Sunday, February 24, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.
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The Most Annoying Horror Movie Cliches: @HorrorMovies

Fleshing Out Your Protagonist: Creating An Awesome Character: @woodwardkaren

Dear Lack of Follow-Through: A Letter to 1 Writer's Anti-Muse: @robdyoung

How Can We Avoid Cookie-Cutter Writing? @jodyhedlund

3 Ways Cause and Effect Can Build Your Story: @4YALit

How much internalized self-awareness does a character need? @juliettewade

1 writer reflects on her 2-year self-pub anniversary: @goblinwriter

Writing Residency Programs: Is this what your writing needs now? @2KoP

Advice for Understanding the New Age in Publishing and Promotion:

Use Lists to Provide Engaging Posts That are Easy to Write and Read: @ninaamir

Want to Write Early? The Most Successful Techniques for Rising Earlier: @LeoBabauta

Enemies of the Art: Approval Addiction: @kristenlamb

How 1 novelist went from nothing to published on Amazon in 2 years: @criticalmargins

Reflections On Diversity and Fantastic Literature: @adribbleofink

An agent answers: "What do you expect of your clients? What do you do for your clients" @MacGregorLit

Character names that should be banned forever: @io9

Anatomy of a First Chapter: Make Your Beginning Count: @btmargins

Why the Internet is a Trap - and how this writer deals with it: @juliettewade

An editorial assistant on posting our fiction online: @sjaejones

How to write for role-playing games: @jammer0501

Pinterest for Novelists: Inspiration, Book Design and Book Trailers: @LaurHarrington

Listservs and Forums for Book Marketing: @fictionnotes

Show, Don't Tell: @americanediting

Revision: Add More "I Understand You" Moments: @cockeyedcaravan

How to Avoid the Self-Published Look: @GuyKawasaki @digibookworld

Cut the Flab—Make Every Word Count: @noveleditor

The Creative Professionals' Guide to Drafting a Resume: @kristenfischer

An example of a poignant turning point: @kcraftwriter

Cover Art - So Where's The Problem? @jimchines

When Erotica Crosses the Line: @smexys_sidekick

Diary of a Brainstorming Weekend: @AdriennGiordano

5 Examples of the Need for Multiple Hyphenation: @writing_tips

Ray Bradbury On How To Keep And Feed A Muse: @woodwardkaren

5 Ways to Keep Up Marketing Motivation: @duolit

Character Development: Morals & Ideology: @ava_jae

Character Introductions and Voice: @Julie_Gray

Writing mixed emotions in a character: @aliciarasley

How to Optimize Your Amazon Book Page to Sell More Books: @bubblecow

Effective buying is hard for bookstores--this becomes an increasingly important reality for publishers: @MikeShatzkin

How to Get Rid of Writer's Block: @kimberlykincaid

3 Steps to Creating Believable Character Emotions: @marcykennedy

In the Quagmire of the First Draft: @TaliaVance

Beware the Under-Cooked Story Concept: @storyfix

7 Tips for Great Book Club Visits: @blurbisaverb

Library Skills for Writers: @karencv

Avoiding the Convenient Plot Point: @davidbcoe

How to keep rich worldbuilding from bogging down your story: @juliettewade

25 Hard Truths About Writing And Publishing: @chuckwendig {lang}

Script To Screen: "Rebel Without A Cause": @gointothestory

Who sees each tweet? A helpful Twitter tip: @alexisgrant

5 Ways to Write When You're Not Really Writing: @MidgeRaymond

Where to end your story: @rxena77

8 ways to help your favorite author: @rachellegardner

Connecting Secondary Elements: @kid_lit

7 Libraries of Photographs You Can Use For Free: @jonathangunson

6 Reasons Being a Pirate is Like Being a Writer:

Give Stories Added Depth With a 'Ghost Plot': @yeomanis

Writing, Illustrating And Marketing Books For Kids: @thecreativepenn

Outlining in Reverse: @nytimes

3 indie bookstores file suit against Amazon and Big Six publishers for DRM:  @Porter_Anderson @laurahazardowen

Revising--set up more payoffs: @cockeyedcaravan

Explaining editorial revisions: @kristinerusch

The Magic Of Stephen King: A Sympathetic Character Is Dealt A Crushing Blow They Eventually Overcome: @woodwardkaren

The Power of a Reader's Word of Mouth: @jodyhedlund

9 Modern Tools Every Writer Should Use: @robdyoungwrites

Writing YA: On gendered and group-based insults and the characters that use them: @wordforteens

4 things that warms one editor up to a query:

Twitter parties as promo: @amandaluedeke

Bookstore Boss: @btmargins @BostonBkCritic

The eBook Path to Riches: Possibly Steeper Than Assumed: @scalzi

"Pseudonyms Are Stupid" : @darkcargo

6 Christian Literary Agent Blogs: @authormedia

Sympathetic Characters: Outcasts: @mooderino

6 reasons 1 reader stops reading a book: @annastanisz

Working through self-doubt: @adamisrael

Launching A Book Is Like Sending A Child To Play In Traffic: @catinitaly

How to Accept Your Procrastination (And Still Get Stuff Done):

Early business decisions for new self-publishers: @deanwesleysmith

Kurt Vonnegut's "Shape of Stories" (Infographic): @MarkCN

Thinking like a publisher: expected costs: @deanwesleysmith

The value of failure: @woodwardkaren

An Easy Fix for a Tighter Point of View: @janice_hardy

Should writers "just" write? @danblank

Why You Should Judge a Book By Its Cover: @nickthacker

Romance in Writing: Don't Force It: @ava_jae

Overcoming Stage Fright:

The power of screenwriters: @gointothestory

The joys of being lowbrow: @junglereds @GMMalliet

Screenwriting: Now You Can Revise: Use the Final Draft Tools: @cockeyedcaravan

Ideas for wowing editors and agents:

How Four Writers Find the Time to Write: @Julie_Gray

When an idea strikes, act. @tannerc

Theater Settings in Romance Novels: @rszalley

Your Goodreads Reviews Don't Just Stay on Goodreads: @readingape

Creative Writing Prompts: Shapeshifters, Real and Metaphorical: @howtowriteshop

Maximizing Facebook–What We Can Learn From Puppy Dog Eyes and LOL Cats: @kristenlambtx

Songwriting--how do you sell your songs? You *don't* sell your songs: @usasongs

How much does an author's appearance matter? @passivevoiceblg

5 Things Every Writer Should Know About Working With Independent Editors: @BryanThomasS

5 Reasons Why We Fail at Our Writing Goals: @jeanoram

10 Dos and Don'ts of Writing a Query Letter: @brianklems

What digital magazines can learn from ebook publishers: @laurahazardowen

Do You Like A Little Contradiction In Your Characters? @marcykennedy

Every Character Has A Story: @bookviewcafe

Great Character: John McClane ("Die Hard"): @gointothestory

Facing fear as a writer: @joebunting

Secret or separate? Discreet and Discrete: @LaurelGarver

50 Synonyms for "Villain": @writing_tips

Goal setting mistakes to avoid: @jwhite

Mystery, Magic, and the Aha! of the Reveal: @luciesmoker

1 writer's outlining process: @daycathy

What Color is Your Writing World?

How to Change Telling into Showing: @jessicabell

First Person uncertainty: @aliciarasley

Physical Attributes Entry: Lips: @angelaackerman

The Importance of Foreshadowing: @sally_apokedak

5 ways to give a great author interview: @chrisrobley

Split screen in Scrivener: @Gwen_Hernandez

6 Things Writers Can Learn From Television: @woodwardkaren

Writing the Military: 5 Biggest Mistakes: @JosephZieja

Options for Reactions in a Sequel: @KMWeiland

How to Start a Book Club *Inside* a Book: @wherewriterswin

When Writers Get Dumped: @jamesscottbell

Why 1 writer has returned to printing her self-pub books: @thecreativepenn

6 Ways to Evoke Emotion in Poetry and Prose: @AJWagoner

Description tips: @cockeyedcaravan

7 Tips for creating a PowerPoint Presentation: @nicolebasaraba

Setting – The First, Most Crucial Choice for your Career AND your Character: @BlytheGifford

Top 10 Things You May Not Know About the Newbery Award:

Why Should Writers Use Google+? @gharness

The Publisher's Anxiety at the Electronic Book: @thatjeffgomez

Setting up a co-authoring partnership: @ParanormYA

5 Reasons to Set Your Novel in a Famous Place: @ChuckSambuchino

Stuck or blocked? How to keep writing anyway: @dirtywhitecandy

A writer's guide to Gimp--installation:  and fundamental techniques:  @ClarissaDraper

Revamping bookstores--ideas/challenges from the #FutureFoyles workshop: @Porter_Anderson @philipdsjones @miriamkate

Writers and ego--the violent shifts from over-confident to too insecure: @hartjohnson

3 Minutes to Better Scrivener Chapter Headings: @genelempp

50% of Amazon sales are planned purchaes, not results of browsing.Discoverability implications: @Suw @Porter_Anderson