Sunday, February 10, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week. The links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 19,000 free articles on writing-related topics. It's the search engine for writers.

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A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:

Kindle Select - What Works, and What Doesn't: @magdalenaball

State Of Self-Publishing And 5 Things To Get Sorted For 2013: @thecreativepenn

How to Use Your Kindle to Edit Your Self-Pubbed Book: @LauraPepWu

So You've Got an Agent... Now What? @writerashley

100 Common-Sense Ways to Write Better:

Self-Publishing: For Genre Writers Only? @selfpubreview

Publishing with Createspace:

Writing 20 minutes a day, 365 Days A Year. Are You In? @write_despite

Achieving your goals on autopilot: @JordanMcCollum

5 Errors in Treating Quotations: @writing_tips

The worst publisher of all time: @salon

The Importance of Being Edited: @selfpubreview

How Many Rounds of Edits Should I Go Though, and What Should I Focus on? @AmericanEditing

Estate planning: fearless inventories: @kristinerusch

The state of bookstores now and reinventing them for the future: @Porter_Anderson @richfahle @eoinpurcell

The difference between audience and market:

10 Works of Literary Fantasy to Jump Start Your Imagination: @flavorwire

A S.M.A.R.T. Goal Refresher (or Primer): @lifehack

Should You Write That Potentially Controversial Scene? @roniloren

5 Plot Devices That Hurt Your Writing: @litreactor

The First 15 Minutes Project: Max Fischer in Rushmore: @cockeyed_caravan

How @ChuckWendig writes a novel: @woodwardkaren

The Trifecta of Storytelling Power: @storyfix

Writing - Imagery and Your Story: @karencv

Understanding Your Agent: @rachellegardner

5 Trade Publishing Trends to Watch For in 2013: @publishingtech

10 Tips to Get Blog Tours and Guest Posts Right: @LyndaRYoung

F. Scott Fitzgerald on the Secret of Great Writing: @brainpicker

What Makes a Strong Author's Visit—a Teacher's Perspective: @angelaackerman

Rewriting your script: themes: @gointothestory

What Writing Step Are You Afraid Of? @jamigold

15 Common Twitter Questions Authors Ask: @authormedia

The zero clutter method for the disorganized writer: @leobabauta

An Agent on "Do I REALLY Need an Agent?": @literaticat

An editor on eliminating "that" in your story: @theresastevens

Writing a Believable Male Character: @ABoredAuthor

Writing Characters That Stand Out To Readers: @angelaackerman

The Art of Ideas: How To Overcome Writer's Block:

Forcing Readers To Like Characters: @mooderino

YA Needs to Be Better-Written Than Adult Fiction, Not Worse: @GeoffreyCubbage

All Things in Moderation-Even Writing Advice: @writeangleblog

Freelance Writing Rates – How To Determine & Set Your Fee: @FreelanceCrunch

Push Your Character into Interesting: @howtowriteshop

Agent and Editor Insights: Publisher Negotiations: @wherewriterswin

9 tips for an awful 1st draft: @lisacron

Book Contract: What's Negotiable and What's Not: @brianklems

How (Not) to Write Like a Master: @ava_jae

When should you stop revising? @janice_hardy

Writing is about being brave, taking risks: @rllafevers

What 1 writer told his intern about being a writer: @tobiasbuckell

Keeping out the intruder words: @BryanThomasS

The First 15 Minutes Project: Juno McGuff in Juno: @cockeyed_caravan

5 surprises about self-pub: @jennienash

5 Erroneously Constructed "Not Only . . . But Also" Sentences: @writing_tips

The 3 basic routes to getting published: @brianklems

Do Writers Need an Agent in the New Publishing Paradigm? @kristenlambtx

When Writers Don't Deliver: @tessgerritsen

All about book blurbs: @robertleebrewer

Plot--Conflict and Desires: @novelrocket

What to do during and after the first edit: @americanediting

What do tradpubs do…and can you do it? @bufocalvin

The wrong goodbye of Barnes and Noble:

