Sunday, January 13, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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Making Money From indie Publishing: A Guide For the Hopeful, the Optimistic and the Doomed: @sarahahoyt

Self-Pub or Traditional Pub? Which is the Right First Step for You? @annerallen

Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Write a Scene: @storyfix

Smashwords & Libraries: Precedent & Product: @Porter_Anderson @markcoker @naypinya

How to ignore an editor's suggestions and still fix your novel: @dirtywhitecandy

3 things which are NOT signs you should give up on your messy first draft: @YAHighway

Making a Quiet Opening Work: @janice_hardy

The Dark Art Of Critiquing: What Makes A Story Good? @woodwardkaren

7 Ways Twitter is a Writer's Endless Holiday Party: @NinaBadzin

Bring Out the Emotion in Your Characters:

Reference Books for Writers & Editors: @noveleditor

What to Do When You Fall Back Into Your Old, Less Productive Ways: @RealLifeE

The Likable Unlikable Character: @noveleditor

Story Crisis and Climax: @SHalvatzis

Copywriting And Making Money As A Writer: @MindyMcHorse

How to Create Foundation Posts for Your Blog: @jfbookman

Tips for finding an agent: @rachellegardner

Self pub tips from @GuyKawasaki: @LauraPepWu

Freelance Editing: How to Hire an Editor for Your Book or Query Letter: @ChuckSambuchino

3 Ways to Support Your Fiction Habit While Working Towards That Big Contract: @novelrocket

Formulating a Clear Vision for Your Writing Career: @livewritethrive

How Readers Discovered a Debut Novel: A Case Study:

Why Your Story Shouldn't Be Too Tidy: @yeomanis

All about book trailers (and resources for making your own): @PBRWriter

3 Steps For Creative Writers to Tell it Slant: @PatrickRwrites

8 Signs That You Were Meant to Be a Writer:

3 Great Scenes, and No Weak Ones, Make a Successful Story:

Back Up Your Work Twice: @amiekaufman

Governments and Politics Enter Scientific Publishing: @scholarlykitchn

Is it Possible to Have Too Many Twitter Followers? @janice_hardy

101 Social Media Marketing Resources: @HeidiCohen

Tuning Out Your Inner Editor: @kaneville

Marketing New Adult: @NaAlleyBlog

5 WordPress Mistakes Even Experts Can Miss: @copyblogger

Are We Settling For Less Than We Intend To? @VeronicaSicoe

The Myth of Simple: @cherylrwrites

Making a Bad Thing Look Like a Good Thing: The Truth About Writer's Block: @Fictorians

Opening a Novel with Life or Death: @4YALit

Creativity-oriented sites that inspire: @PaulBiedermann

Whys & Hows of Co-Writing a Novel: @LauraHoward78

Ask the Agent: Options For Novellas and More Advice on Query Etiquette: @breeogden

The Theology of Screenwriting: Faith: @gointothestory

Writers--plan your estate. Have you willed your intellectual property? Estate planning: @passivevoiceblg @kristinerusch

The Dark Art of Critiquing: Formulating A Critique: @woodwardkaren

The Most Common Grammar Gaffes Writers Make (and How To Avoid Them): @GuyKawasaki

5 Dos and Don'ts for Picking an Editor: @susanjmorris

How Do We Handle Rejection and Keep on Pressing? @kristenlamb

Writing Villains: @curiosityquills

7 Norse Myths We Wouldn't Have Without Snorri: @tordotcom

Say Cheese! 12 Terrible Photos of Bestselling Authors: @thejamminjabber

The commodity publishing model ("faster authors, faster!"): @Porter_Anderson @JaneFriedman

10 Must Read Australian Horror Writers: @thisishorror

Do writers need agents? @deanwesleysmith

Six scientists on the most accurate science fiction in their fields: @Annaleen

A roundup of posts that will help your blog in 2013: @WritingH

INDIE-ReCon – a free online conference for self publishing: @laurapauling

Villains and the Weakness of Beauty in Romance: @heroesnhearts

Does Quiet = Boring? @juliemusil

Morally Murky Characters: @storydepth

Can Writers Reuse Their Own Work? @jamigold

Ten Tips on Getting Book Blog Reviews: @KarenGowen

How To Disappear From The Internet: @lifehackorg

Happy Little Trees: The Bob Ross Guide To Getting Your Creative Groove On: @KristinNador

Don't Be Afraid of Theme: @KALongshore

What it takes to be a die-hard writer: @jodyhedlund

Writing male point of view: @juliettewade

Ways to promote your book on Pinterest: @ninaamir

10 things for writers to do in 2013: @KeithCronin

How to Use the Element of Surprise to Improve Your Writing: @lkhillbooks

Smashwords & Libraries: Precedent & Product: @Porter_Anderson @markcoker @naypinya

