Sunday, March 31, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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Happy Easter to all who celebrate!

The effect of digital publishing on literary fiction: @Porter_Anderson

Crime fiction--when secrets create problems: @mkinberg

Agents--changing attitudes and changing their business model?
@Porter_Anderson @DocSyntax @Melissa_Foster

The importance of continuing education for writers: @Allison_Brennan

Agent-Assisted Self-Publishing and the Amazon White Glove Program: @Melissa_Foster @JaneFriedman

Templates for self-published books that can be used with Microsoft Word-created manuscripts: @JFBookman

Bowker's latest pub. data and a look at the importance of bookstores to publishers: @Porter_Anderson @DouglasMcCabe

A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:

The Search Engine for Writers:

15 Questions to Help you Decide Your Next Writing Project: @fictionnotes

Agents share what they like to see in book openings: @MartinaABoone

3 Ways to Ground Readers in Your World: @Janice_hardy

How flipping elements of a flipped idea results in new ideas: @creativesomething

Freelancers: The Magic of Double-Whammy Headlines: And How To Use Their Enormous Power:

3 Types of "Not Only . . . But Also" Errors: @writing_tips

Transitioning from fanfic to original work: @JordanMcCollum

6 Historical Forensic Detectives Who Deserve Their Own TV Shows: @io9

3 ways back into the author marketing game:

To Be a Writer, You Only Need to Do Two Things: @write_practice

Infinitives: To split or not to split: @aliciarasley

3 Dimensions of Character – A Review of Larry Brooks' Character Development Technique: @Fictorians

1 writer's crazy three years since "the call": @tawnafenske

Understanding Screenwriting: Zero Dark Thirty, This is 40, Margin Call, & More: @slant

Should Independent Authors Have Their Books Translated into Foreign Languages? @goblinwriter

How to Write a Novel as a Collaborative Team: @adriennedewolfe

5 Unconventional Fantasy Relationships: @rajanyk

Classic Characters Whose Flaws Make Them Great: @BenClayborne

Should Writers Pay to Use Duotrope? @writeitsideways

Author Photos Step-By-Step:The Comprehensive Guide: @CharleeVale

Keep the "Cheesiness" Out of Your Author Website: @KerryLonsdale

Authors and Domain Names: Claiming Rights to Names and Titles: @SheilaJLevine

Killing the "Pay First, Read Later" E-bookselling Model: @pubperspectives

How Much Can an Editor Edit a Writer's Work? @BrianKlems

Scrivener for plotters: @Gwen_Hernandez

How @JaneFriedman Got a 6-Figure Twitter Following (and Why It Doesn't Matter):

Types of act-outs for screenwriters and other writers: @lillazuck

Filling the creative well with a rest break:

Do You Have a Purpose? The Absurd in Literature: @write_practice

Editors and Their Roles: @amazingstories0

Author Solutions: One Racket To Rule Them All: @EmilySuess

5 Blogging Tips for Indie Authors:

Dialect in Dialogue: A Little Goes a Long Way: @PamelotH

How to Know When to Quit Pursuing Publication: @jodyhedlund

1 writer advises writers to pick a genre and stick with it: @jimrubart

Defining your characters' dreams:

Leaving Room for Inspiration/Creativity Within an Outline: @martinaaboone @AnnaCollomore

5 Essential Qualities of Irresistible Product Descriptions: @KathrynAragon @buddhapuss

The Five Best Questions To Ask A Panel of Writers: @CarrieCuinn

How Writing a Short Story Differs From Writing a Novel: @susanjmorris

What Makes An Idea Worthwhile? @mooderino

5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Authors: @goblinwriter

An agent explains when to revise your manuscript and when to keep submitting: @carlywatters