The Unreliable Narrator in Romance Novels: @meganf

When You Have Editorial Differences: @behlerpublish

Why we've now got a "New Adult" genre: @jamigold

UK Speaker Scam Targets Writers: @victoriastrauss

Why Writers Should Guest Post: @diymfa

10 things 1 writer has learned about self-pubbing: @turndog_million

Rewriting Your Script: Structure: @gointothestory

Writing Horror: Facing the Inevitable: @yahighway

Adding Tension to Hook the Reader: @janice_hardy

Physical Attributes Entry: Skin: @angelaackerman

The allure of the first novel: @guardianbooks

Writing for reluctant readers: @charmaineclancy

The fine art of lying (for crime writers and others): @TeriTerryWrites

How to find the right title for your book: @dirtywhitecandy

Using Public Domain Characters In Your Stories: @woodwardkaren

Restrictive clauses and commas: @aliciarasley

5 Quick Tips For Better Dialogue In Fiction: @thecreativepenn

Structuring Your Story's Scenes: Variations on the Scene: @kmweiland

The Number One Mistake New Writers Make: @annerallen

Why Some Novels Say "A Novel" on the Cover, and If Yours Should Too: @AnnieNeugebauer

Genre & Marketing: @SHalvatzis

Publishing and Marketing Your Crap: @jamesscottbell

Numbers in Fiction: @thenoveleditor

Co-Authoring with Kids: @Nimpentoad

Complete list of Paris Review author interviews: @parisreview

Methods of being edited: @StinaLL

Plotting by Personality: @margmcalister

Resolve to Tweet Better in 2013: @NinaBadzin

Formatting, The iTunes Way: @susankayequinn

Find Someone Who Is a Stakeholder in Your Writing Life,Find a Few Someones. @glimmertrain @Kate_Gale

Creative Intersections: Plot and Character Development: @DavidBCoe

Write Faster and Get Organized with Scrivener:

Are chapters even necessary with the advent of digital publishing? @lilylefevre

Marketing Strategies: Questions to Ask Yourself: @fictionnotes

5 Things 1 Writer Learned in Her 1st Year of Self-Publishing: @livewritethrive

How to Engage Your Reader: @turndog_million

A closer look at Bookish: @Porter_Anderson @laurahazardowen @chadwpost

How to use subplots: @margmcalister

How To Write Sex Scenes When You're a Prude: @MishaCrews

7 tips for great sentences:

A situation is not a plot: @Kid_Lit

Writing Your Tragedy: @janelebak

Navigating the Guest Post Process: @diymfa

Declutter your novel:

Write a Story Ending That Will Satisfy Readers: @MargMcAlister

Rewriting Your Script: Pace: @gointothestory

5 Common Synopsis Mistakes: @writersrelief

Taking the Scary out of Scrivener: @Gwen_Hernandez

Other Types of YA Writing You Might Be Interested In Doing: @davey_beauchamp

Tips for writing dialogue: @wickerkat

An author explains why he doesn't give away his author copies: @JeffCohenwriter

3 tips for streamlining dialogue: @LaurelGarver

8 things to do when you're stuck: @JordanMcCollum

Industry changes: there is no midlist: @Porter_Anderson

Watch out for ING. It may be weaken-ing your story. @juliettewade

5 Tips To Optimize Your Facebook Page: @mollygreene

How To Publish A Book 101: @thecreativepenn

20 Great Writers on the Art of Revision: @flavorwire

Sympathetic Characters: Danger: @mooderino

4 Ways to Pre-Write Your Scenes: @janice_hardy

F. Scott Fitzgerald On The Price Of Being A Great Writer: @woodwardkaren

5 Examples of Misplaced Modifiers: @writing_tips

How to Research a Novel: 7 Tips: @thomaswyoung

Why Publishers Need to Think More Like Silicon Valley: @EdNawotka

Tips from Downton--what we writers can learn from Downton Abbey: @junglereds

You CAN tell an eBook by its cover:

Successors in Fantasy – Handing Over the Reins: @fantasyfaction

Why "Genre" is Poison: @davidbryher

Separate writing and rewriting: @Lindasclare

How to Surprise Your Reader in a Downton Abbey World: @write_practice

9 Tips for Writing Effective Web Copy: @authormedia

Giving characters distinguishing phrases to help readers tell them apart: @mkinberg

Finally, an industry-related conference for writers: Author (R)evolution Day @Porter_Anderson @doctorow @robeagar