Sunday, January 20, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Making Money From indie Publishing: A Guide For the Hopeful, the Optimistic and the Doomed: @sarahahoyt

How to Cut the Filler and Tighten Your Book: @kmweiland

Goal-Keeping from the Greats: @diymfa

Marketing Your E-Book: Making The Most Of Your Time:

The New World of Publishing: Goals and Dreams: @deanwesleysmith

Resort settings featured in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Grammar: Know the Rules Before You Break Them: @suspense_writer

Cautious and adventurous personality types in crime fiction: @mkinberg

A preview of today's DBW conference: . Twitter updates: #DBW13 @Porter_Anderson

Top 10 Things One Writer Learned About Social Media Marketing: @colbymarshall

The DBW con: kid lit goes digital, issues for trad. pubs, piracy, more: @porter_anderson .Follow con #DBW13

Can You Tell ‘Male Writing’ from ‘Female?’ @Porter_Anderson @MykeCole @TeresaFrohock

A "Dear Abby" Writing Exercise: @LAMysteryWriter

Whoever Told You Editing Was Easy is Nuts: @behlerpublish

Writing Horror: What Makes A Story Scary? @woodwardkaren

The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains: @LeoWid

Writing a better climactic scene: @Lindasclare

When to shut down a creative life: @emergentpublish

Starting a New chapter: Defeating the Blank Page: @fictionnotes

Why we don't write: @write_practice

Great Scene: "Casablanca": @gointothestory

Great Character: Buddy ("Elf"): @gointothestory

Freelancing--the writer's portfolio:

Real Life Diagnostics: Using the Journal Format in a YA Novel: @janice_hardy

The Structure Of Short Stories: The Elevator Pitch Version: @woodwardkaren

Writing Religion in Fantasy:

Create Your Own Storybook App: @JulieFHedlund

Should you re-query an agency? @rachellegardner

Tips for writing a book proposal: @GillianMarchenk

Managing Story Conflict: @SHalvatzis

Tips for authors for getting their books into local bookstores: @bizauthor

The Three Building Blocks of the Scene: @kmweiland

How Do Authors Reach *Readers*? @annerallen

How to add jeopardy to your story before the main conflict starts: @dirtywhitecandy

Writing Goals Versus Writing Dreams: How To Get From One To The Other: @woodwardkaren

How much do ebooks cost to create?

Trying to place more of your stories in anthologies and ezines? Use a lower word count: @BryanThomasS

Using the Real World in Fantasy Fiction: @fantasyfaction

1 writer reports on a KDP Select experiment:

Lessons From 'The Godfather' On Sticking To Your Creative Vision: @danblank

e Business of Screenwriting: Withdrawing screen credit and pseudonyms: @gointothestory

Editing & Critiquing: @woodwardkaren

How Writing Helps Us Heal: @write_practice

Toothless Writing Goals? Try These Tools: @Jan_Ohara

Clothes in books: "A black dress, and a jewel the size of a trouser-button": @clothesinbooks

7 Elements of an Effective Landing Page Designed to Increase Your Mailing List: @karencv

The Psychology of Rejection & Criticism: @markmcguinness

9 Tips For Finishing That Novel: @annastanisz

How to Edit Your Own Writing: @cbmcmillan

Writing Worldbuilding Into Our Books: @davidbcoe

Why we need beta readers:

Dealing with Rejection: @avajae

Effects Of Stress On Creativity: @TheArtofMind

A writer reports on using CreateSpace:

Male Authors, Discover Your Feminine Side: @turndog_million

Problems for writers as readers: @suzanne_writer

When Your Schedule Changes And Writing Suffers: @yahighway

Fight your censor:

Keeping track of your characters:

How you should treat edits on page proofs/pass pages:

Mistakes with metaphors: @robdyoungwrites

Character Development: What Do They Want? @ava_jae

Blending Sex and Suspense:

How to Choose a Creative Writing Course:

The InfoDump Scene:

Tips for using dashes:

Promotional Techniques for Authors: @ashkrafton

Finding the Balance Between Action and Character: @janice_hardy

Stupid Characters vs. Stupid Decisions: They're Not the Same: @ava_jae

16 villain archetypes: @tamicowden

Know the Dramatic Question of Your Story: @cockeyed_caravan

What's the Most Important Moment in Your Character's Arc? @KMWeiland

Writing bloopers to avoid: @Lindasclare

3 Reasons Why You Need a Mailing List as an Author: @fcmalby

The Business of Screenwriting: Anatomy of a Deal: @gointothestory

6 Effective Ways to Inspire Yourself: @write_practice

9 ways to shatter genre boxes: @io9

Learn to Use Keyboard Shortcuts Like a Ninja: @kingthor

5 things to remember about writing: @theresastevens

Scene-stealing Antagonists:

