Sunday, March 10, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:

3 Ways to Add Tension During Revisions: @janice_hardy

What it Means When Someone Tries to Tell You THE Rules of Good Writing: @io9

Stitching Your Scenes Together with Transitions: @howtowriteshop

Shout Your Author Message… With a Whisper: @thehrgoddess

Options for Dilemmas in a Sequel: @kmweiland

3 ways your novel might carry unwanted junk: @dirtywhitecandy

The State of a Genre Title, 2013: @scalzi

Digital Comics Are Getting Cheaper: @PublishersWkly

How EBook Readers Shop And The Importance Of Sampling: @thecreativepenn

Plot Grids: @KarenMusings

Yes, Past Tense Narrators Can Still Die: @chihuahuazero

The Rules of Writing:

Stand-alones vs. series: @mistymassey

Improve Your Focus by Fidgeting: @lifehacker

Rethink Cover Design for a Small, Small World: @ElleLothlorien

Extensive vs. Minimal: What is Your World Building Coming To? @The_Drill99

Think Like a Publisher: Production and Scheduling: @deanwesleysmith

Simplifying the Story Question: @SHalvatzis

The Table Theory of Characterization: @RyanHowse

The case of the celibate detectives: @salon

What agents are doing these days: @rachellegardner

The 10 Worst Types of Critique Partners @donnacooner

Every Author Needs a Copyright Page: @MyBookShepherd

5 Ways To Take Your Writing Farther: @thecreativepenn

Penguin Art Director Giuseppe Castellano on his relationship with editorial: @pinocastellano

On writers' power to move readers: @BeccaPuglisi

A homonym review:

Tips for correcting stilted dialogue: @LynDeeWalker

Challenges and choices facing self-pubbed authors: @livewritethrive

What 1 publisher looks for in translation projects and translation challenges in the US: @pubperspectives

Closing the Gap: Moving from Notebook to Story: @SJacksonRodgers

6 Ways to Evoke Emotion in Poetry and Prose: @AJWagoner

Description tips: @cockeyedcaravan

7 Tips for creating a PowerPoint Presentation: @nicolebasaraba

How SF Can Highlight Our Historical Bias: @MattMitrovich

Improve Your Writing By Eliminating Redundancies: @melissadonovan

Verbal Deprivation: @pprmint777

Scrivener and yWriter: why 1 writer uses neither: @janelebak

10 tips for marketing your book release:|+Duolit%29 @danasitar

When the Writing Life Finds You:

What's Your Character Aiming For? @AimeeLSalter

5 Edits to Strengthen Your Writing, Right Now: @janice_hardy

Bleak stories can be as consoling as self-help: @guardianbooks

Upside of Distraction: @nytimes

Who's on your team? @JaelMchenry

English literature's 50 key moments from Marlowe to JK Rowling: @guardianbooks

Screenwriters' roundtable: @gointothestory

10 mistakes 1 writer has made with his writing career: @ajackwriting

How to Style Profanity: @writing_tips

How To Use MailChimp--From Sign-Up To "Send": @JeriWB @mollygreene

Tips for better dialogue: @americanediting

The Peril of the Contemporary: @MykeCole

Intelligent Science Fiction: @PeterCawdron @SciInMyFi

Keep the Plot Taut: @Lindasclare

When we defend romance reading as escapism, the critics win: @dearauthor

Marketing Idea: Developing a Song Playlist for Your Novel: @KathyLynnHarris

Considerations for worldbuilding: @Figures

How To Write Perfect Press Releases: @thecreativepenn @rule17

When should you look for another agent? @breeogden

5 Things That Should Be On Every Writer's Bucket List: @danasitar

Crossroads: Romance – More Powerful than You Could Possibly Imagine: @KgElfland2ndCuz

Forcing readers to like characters--admiration: @mooderino

A writer shares revision examples from her own work: @rebeccaberto

Screenwriter roundtable: @gointothestory

Top 10 Mythical Creatures: @smashinglists

The Way Publishers Create Marketing Copy is Stranger Than Fiction: @digibookworld

A sf/f writer experiments in literary thinking: @juliettewade

What to Do When You're Hit With Heavy Editing: @TiceWrites

A look at a classic horror novel: Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House:

