Sunday, January 27, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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Tips for motivating yourself to write: @ollinmorales

Is Hubris Holding You Back?

6 Warning Signs That Your Blog Is Deflating: @problogger

Synopsis writing tips: @mythicscribes

Writing And Publishing In 2013: Survive And Thrive: @woodwardkaren

Using Meyers-Briggs to Keep Your Characters in Character: @booklifenow

How to Create a Strong Dramatic Premise: @SHalvatzis

How pay-what-you-like ebooks sell [infographic]:

The Secret Writing Rule Book…and Why to Ignore It: @annerallen

4 Ways to Wake Up Your Creativity: @bookemdonna

How to Use Fiction Techniques when Writing Nonfiction:

How (and When) to Give Yourself a Break: @ava_jae

Should You Slam Your Story's Brakes? @kmweiland

Legal Issues in Self-Publishing: What Authors Need to Know: @passivevoiceblg

Script To Screen: "The Elephant Man": @gointothestory

The Difference Between Appositives and Descriptions: @writing_tips

Why Side Characters Steal the Spotlight (and How to Steal Some Back): @susanjmorris

Adding tension to crime fiction with non-physical threats: @mkinberg

How to speed up your writing by not writing: @goodinaroom

What writers want from publishing: @Porter_Anderson @EdNawotka @psexton1

Choosing a Story Idea: 4 Questions Every Romance Writer Should Ask Themselves: @writersdigest

The New World of Publishing: How To Keep Production Going All Year: @deanwesleysmith

13 Ways to Exorcise Wordiness:

More On Writer/Agent Etiquette, How to Approach Agents With Multiple Genres & More: @breeogden

Fight Scenes That Sizzle:

Scandalous: 8 Reasons Intelligent Writers Must Read Twilight: @robdyoungwrites

Process vs Outcome: What Motivates You? @yahighway

The All-Important Fan Base: @kristinerusch

A Book Cover's Evolution: @jfbookman

3 Twitter Tips for Writers: @wherewriterswin

A Goodreads success story: @AuthorTWard

5 Podcasts for Writers: @jeanoram

An agent on board books: @literaticat

Yearly reading goals for writers: @ava_jae

Writing Tips for Getting and Staying Organized: @melissadonovan

Using Wordpress to build your author website: @janvbear

Quotes about Writing from Game of Thrones Author George R.R. Martin: @io9

5 Parallelism Problems in Sentence Structure: @writing_tips

5 choices you face when a minor character decides to steal the show: @Fictorians

Elements of Southern fiction: @xymarla

Should Writers Let Reader Expectations Influence Artistic Judgement? @woodwardkaren

Writing With a Touch of Madness: @tianawarner

How to Apply the Advice to "Show, Don't Tell": @nickdaws

Your Author Business Plan: Compare, Contrast And Conquer: @susanspann

Literature suffers as the pub. ind. shifts focus to digital revolution: @Porter_Anderson @EdNawotka @jenniecoughlin

How to Write a Story Like Les Miserables: @joebunting

4 Tips for Fixing the Infamous "Info Dump": @jamigold

Tips for Pacing Your Novel: @fictionnotes

13 Resolutions To Make You A Better, More Productive Writer In 2013: @kimber_regator

Great scene: Citizen Kane: @gointothestory

Discover Your Hidden Book:

Self-Discipline for the Distracted Writer: @JulieEshbaugh

10 Incredibly Stupid Ways Superheroes and Villains Have Died: @io9

10 things 1 writer wishes she had known before getting published: @bookviewcafe

Do You Hide Your Writing From Friends & Family? @turndog_million

Tips for getting your ebook noticed:

What Magic Realism Has to Offer Horror: @mybookishways @manuscriptgal

How Long Should You Keep Trying to Get Published? @janefriedman

Failing your 2013 writing resolutions? Top 10 Strategies for Making Your New Year's Resolution Stick: @lifehacker

New Adult: Marketing? Age? Accessibility? What makes it different? @wordforteens

Symbolism Preliminaries:

When you should write a sequel to your novel–and when you shouldn't: @dirtywhitecandy

Options for Conflict in a Scene: @kmweiland

How 1 writer fast-drafts: @LeighAnnKopans

How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis: @stdennard

Self-publishing--Planning for the Long Term:

Writing a Book Series from a Blog Series: @laurahoward78

Writing Nowadays–Observations on Ambition: @StevenPiziks

Finding your tactical plan for writing this year: @livewritethrive

Screenwriting Advice From The Past: The Denouement: @gointothestory

6 things writers taught an editor: @ruthharrisbooks

5 Online Dictionaries: @writing_tips

Understanding the Story Climax: @SHalvatzis

How to Stay Loyal to Your Writing Schedule: @ollinmorales

A free directory of cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, and more:

