Sunday, April 7, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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A tip for avoiding info dumping: @DonMcNair1 

Industry reaction to Amazon's acquisition of Goodreads: @Porter_Anderson @ThadMcIlroy @leslieNYT @robspillman

Self-publishing is the future — and great for writers: @salon @hughhowey

Authors in the B&N-S&S Crossfire: @Porter_Anderson @Bookgirl96 @MJRose

Twitter tips for new users: @Victoria_Writes @williamblackmon

Sorry, Your Buddies Won’t Buy Your Book: @talkingwriting @dcbiddle

A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:
Use a Mood Board to Boost Your Writing: @DIYMFA
Why writers should be on Pinterest: @DIYMFA
Breaking into International Markets:
Starting A Story In The Middle: @mooderino
How to Revise for a Stronger Theme: @jamigold
Science Fiction Romance – A Niche Before Its Time? @amazingstories0
Author As Innovator: The Future of Publishing is Story, Not Technology: @danblank
Subtitling for screenwriters:
Blogging a book--your content plan: @ninaamir
A writer reports on her experience with an independent press: @Wordstrumpet @PatrickRwrites
Screenwriting: examples of voice-over narration and flashbacks that.. just don't work: @gointothestory
Just Kill Someone Already (Upping the Stakes):
Gifting Your Professional Network w/ Amazon eBooks:
Why Critiquing Others Helps You: @ava_jae
Writing Description in Your Novel: @jeanoram
Did Agatha Christie Have a Formula for Success? @KMWeiland @becke_martin
Creative Writing Prompts: Dig Deep into Character: @howtowriteshop
4 Techniques To Mix Fantasy With Realism: @write_practice
Tips for organizing a book club:
Compromising with our internal editor: @YAHighway
How to Begin a Short Story: @amazingstories0 @Sales_Source
Plot, Story and Tension: @woodwardkaren
Strong Active Verbs: Your Writing's Backbone: @lindasclare
The writer's guide to kissing: @CuriosityQuills
How Live Readings Can Help Your Writing: @LaNovakAuthor
Introduction to Online Advertising for Authors:
The Trouble with In Medias Res: @kristenlambtx
For the writer who means to journal--5 online journaling tools: @lifehackorg
Why Taking a Risk at a Writer's Conference Is a Good Thing:
How @JaneFriedman Got a 6-Figure Twitter Following (and Why It Doesn't Matter):
Prepositional confusion: @aliciarasley
How to Write a Killer Scene: @jeanoram
5 Ways to Write More Effectively: @fcmalby
Hiring an illustrator for your novel: @kenebake
How do you promote your self-published book? @pattyjansen
How to get a great cover design – when you don't know what it should be: @dirtywhitecandy
Is original writing always better? @BufoCalvin
Use a Timeline to Develop Your Story: @luannschindler
What it takes to hit the top of your genre chart at Amazon: @Bob_Mayer
13 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Opening Chapter: @annerallen
Structuring Your Story's Scenes: Frequently Asked Questions: @kmweiland
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What 1 writer learned from creating a book trailer: @danasitar
How 1 writer doubled her daily word count: @IndiaDrummond
How to Edit Your Novel With Efficiency: @jeanoram
10 cover design tips for print covers:
Tips for writing cover copy: @JMNeyGrimm
2 Proven Ways To Write With Confidence:
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From spark to story: How books get started:
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10 Best Chrome Extensions for Authors: @AuthorMedia
Don't publish crap: @annerooney
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You didn't "trend" … and other subtle Twitter confusions: @sarah_nicolas
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Developing Scenes--revisiting the plot arc: @DeeWhiteauthor
The Imitation Game: The Sincerest Form of…. Becoming a Better Writer: @WyattGBessing
Tweet Not Your Query, Author: @BloomsburyPress
Studies in flashback: "Once Upon a Time in the West": @gointothestory
Will Write for Food: The Digital Freelance Journalist Dilemma: @10000words
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Enemies of the Art–Having a Thin Skin: @kristenlambtx
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5 Top Legal Issues for Authors and Self-Publishers: @JFBookman @Saving4Someday
Tips from a ghostwriter for getting more clients: @byRozMorris
Calling Your Manuscript Finished (For Now): @rachellegardner
Facebook: Should We Use a Profile or a Page? @jamigold @LisaHallWilson
LGBTQ characters in SFF: @tordotcom @karinacooper
Setting: Using Instant Recognition:
Naming schemes for fantasy writing: @MorganKeyes
Improve your Dialogue by Studying Plays:
Thoughts on epic fantasy:
Crime fiction author @Brad_Parks on introducing a sexual relationship to his popular series: @JungleReds
How bookstore windows can drive book sales--and fuel a digital campaign: @pubperspectives
Weapons, Fighting, and Battles in Worldbuilding: @juliettewade
An agent on the future of publishing: @rachellegardner
How to Build an Online Audience: @manon_eileen
The importance of a sense of play to our writing: @RLLaFevers
Ebook Boxed Set Tips and How Tos: @ddscottromcom
How to Get the Most Out of a Writing Class: @michelledseaton
How Busy People Can Find More Time for Reading: @jodyhedlund
What Worries Publishers Most? @bmorrissey
5 areas you need to learn to write better copy: @ntaylor1981
Clearing the clutter from our sentences:
The Art of Collaborating and its Rewards (or Tribulations): @mariesetiawan
Plotting? Keep digging deeper and "imagine beyond what is safe": @noveleditor
5 Things Children Teach Us About Writing: @KMWeiland
Plotting - the Mamma Mia lessons: @dirtywhitecandy
Why no deal is better than a bad deal: @ajackwriting
Not so freely free: Amazon's 20K/80% vision: @bufocalvin
Language and fantasy: @VioletteMalan
Why Not to Register Copyright for Unpublished Work: @victoriastrauss
Pitch vs. query: @atrueblood5
How to style profanity in your prose: @PRDaily
Physical Attribute Entry: Hair: @beccapuglisi
Overcoming Challenges To Write And Publish A Book: @thecreativepenn @IwinBook
Adjusting the Picture for Clarity: @novelrocket
Writing for Middle Grade: @ToniKerr_Writer
10 Ideas for using QR Codes to Promote Your Book:
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Book Promotion — What's Working at Amazon in 2013? @goblinwriter
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Great Scene: "The Exorcist": @gointothestory
Using Plot to Reveal Character Transformation: @mythicscribes
Don't Make Writing About Yourself: @write_practice
Creating an Evocative Mood in a Memoir: @janice_hardy
5 beliefs about Twitter: @AnnieNeugebauer.
Trimming costs in case book sales drop off:
6 Makeover Tips: How to Bring a Book Back from the Doldrums: @markcoker
The Benefits of Running a Goodreads Ad: @jeanoram
How Game of Thrones Improved a Literary Author's Writing: @magdalenaball
8 pics and videos that describe what DRM is about: @namenick