Sunday, February 17, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.
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Writing Tips from George R.R. Martin: @AderynWood

Publishers: don't try to compete with Amazon--“Go Where the People Already Are”: @Porter_Anderson @4fifty1

The late-19th century and crime fiction: @mkinberg

A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:

Independent writers' groups: @selfpubreview

Passion in Your Characters Equals Passion in Your Readers: @4YALit

Want Agents to Read Your Novel? Do This First: @writeitsideways

What novelists should blog about: @jodyhedlund

The language of world building: @p2p_editor

Using a short story to kick off a novel release: @turndog_million

Writing lessons learned from "What Happened to Goodbye": @juliemusil

Quick marketing tips: @melissabreau

Give Yourself A Creative Retreat: @susankayequinn

Creating a Sub-Genre by Accident: Georgette Heyer's The Corinthian: @tordotcom

How much money does a publisher invest in marketing a book? @MacGregorLit

3 Ways To Find Readers For Your Books On Twitter: @jonathangunson

25 pieces of advice for aspiring writers: @ajackwriting

Too Many Rules, Too Little Romance: @redrobinreader

Rejection will happen--build up your defenses early: @Marie_Lu

Where to Go for Magic: @jennymilchman

Choosing Cover Art for Your Indie Book: @goblinwriter

Why Computers Can't Write Novels…Yet: @vwishna

Have we planned for success? @behlerpublish

Forcing Readers To Like Characters: Recognition: @mooderino

6 Ways Metaphors Are Hurting Your Novel: @MarcyKennedy

Personal Finance Tips For Writers: @krissybrady

Tips for writing an outline: @SophieMasson1

Worldbuilding--showing morality without an infodump:

Linking Verbs Refresher: @pyrosama

Billy Wilder: "The Art of Screenwriting": @gointothestory

When should you break writing rules? @TiffanyReisz

Platforms for an easy author website: @BookMarketer

There is no publishing industry: @WilliamOckhamTx

The Most Powerful Social Media Tool for Building an Author Platform: @kristenlambTX

Script To Screen: "Amadeus": @gointothestory

Keep your inner editor awake: @behlerpublish

How to Use Visuals as a Creative Writing Prompt: @howtowriteshop

The Most Annoying Type of Story Conflict: @kmweiland

Tips for Dealing with Book Reviewers: @TheMadReviewer

Adhesive in conflict: @LaurelGarver

Rewriting Your Script: Revision Outline: @gointothestory

How Not to Ask For a Book Review: @erikwecks

Business advice roundup for writers--accounting, marketing, branding: @kristinerusch

Revision--When It's Finally Time to Fine Tune: @cockeyed_caravan

Decoding Query Rejections: @rachellegardner

Free alternatives to duotrope:

Tips for distinctive character voices: @authorterryo

Writing Contemporary Horror: @MikeSkunkApe

7 Ways to Outsmart Writer's Block: @robdyoungwrites

Tips for better scenes: @Lindasclare

Top 8 Literary Misquotes: @readingape

Top 10 books featuring flashbacks: @lenoreva

What 1 Writer Learned About Shark Agents, Writer Candy and Momentum: @2bwriters

Worldbuilding: Complexity in the Political Landscapes:

Description and Setting: @kalayna

Rewriting Your Script: Polish: @gointothestory

A List of Digital Self-Pub Resources: @authopublisher

7 Ways Your Characters Can Screw up Their Decisions: @janice_hardy

Faking confidence as writers: @jamigold

3 Ways to Make Your Own Luck: @robertleebrewer

5 Tips for Writing and Marketing YA: @thecreativepenn @NatalieWright_

3 Simple Ways To Engage On Your Author Facebook Page: @authormedia

The Pride and Prejudice Beat Sheet:

Famous First Lines Reveal How to Start a Novel: @writersdigest

Plot vs. story: @Anna_Elliott

5 Elements of Story Structure: @kmweiland

Cut Ten More Pages Out: @cockeyed_caravan

How Plotting Can Build A Better Story: @woodwardkaren

Is Traditional Publishing the Raging Bull of Industry? @jamesscottbell

The Evolution of Sexuality, Homosexuality and Gender in SFF: @Leo_Cristea

10 Ways John Milton's Paradise Lost Is Like a Bad Comic Book: @io9

What 1 writer would change about her writing journey: @GinaConroy

Writing about death: @curiosityquills

Physical Attribute Thesaurus: Eyebrows: @angelaackerman

6 Tips to Crafting a Better Author Bio: @WhereWritersWin
Bowker Intro’s 1-Stop ISBN Ebook Conversion Service: @Porter_Anderson