The Real Cost of Ebooks for Libraries: @digibookworld

Good Writing: Using The Senses: @woodwardkaren

Tips for writing loglines: @Julie_Gray

4 Reasons Not to Compare Yourself with Other Writers: @LyndaRYoung

Brainstorming: scenes:

Organizations Building Diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy: @DeborahJRoss

Forcing Readers To Like Characters: Admiration: @mooderino

Tips for talking to book clubs: @Lit_Gal

Tips for exploring and exploiting your relationship with your characters: @donmaass

Building Character – The Art of Genuine Interactions: @Fictorians

How 1 writer multi-tasks her projects: @jillkemerer

Tips for finding music to write by: @JulieEshbaugh

Storytelling in the graphic form: @ghostfinder

6 Ways to connect with other writers: @charmaineclancy

Writing Tip: Maximize Your Excitement: @ava_jae

7 Little-Known Strategies To Get Your Deadbeat Blog Working For You: @problogger

Staying Motivated: The Accountability Factor: @howtowriteshop

Awaiting judgment: @mikemartinez72

Identify Your Novel's Plot Points: @Lindasclare

The Football of Story: @storyfix

For the busy writer: 10 Essential Email Habits: @leobabauta

Is anyone still querying? @CreepyQueryGirl

An editor urges writers to dig deeper: @behlerpublish

5 tips for writing humor: @fictionnotes

5 Cases of Premature Reference: @writing_tips

One Million Words Of Crap And Other Wisdom: @YAHighway

On the Interbook Indecision: @KgElfland2ndCuz

Critiquing loglines: @thestorydepartment

Being Social Can Bring Extra Promotion: @rltheauthor

Tips for improving dialogue: @americanediting

Essential Characteristics of a Thriller Hero: @JodieRennerEd

Writers--get up and move: @InkyBites

Drawing the Reader in through Character Emotion: @BeccaPuglisi

Orphan Works: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Weighs In: @victoriastrauss

Why Do Authors Choose Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing? @digibookworld

Romance in Urban Fantasy – Keeping it Real: @sfsignal

Collaborative Writing: @bluemaven

Script To Screen: "The Insider": @gointothestory

31 Simple Ways for Writers to Maximize Efficiency in a Home Office: @lifehackorg

Words that aren't actually approved words: @writing_tips

Worldbuilding and Plot: @davidbcoe

How to Find Your Creative Sweet Spot: @emilywenstrom

What it Means When Someone Tries to Tell You THE Rules of Good Writing: @io9

How to Write Non-Fiction & Keep Your Friends: @write_practice

Self-Publishing: Prioritizing Fast, Cheap, and Good: @jamigold

Ideas about the future of bookselling: @MikeShatzkin

The Business of Screenwriting: Bidding War: @gointothestory

Traditional Publishing by the Numbers: @passivevoiceblg

What writers need to know about the business of writing: @kristinerusch

Writing a realistic plea bargain scene: @DADiaries

How To Use Stereotypes In Writing Fiction: @VeronicaSicoe

9 Essential Apps for Writers:

The Opening Hook of a Book: Is It Important or Not? @jodyhedlund

Why Children Hold The Key To Your Future As An Author: @jonathangunson

Types of conflict in fiction: @SarahAveryBooks

Promoting for the reluctant promoter:|+Duolit%29 @duolit

12 tenets that guide 1 pro writer: @katrinschumann

Eliminate Deadline Stress: @RealLifeE

10 Ways Readers Can Help Authors: @scottmarlowe

100 stock photo and art websites:

Data points for the NYT Review of books--which pubs got full reviews this week and in which genres:

Online journalism today--pay issues and controversies: @JaneFriedman @nate_thayer @alexismadrigal @Porter_Anderson

5 Tips for Handling Details in Our Stories: @authorterryo

Did Amazon Just Kill a Golden Goose? @geoburke

A preview of the AWP con, #AWP13, beginning Thursday: @Porter_Anderson

What Barnes & Noble’s Tra­vails May Mean. Or not. @Porter_Anderson @eoinpurcell

Women Writers' issues well-covered at upcoming AWP con: @Porter_Anderson

5 Steps to a Great Product Description: @annerallen @mredwards

Missing person themes in crime fiction: @mkinberg