmweiland
The #1 Reason for #QueryFails: @annerallen
Writers are ready for a digital/transmedia future--who will guide them?  @Porter_Anderson @JaneFriedman @AndyHunter777

 Backlist Then and Now: @JAKonrath
Payment in Advance: @bob_brooke
Edit A Novel In Four Months: @woodwardkaren
Writer, Storyteller, Author? @fictionnotes
What Worries Publishers Most? @bmorrissey
How to Begin a Short Story: @amazingstories0 @Sales_Source
Tips for an inexpensive book launch party: @aishahmacgill
Why 1 writer exercises and then writes: @TheAtlantic
Creative Intersections: Pacing and Plotting: @davidbcoe
How to Create a Workshop From Your Ebook: @MenwithPens
The Basics of Scene Description: @SHalvatzis
The Battle of Science and Magic: Particles and Pixie Dust: @fantasyfaction
Creative Writing Exercise: What's Your Superpower? @melissadonovan
Areas to cut back in a manuscript: @lydia_sharp
5 Ways To Add Sparkle To Your Writing:
The Elements of a Good Mystery: @fictorians
Clarity In Writing & The Curse of Reader Assumption: @yeomanis
Maturing a Character Across a Series: @LaurelGarver
How Romance Writers Create the Perfect Leading Man: @MtnMoxieGirl
How 1 Writer Published and Launched an Ebook for Under $150: @danasitar
The Travel Writing Advice You Don't Want to Hear: @alexisgrant
The Funny Thing About Thrillers: @Brad_Parks
What Should You Do About a Bad Review on Amazon? @BookMarketer
When you Really, Really Care:
How to Find Time to Write: @write_practice
Down the rabbit hole of research: @JustBethann
10 Reasons Writers Should Claim Their Google Authorship Markup: @demianfarnworth
Why Do Writers Trash Their Efforts?
Pitch Tip: Remember Your Stakes: @ava_jae
Reasons to Self-Publish: @behlerpublish
Voice as a tool: @jonclinch @btmargins
Tips & Tricks for Writing on the Go: @MarcyKate
Real, Consistent and Authentic: A Discussion of Voice: @btmargins
11 tips to solve bloggers block by solving reader problems: @problogger
iPhone apps for writers: @mediabistro
Hero's journey--pros and cons: @VeronicaSicoe
Promoting Your Book on Twitter: An Intermediate's Guide: @chrisrobley
Deciding to Self-publish After Rejection: @CriticalMargins
Getting the most out of a beta read: @tsbazelli
Why do writers plagiarize? @wordforteens
Use Twitter like Margaret Atwood: Social Media Advice for Writers: @chrisrobley
Tracking the Hybrid Author: @passivevoiceblg @DigiBookWorld
9 Itty Bitty Literary Crafts: @bananasuit
Investing in yourself:
The Fine Art of Bookselling: @fcmalby
How to support writers and help build a writing community: @carlywatters
Screenwriting Traits — Passion: @gointothestory
Breaking in: The Pie Chart: @julie_gray
Common legal mistakes mystery novelists make:
Delivering on your opening's promise: @swlittlefield @martinaaboone
Writerly Uses for Excel: @JennyHansenCA
How to Read a Book Contract – How Long Does It Last? @passivevoiceblg
3 Tips for Researching Your Next Project: @YAHighway
Write a Deeper Character: @lindasclare
Problems with Your Story's Climax: @americanediting
When To State The Obvious In A Story: @mooderino
Fantasy Settings: Finding the Right "Ethos" for your Setting: @LBGale
2 Simple Ways to Give Your Stories Sparkle: @yeomanis
Pitches Are Fantasy, Pages Are Reality: @CockeyedCaravan
Character Introductions: @julie_gray
Explaining the Joke: @Kid_Lit
Writing tough characters who are physically unimposing: @ajackwriting
Writing a memoir: Intersecting memory and story:
Embracing your inner editor: @lilylefevre
The Winchester Mystery Story (that lead somewhere): @JordanMcCollum