Art first, commerce later: @kristinerusch

Write badly: @selfpubreview

Dialogue Tags Are Annoying: @mooderino

7 Great Book Dedications: @johannthors

An agent on the year of self-pub: @sarahlapolla

Romance novels that read more like categories: @heroesnhearts

Finding Your Audience and Branching Out: @booklifenow

*Is* Writing Creative? @lilylefevre

Attracting Reader Responses on Your Blog: @auntyamo

Semicolons: @WriteJoMichaels

Striving to Be a Better Writer by Writing More: @karencv

10 Elements of Reality Not Allowed in Fiction:

Should novelists be bloggers? @jfbookman

Fantasy: Manipulating the Mythos: @rmriegel

Blogs For Writers: @woodwardkaren

Dramatic Situation Vs. Dramatic Scene: Win the Fight Against Poor Form: @cdrosales

WIP feedback: When, How Often, How: @fictionnotes

How Music Affects the Writing Process: @KMWeiland

Kobo Becoming a Player for Self-Published Ebook Authors: @goblinwriter

YA--beyond wizards and vampires, to sex: @nytimes @leslieNYT

5 Ways to Optimise Your Facebook Author Page: @fcmalby

Starting a Podcast: What You Need to Know to Succeed: @smexaminer

3 steps to hosting a giveaway: @TweetTheBook

Why Do We Bother?: The Quest for Accuracy: @davidbcoe

7 Ways Twitter is a Writer's Endless Holiday Party: @NinaBadzin

All about book trailers (and resources for making your own): @PBRWriter

Whys & Hows of Co-Writing a Novel: @LauraHoward78

Ebook pricing: @goblinwriter

8 Books for Writers: @raimalarter

"People forget years and remember moments." @gointothestory

Smooth Out Your Novel's Scene Writing: @Lindasclare

Designing character interviews that really matter: @juliettewade

The benefits of long-writing: @woodwardkaren

3 Cheap Promo Ideas for Self-Published Authors:

Exploring Tortured Heroines in Romance Novels: @heroesnhearts

How 1 writer used Kickstarter to reboot a series: @tobiasbuckell

Turning Passive Plots into Active Plots: @susanjmorris

7 Ways to Add Subplots to Your Novel: @BrianKlems

Different Characters, Different Beliefs: @mooderino

Stephen King Gives Screenwriting Advice: @galleycat

Writing across the media: @tordotcom

"Platform" Doesn't Have to Be a Four-Letter Word: @AuthorTedFox

5 Famous Authors Who Became Infamous: @jtjarzemsky

Why 1 writer decided not to self-pub his stories: @jamietr

Do You Follow Yourself Around The Web? @novelrocket

13 Types of Writers' Blogs – Pros and Cons: @VeronicaSicoe

Unleashing the Internal Editor: A Self-Editing Checklist: @jodyhedlund

An index of helpful writing guides for writers:

How To Measure Your Writing Success: @originalimpulse

Some questions for interviewing your characters:

Successful Query Letters for Literary Agents: @galleycat

Protect Your Wrists: Exercises for Writers: @jamigold

Tips for breathing life into your fiction: @JanalynVoigt

The Universality Is in the Details: @livewritethrive

4 Simple Ways to Track Your Book Marketing Progress: @duolit

How To Give Your Story a Better Middle: @storyfix

Fun With Foreshadowing: @cockeyed_caravan

TED Presentations from Writers: @galleycat

The Value of Google+ As A Writer's Platform: @woodwardkaren

The Intersection of YA and Dystopian: @lkhillbooks

How to Embed a Twitter Tweet Into Your Blog Post: @jfbookman

Your Optimal Creativity Time May Be the Opposite of Your Optimal Cognitive Time: @lifehackorg

Assume Reader Resistance: @mooderino

The Cure For Perfectionism: @woodwardkaren

Don't Hide Your Harlequins: In Defense Of Romance: @howtowriteshop @npr

The Importance of Knowing Your Ending: @yahighway

Retellings vs. fanfiction -- where do you draw the line? @wordforteens

5 Ways Writers Should Approach Criticism: @cerebralgrump

Tips for running a blog tour: @beth_barany