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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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23 Top Tips to Make Your Blog Posts More Conversational: @writingh

Jumping Jacks for Writers: @fictionnotes

Have You Recently Checked Your Book’s Amazon Page? @ZimblerMiller

Deciding which details to include and which to leave out when writing crime fiction: @mkinberg

How to Slash Your Word Count by 20-50%: @JodieRennerEd

Abuse of trust as an element in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Instances when 1 pantster will use outlines: @hartjohnson

How Not To Get an Agent or Publisher (experiment with transmedia): @Porter_Anderson @ChrisRickaby2

Story inspiration from Hitchcock: @junglereds

Building an Author Platform by Proxy: @kristinba

How To Format A Word Document For Uploading To Amazon: @woodwardkaren

Don't Just Start the Great American Novel... Finish It. @novelrocket

The Silver Linings Playbook Beat Sheet:

Writers Shape & Share Exercise Goals on Facebook: @thewritermama

Researching writers: Top 10 Ways to Speed Up and Beef Up Your Google Searches: @WhitsonGordon

"Can the Romantic Comedy be saved?" @gointothestory

Will Gutenberg laugh last?

How To Promote Yourself: @Derek_Haines

How To Format A Manuscript Header Using MS Word: @woodwardkaren

How to Create Infographics and Ideas for Using Them:

10 Topics Writers Should Talk About When Promoting Their Book Online: @bubblecow

Don't Make Your Book Launch Like a Trip to the Dentist: @danblank

Merging reality and fantasty: @ewillett

How to Write Your Story's Midpoint: @sHalvatzis

When Will YA Sci-Fi Finally Arrive? @AlexScarrow

All Things in Moderation-Even Writing Advice: @writeangleblog

Options for Disasters in a Scene: @kmweiland

Online Book Reviews: Games People Play: @annerallen

Writing for Reluctant Readers: @charmaineclancy

6 Winning Ideas for Self-Publishers Straight from "Downton Abbey": @jfbookman

Publishing is Seriously Nostalgic About Comics, But Why? @pubperspectives

Who dies in your story? @juliettewade

Negative self-talk and trying to get published: @rachellegardner

Fantasy--Book Covers: Should You Sell Sex? @BlackGateDotCom

7 No-Pressure Techniques To Keep The Pressure On Your Writing: @KristinNador

11 Tips on Naming Your Characters: @RobDYoungWrites

The Finishing Touches on Your Story: @JaelMchenry

Newsletters & Mailing Lists for Indie Authors:

Vision for writers: @fictionnotes

Writing across the media: @tordotcom

Writer's Digest's @ 's List of Best Blogs for Writers to Read 2013:

"Platform" Doesn't Have to Be a Four-Letter Word: @AuthorTedFox

TED Presentations from Writers: @galleycat

Self-publishing isn't as easy as it seems--and success can be elusive: @Porter_Anderson @eadingas @GuyKawasaki

The New World of Publishing: How To Keep Production Going All Year: @deanwesleysmith

Bringing the Past Into the Future in Your Story: @Kid_Lit

A writing exercise to help readers get a 1st impression of your character: @AimeeLSalter

Series of Events or Plot? @behlerpublish

9 Tricks to Make Your Dialogue More Organic: @robdyoungwrites

5 Things Bad Radio Guests Do (And 7 Ways to Rock on Radio): @MrMediaTraining

Tips for writing book beginnings:

Set Reachable Goals by Establishing Boundaries: @lydia_sharp

Point of View and Worldbuilding: @davidbcoe

5 tips for starting a novel: @writersdigest

A 50 item questionnaire to find the meat of your character: @robdyoungwrites

Global Talk Radio: How to Waste Money and Fail to Influence People: @victoriastrauss

Character development: 6 Reasons Why Batman is Both Perfect and Boring: @io9

Lessons about Indie Publishing from a former Executive Editor: @shewritesdotcom

5 Verbose Sentences Made Shorter: @writing_tips

Getting Things Done: The Art of Workflow Management: @mollygreene

Why Kindle Fire might be a success for Amazon after all:  @Porter_Anderson @KevinCTofel

Why Do Most Writers Start with Novels? @jasonboog

Self-Publishing - the "easy way" to get published? @LanaPenrose

Inspired openings: @kayhoneyman @4YALit

*Should* libraries be quiet? @passivevoiceblg @wsj

Writer's Jealousy: Make it Work for You: @lindasclare

The Starburst Method: The Hero's Journey: @woodwardkaren

Adding Complexity to Your Characters: @AmericanEditing

Screenwriting--How To Avoid Being Seen As A Rookie And Break Into The Ranks Of The Pros: @goodinaroom