Live a Story. Then Write It Well. @KellenGorbett

Rewriting Your Script: Final Edit: @gointothestory

Clarifying Point of View: @americanediting

How to find the right title for your book: @dirtywhitecandy

Writing Your Tragedy: @janelebak

5 Blogging Rules Authors Can Ignore…and 5 We Can't: @annerallen

Dean Koontz And 5 Things Every Genre Story Needs: @woodwardkaren

Revision--Building a Theme Tree: @CockeyedCaravan

The Anatomy of a Kindle Bestseller: @thecreativepenn

Subtle vs. obscure exposition: @aliciarasley

Research tips for writers: @dirtywhitecandy

The Three Building Blocks of the Sequel: @KMWeiland

5 best ebook infographics of 2012: @ebookfriendly

How to Write Powerful Endings: @SHalvatzis

Avoiding Infodumps While Maintaining a Child's Voice: @janice_hardy

For Crime Writers: Assault Rifles, Assault Weapons and the Deliberate Imprecision of Language
One of 2012's most popular authors doesn't have much online presence: @Porter_Anderson @FauziaBurke

3 ways for aspiring authors to change their thinking today: @rachellegardner

The Importance of Storytelling: Walking Dead is Not About Zombies: @mythicscribes

Writing the Non-Western Fantasy Setting: @MiriamForster

For crime writers: DNA Testing Methods: @DPLyleMD

Proper publishers don't need propaganda: @dirtywhitecandy

3 Ways to Compress Your Story Like Les Misérables: @write_practice

Why You Need to Embrace the Conflict in Your Story: @joebunting

Building Character: The Importance Of Imperfection: @woodwardkaren

7 Tips to Get Your Novel Started: @Buddhapuss

4 Benefits of Listening to Your Characters: @LyndaRYoung

Tips for Writing an Author Bio: @rachellegardner

How Much Can You Really Tell From a Query? @janice_hardy

3 tips for bouncing between books: @tawnafenske

Keeping Your Promise to the Reader: @Diana_Hurwitz

How To Stay On Track With Writing & Blogging: @VeronicaSicoe

7 Surprising Things About Blogging: @victoriamixon

How Plateauing Occurs: Pace vs. Potential:

Make Your Characters Real Characters: @JudgeHopkins @SouthrnWritrMag

Shrunken Manuscript – 6 Ways to See Your Manuscript: @fictionnotes

4 Benefits of Writing by Hand: @mentalfloss

5 Academic Publishing Trends to Watch in 2013: @pubperspectives

5 lessons 1 self-pubbed author has learned: @ayalarachelle

Teaching writer's instinct: @janice_hardy

Even Smart Characters Make Dumb Mistakes: @authormagazine @p2p_editor

31 Simple Ways for Writers to Maximize Efficiency in a Home Office: @lifehackorg

Ask The Agent: When Should You Stop Querying? @breeogden

Walking in your character's shoes: Writing with authenticity:

Sympathetic Characters: Noble Souls: @mooderino

Writers beware: Sitting is the smoking of our generation: @gointothestory

Writers and Depression: @litreactor

Pulling the Curtain Back from the Stigma of Self-Publishing: @melissadonovan

How to Increase Concentration – The 5 Key Steps: @JWhite

Creating Sympathetic Characters: @Lindasclare

How to customize your Twitter profile:

Building Heat in Love Scenes — An Erotic Romance Writer Explains How: @taralain
Self-Publishing as Slush Pile? Not So Fast: @Porter_Anderson @RachelleGardner

11 Preposterously Manly Fantasy Series: @io9

Author Email Marketing: 7 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid:

Tips for avoiding the dreaded label "purple prose": @LaurelGarver

The Shocking Truth About Multi-Tasking: @duolit

Why Short Fiction?: The benefits to a writing career: @AmazingStories0

Why Films and Novels Routinely Depict Society and its Citizens as Fools: @DavidBrin1

7 things 1 writer has learned so far: @GMMalliet

Getting the Most Out of a Conference: @kid_lit