The Search Engine for Writers:

13 point blog checklist: @HeidiCohen

3 Problems of Nonparallel Interjections: @writing_tips

Non-American spelling:

A warning to screenwriters: @cockeyed_caravan

Should you use a pen name if your real name is difficult to spell or pronounce? @KgElfland2ndCuz

Easy Ways to Build Your Novel's Character: @Lindasclare

Scene Goals: what your characters want: @woodwardkaren

3 tips for dealing with critiques: @writersdigest

Why Every Author Should Be On Goodreads In 2013 [Infographic]: @jonathangunson

The 48-Hour Sulk Rule & the Creative's Occupational Hazard: @MarkMcGuinness

Learn to Be a Better Writer By Reading Fanfiction: @io9

10 Grammar & Usage-Related Resolutions: @writerscramp1

Book Cover Trends That Have Oversaturated the Market: @deadwhiteguys

How to pitch:

How a paradox can help you to warm to your protagonist: @donmaass

The Magic of Stephen King: The Opening Paragraphs Of The Dead Zone: @woodwardkaren

The infodump scene:

9 Ways To Stay On The Writer's Fast Track Once You're On It: @ollinmorales

40 Ways to Develop and Protect Your Writing Brand:

25 Writer Resolutions For 2013 (And Beyond): {lang}

Publishing--What to watch for in 2013: @MikeShatzkin

Script To Screen: "Double Indemnity": @gointothestory

Vowing to blog more? 7 shortcuts for fast blog posts: @publicityhound

Right Now Is the Best Time Ever To Be a Writer (if you work for it): @danblank

Writing Rules and Fantasy: Kill Your Darlings: @VickyThinks

1-Star Amazon Reviews from Readers Who "Haven't Read It Yet": @ddscottromcom

Why Writers Should Use the My Healthy Habits App: @jasonboog

A list of top 10 villainesses: @emeraldfennell

12 Tips for Recovering from Writing Burnout: @jamigold

An Agent on The Editorial Process: @stevelaubeagent

Why do so many villains get caught on purpose? @io9

The Starburst Method of Plotting: @woodwardkaren

Stop obsessing over your numbers: @kristinerusch

6 Effective Ways to Inspire Yourself: @write_practice

Dialogue Tags Are Annoying: @mooderino

The Business of Screenwriting: Anatomy of a Deal: @gointothestory

What's the Most Important Moment in Your Character's Arc? @KMWeiland

Starting a New chapter: Defeating the Blank Page: @fictionnotes

Developmental Editing: @kcraftwriter

Standalones, Trilogies, and Series: @Suzanne_Johnson

Brain "Rules" for Writers:

3 Ways to Supercharge Your Writing This Year: @jfbookman

How To Combat Book Piracy This Year: @galleycat

15 Great Vintage Book Covers: @publisherswkly

6 Tricks For When You Don't Want To Write: @joebunting

How Much Detail Should Writers Use? @kristenlambtx

Classic Books On The Craft Of Writing:

The Business of Screenwriting: Anatomy of a Deal (When the Project Isn't Made): @gointothestory

Let Characters Be Wrong: @mooderino

Give your book a theme: @karalennox

Dealing With the Passage of Time Between Scenes: @janice_hardy

Why Your Characters Should Be "Gray": @kmweiland

The Secret to Writing a First Novel: @JCBaggott

Jane Dystel: Agents Unwilling to Adapt Won't Last: @passivevoiceblg

How To Modify A MS Word Paragraph Style: @woodwardkaren

Testifying for Fan Fiction: @PeterDamien

Summarizing in Books: When it's Good and When it's Bad: @AmericanEditing

7 things 1 writer has learned so far: @ARScattergood

Data tracking and book recommendations: @Porter_Anderson @jwikert

Physical Attribute Entry: Fingernails: @angelaackerman

Crafting a Strong Beginning With a Young Narrator: @janice_hardy

The 10 best Jane Austen characters – in pictures: @guardianbooks

Great Scene: "Citizen Kane": @gointothestory

13 Ways To Kickstart Your Writing in 2013: @ajackwriting

Writing is Pain, Learn to Take a Hit: @kristenlamb

Data tracking and book recommendations: @Porter_Anderson @jwikert

‘Legitimacy’ and Traditional Publishers: @Porter_Anderson @jennienash