Build Your Writing Community: In-Person Events: @DIYMFA

Build Your Community--Writing Classes and Workshops: @DIYMFA

Build Your Online Writing Community: @DIYMFA

Q&A With An Editor: The Acquisitions Process: @DIYMFA

The Author-Editor Relationship: @DIYMFA

Being Your Own Muse: @DIYMFA

What Writers Can Learn from Children's Books: @DIYMFA

Making Your Writing Real: @NaAlleyBlog

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How your characters might be betraying readers: @kmweiland

Winning Battles for Writers: National Writers Union:

Many memorable characters are broken ones:

Stuck? Five Ways to Write Forward:

2 Dialogue Tips from Studying SitComs: Just Spit it Out: @fictionnotes

7 Ways To Improve Your Outlines: @goodinaroom

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Infodumps At The Beginning Of A Story: @woodwardkaren

One key to handling exposition: @gointothestory

Write first thing in the morning? Are you crazy? @JennaAvery

Writing for trends: @TaliaVance

"Sorry, the short story boom is bogus": @salon

How to Get the Most Out of a Writing Class: @michelledseaton

Famous Authors' Fan Letters to Other Authors: @flavorpill @theatlantic

8 Tips From @ChuckWendig On How To Read Like A Writer: @woodwardkaren

10 Books that Changed America: @listverse

The Dangers of Reading About Writers: @PeterDamien

A look at the award-winning movie Lincoln...from a screenwriter's perspective: @cockeyedcaravan

3 Things to Do When You Have to Start Writing (That Aren't "Start Writing"): @GeoffreyCubbage

Immaturity in Writing: @bluemaven

10 tips for creating great plots: @plotwhisperer

Point Of View: Enhancing Your Narrative Voice:

Self-editing tips:

Journaling for the Chronic Journal Abandoner: @roniloren

For a long writing career, fight for yourself: @kristinerusch

Why Being a Ghostwriter isn't as Soul-Sucking as You Think: @BeingTheWriter

How To Be Creative When Your Brain Doesn't Want To Play: @RebootAuthentic

Some thoughts on Authority and Credibility: @VeronicaSicoe

Rules of writing fan fiction: @charmaineclancy

What 1 writer has learned from her cat: @JordanDane

How Busy People Can Find More Time for Reading: @jodyhedlund

Worldbuilding--Making the Most of Holidays in Your World: @juliettewade

Make the Reader Weep or Laugh: @fictionnotes

What Worries Publishers Most? @bmorrissey

Facing Failure: The Art of Eating Live Frogs: @jeffgoins

11 Ways to Solve Your Writing Procrastination Problem:

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Blogging Help: 7 Tools For Success: @heidicohen

The Basics of DIY E-Book Publishing: @writersdigest

How to Get In Touch With Your Characters (Especially When You Have Writer's Block): @write_practice

Flog a Pro: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks: @RayRhamey

10 Important Questions You Should Ask A Website Company Before Buying A New Website: @authormedia

5 Reasons Agents Don't Explain their Rejections: @rachellegardner

A trad. published author tries self-pubbing. Her one regret: @annvosspeterson

Dialogue Involving Multiple Characters:

The Benefits of Talking Through Your Scenes: @Janice_Hardy

Snip Skimming in the Bud: How to be Eloquent and Snappy:

Judging Young Fiction By Their Covers:

How To Make A Professional Standard Print Book Interior: @JFBookman @thecreativepenn

A look at the new hybrids in creative nonfiction:

5 "Not This . . . But That" Parallelism Problems: @writing_tips

Memoir Writing Tips: How To Get Your Story On The Page: @thewritermama

Discoverability not a problem for readers...1 reader bribed a librarian to put books in her hold queue: @kimthedork

Guy Kawasaki's 10 Social Media Tips for Authors: @mediatwit

The Business of Screenwriting: Everything you wanted to know about specs: @gointothestory

When it's time to stop blogging: @yeomanis

Writing with an "authentic" voice: @TheHeraldRyanG

Down to Earth Structure: @Julie_Gray

Platonic Male-Female Relationships in Fiction (a.k.a. "The Glue"): @fictiorians

Story Structure Provides A Framework For Meaning: @woodwardkaren