Ask The Agent: A Look At Graphic Novel Submissions: @breeogden

Writer's Voice: @fictionnotes

Why we've now got a "New Adult" genre: @jamigold

Adapting Your Novel For Hollywood: @John_Marlow

Male. Female. Or Otherwise: @Mazarkis_W

Worldbuilding: Alien Perspectives and Communication: @marshallmaresca

The Business of Screenwriting: The art of stacking projects: @gointothestory

The First 15 Minutes Project: Cady Heron in Mean Girls: @cockeyed_caravan

Writers and back pain: @RitaHancockMD

How to avoid clich├ęd writing: @howtowriteshop

Commodity Publishing, Self-Publishing, and The Future of Fiction: @Janefriedman

Lessons From a Failed Residency Workshop: @PatrickRwrites

Using Short Stories to Drive Sales: @talliroland

Why You Should E-publish; Why You Shouldn't: @LAMysteryWriter

The UK’s Rock-Bottom Ebook Pricing:  @Porter_Anderson @authornick @joshfarrington

Formatting For A Clean Manuscript:

Your Author Business Plan: Compare, Contrast And Conquer: @susanspann

Great scene: Citizen Kane: @gointothestory

Finding your tactical plan for writing this year: @livewritethrive

Why Every Author Should Be On Goodreads In 2013 [Infographic]: @jonathangunson

Walking away from a project can open new doors: @v_rossibooks @4YALit

Organic writing--quick and dirty 1st drafts make for better books: @robdyoungwrites

When You Have Editorial Differences: @behlerpublish

How To Use Pinterest To Improve Your Writing: @fcmalby

The Starburst Method: The Hero's Journey: @woodwardkaren

Emotional experiences in books: @aliciarasley

Why It Might Be Time to Dump Your Editorial Calendar: @pushingsocial

Rewriting: A Clean Read: @gointothestory

Search or Discovery? How Do People Find Your Book?

Q&A with a ghostwriting expert: @MichelleRafter

10 Ways for an ADD Writer to be OOH! SHINY!…Productive: @kristenlambtx

Show, Don't Tell—But How? @livewritethrive

How to Cope With All The Stages of Fan Letdown: @io9

Author interviews (podcasts): @thelitshow

Writing Basics: Dialogue: @jaquiradiaz

The First 15 Minutes Project: Peter Parker in Spider-Man: @cockeyed_caravan

Generating Buzz Through Book Reviews: @RitaHancockMD

Don't Feed Your Discontent: @rachellegardner

How important are maps to fantasy books? @scottmarlowe

5 Reasons It's Hard to Market Indie Fiction and What to Do About It: @AyalaRachelle

Pacing and Narrative Structure: How The Hobbit and Django Unchained Screwed Up: @KgElfland2ndCuz

Thoughts On Selling Out: @Scalzi

The difference between a successful writer in the past and a successful writer now: @SPressfield

Smashwords: All Function and No Form: @scottmarlowe

Use This Subplot to Bring Depth to Your Story: @KMWeiland

Indie Life - Self-Imposed Deadlines: @susankayequinn

And the year's most scathing book reviews are...: @prachigu @salon

Can authors cash in on crowd-sourced funding sites? @itsmarkmedley

2 Myths of Publishing and a New Story for Authors: @JeffreyDavis108

Complete list of Paris Review author interviews: @parisreview

3 Vs of Fiction: Vulnerability: @fictionnotes

5 Ways Dystopian Fiction May Surprise You: @KarenDuvall

Finding the Right Writing Seminar: @Fictorians

A blog with daily screenwriting tips (useful for novelists, as well):

Chris Guillebeau's 1,000 words standard: @CriticalMargins

How to Think of Blog Post Ideas: @ava_jae

Researching a setting: @triciagoyer

What to Do When Your Creative Writing Hits a Brick Wall: @melissadonovan

Query Strategy-Narrow Focus vs Scattergun? @FaeRowen

Methods of being edited: @StinaLL

The Formula for Writing a Book Trailer Script: @beth_barany

An Easy Fix for a Tighter Point of View: @janice_hardy

The importance of metadata:

Rejections: Land of Opportunity: @Lindasclare

Script To Screen: "Philadelphia": @gointothestory

How Switching Tasks Maximizes Creative Thinking: @Psych_Writer

Why Manuscripts Are Rejected: @WhereWritersWin

The 5 Best Big Buzz Books: @homebtwnpages

3 No-nonsense Strategies for Profitable Part-time Blogging: @problogger

5 Ways to Come Up With Great Story Ideas: @BrianKlems

Scent, Sound, Words and Memory: @NicholeBernier

Rewriting Your Script: Characters: @gotintothestory

Writers--behavior to avoid: @philjourdan

Standalones, Trilogies, and Series: @Suzanne_Johnson

All Things in Moderation-Even Writing Advice: @writeangleblog

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