3 Answers to Questions About Capitalization: @writing_tips
Writing And The Monomyth: @woodwardkaren
Will Authors Get Compensated for Used E-Book Sales? @mediatwit
The importance of building an email list: @pushingsocial
Reasons to self-pub--control: @behlerpublish
All about anime: @fictorians
Be a copycat: @KeithCronin
Your cover is killing your book: @acwainwright
The Key to Successful Storytelling: @jodyhedlund
When you receive a rough crit: @bluemaven
What Writers Need To Know About Tumblr: @galleycat
John Cleese on Storytelling: @JudyLeeDunn
Further and Farther: @write_practice
Screenwriting Traits—Courage: @gointothestory
An Overview of SF/Horror Literature: @amazingstories0
What Makes "Doctor Who" The Best Title In The History Of Television? @goodinaroom
How (and why) to remove posting dates on WordPress blogs: @authormedia
What To Do When Your Book Has Been Pirated On Amazon: @jeanoram
Canned responses from agents:
How WOOL Got A Unique Publishing Deal: @passivevoiceblg
Conquer your fear of attending your first blogging or writing event: @michellerafter
What can keep you writing? @rxena77
The Harlequin Survey: @jakonrath
Choosing the Right Ghostwriter: @ivinviljoen
Things to keep in mind while editing: @PegEditors
The Opening Image: @Julie_Gray
7 Deadly Sins of Self-Editing: @writersdigest
5 Indie Author Tips For A Successful Live Ebook Launch: @ornaross
Dread Writing Sexy Scenes? 5 Tips for Success: @jamigold
Smart Book Marketing Includes Going Offline: @jfbookman
Why Serious Books Need Humor and Levity to Work: @Sarah_Skilton
Insights regarding establishing shots: @livewritethrive
The Art of Asking and the Economics of Writing: @kgelfland2ndcuz
Why Write Book Reviews? 5 Five Payoffs for Authors: @janvbear
Write it Badly Today So You Can Write It Better Tomorrow: @cockeyedcaravan
10 Ways to Avoid Gender Bias: @writing_tips
How to Read a Book With a Flashlight: @BooksAreMyBFs
How To Use a Kindle as a Bookmark: @galleycat
An interview with 2 talented screenwriters: @gointothestory
You Can't Talk About Your Own Culture in Science Fiction: @silviamg
The Writing Prep Zone:
Writers' Guides of the Past: @SophieMasson1
Be A More Productive Writer: Use A Voice Recorder: @woodwardkaren
The Story Milestones… and Beat Sheet: @storyfix
5 areas you need to learn to write better copy: @ntaylor1981
8 pics and videos that describe what DRM is about: @namenick
The Basics of Scene Description: @SHalvatzis
Creative Writing Exercise: What's Your Superpower? @melissadonovan
What Should You Do About a Bad Review on Amazon? @BookMarketer
Why do writers plagiarize? @wordforteens
Tracking the Hybrid Author: @passivevoiceblg @DigiBookWorld
How to Read a Book Contract – How Long Does It Last? @passivevoiceblg
Explaining the Joke: @Kid_Lit
Writer, Storyteller, Author? @fictionnotes
When a Self-Published Author Has a No. 1 Best-Selling Book: @forbes
Character Clinic: Preventing Whiny Characters: @jeanniecampbell
Publishers are reshaping themselves: @MikeShatzkin
Characteristics of a bad crit partner: @kristenlambtx
A writer's courage: @LawrenceBlock
Picture Books: Trust the Writing Process: @fictionnotes
The Year of the Author? @passivevoiceblg
3 Ways to Make Your POVs Equally Interesting: @kmweiland
How To Write While Cleaning Your House: @storyadaymay

How to Fix Unrealistic Dialogue: @p2p_editor

A wrap-up of the Writer's Digest conference--agents address the changing industry and self-pubbing: @Porter_Anderson 

Different ways of handling suspense in crime fiction: @mkinberg

The importance of building a brand: @BeateBoeker