The Theology of Screenwriting: Despair: @gointothestory

Ebook pricing: @goblinwriter

8 Books for Writers: @raimalarter

Attracting Reader Responses on Your Blog: @auntyamo

Survey shows many authors weighing the pros and cons of self-pub: @thefuturebook @samatlounge

How to Manage Expectations: Set the Mood: @cockeyed_caravan

Why are novelists turning to co-authors? @passivevoiceblg

What to avoid when querying: @lynnettelabelle

Turning Off Your Inner Editor: @woodwardkaren

What Writers Need to Know About Goodreads: @galleycat

7 Strategies Villains Use to Trick Their Victims: @marcykennedy

Publishing Personalities Advise on Designing the Bookshop of the Future: @pubperspectives

How to Create an Endless Stream of Blog Post Ideas: @jfbookman

6 Marketing Tips for Authors: @msheatherwebb

Why you should pitch a single book: @rachellegardner

The Real Lowdown on Selling with an Agent: @SaraMegibow

The Power of Theme: @TaliaVance

Wasting Your Time Until You Sell a Book?

E-readers reading your reading: A serious invasion of privacy? @alisonflood

Script To Screen: "The Shining": @gointothestory

Why Stupid Characters Make for Stupid Stories: @kmweiland

Dealing with Online Offense–When is It OK to Lecture Others? @kristenlambtx

Tips for a 2000 word a day writing habit: @lifehackorg

'Emotive music explains the terror of the people' – Undercover Soundtrack: @byrozmorris @lizfisherfrank

Sensual phrase list for romance writers and writers of romantic scenes: @SharlaWrites

10 Reasons Your Screenplay Sucks (and how to fix it): @medkno

A 3-point revision checklist: @annastanisz

Writing A Story? Make Sure You Have A Concept Not Just An Idea: @woodwardkaren

10 E-Newsletter Tips For Authors & Bloggers: @mollygreene

International Writing Scams and How to Protect Yourself: @victoriastrauss

Scholastic Editors Forecast Top 10 Trends in Children's Books for 2013: @passivevoiceblg

Writing Goals Sheet: @diymfa

How to Manage Viewer/Reader Expectations: Plant the Right Questions: @cockeyed_caravan

Querying Agents: Why isn't it Working? @AmericanEditing

Tips for Writing Micro-tension: @donaldmaass

Want Professional Ebook Covers On A Budget? Try Ready-To-Go Options: @thecreativepenn

Writing Like It's 2009: @kristinerusch

How Writers Can Use Pinterest:

Why Your Story Should Have A Theme: @woodwardkaren

Self-care for writers:

Attracting opposite-gender readers..."And What If a Man Writes Romance?": @Porter_Anderson @turndog_million

Some well-known authors' responses to the film adaptations of their work: @flavorpill

"People forget years and remember moments." @gointothestory

5 Ways to Deal with Failure: @rachellegardner

Should you Always Show-Don't-Tell? @fictionnotes

The Hero's Journey through the Double Helix series: @JadeKerrion

The Devil's in the Details:

9 Ways to Generate Your Best Ideas: @andyjmllr

Fan Fiction to Published Book: A Case Study: @stacygreen26 @jamigold

5 Tips To Determine If Your Manuscript Is Ready To Send Out: @wherewriterswin

Assume Reader Resistance: @mooderino

Your Optimal Creativity Time May Be the Opposite of Your Optimal Cognitive Time: @lifehackorg

How To Write A Twitter Story: @woodwardkaren

Identifying Your Story Theme: @V_Rossibooks

10 Techniques for Getting Tension on Every Page: @jodyhedlund

How To Keep Your Story On Track: Chart "Who Knows What, When": @LisaCron

The Theology of Screenwriting: Evil: @gointothestory

How to Manage Reader/Viewer Expectations...And Evade the Wrong Questions: @cockeyed_caravan

5 Podcasts for Writers: @jeanoram

Choosing a Story Idea: 4 Questions Every Romance Writer Should Ask Themselves: @writersdigest

To be more creative, mix up your work: @tannerc

Manuscript Critiques—A Help or a Hindrance? @jfbookman @livewritethrive

What You Write About Doesn't Matter as Much as You Think: @jeffgoins

How to be an organized writer:

Dialogue tips:

Getting Started With Dictation Software: @Wizardgold

5 Tips For Building Buzz For Your Book: @susankayequinn

Twitter For Indie Authors:

Self-Publishing: It's Not a Backup Plan: @ava_jae