Sunday, January 6, 2013


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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A 3-point revision checklist: @annastanisz

Point of View in Science-Fiction: @VeronicaSicoe

The Final Battle (Elements of Act Three): @AlexSokoloff

Tips for hooking readers: @write_practice

Visual Editing: Color Coding Your Way to a Cleaner Manuscript: @danyelleleafty

How Unnecessary Creating Changes Everything: @beAccidental

A site with daily, succinct , screenwriting tips: @XanderBennett

Writing A Story? Make Sure You Have A Concept Not Just An Idea: @woodwardkaren

Top Ten Rules of Space Opera: @io9

The Muppets and Mahna, Mahna – the Untold Story: @thisishorror

3 Quiet Fears that Stop Writers from Writing: @writersdigest

Most Common British/American English Spelling Mistakes: @thecreativepenn

Promoting Science Through Science Fiction:

Even the Underground Needs Editors:

Profanity in fantasy: @nkjemisin

So you wrote a novel. Now what? @p2p_editor

10 Colloquial Terms and Their Meanings: @writing_tips

Change is not the enemy: @pbr_writer

Learning to See the Good in Bad Writing: @Christi_Craig

Actions and Reactions: The End-All-Be-All of Storytelling: @jamigold

Misconceptions About Writing Careers: @cockeyed_caravan

10 E-Newsletter Tips For Authors & Bloggers: @mollygreene

How to Cut the Filler and Tighten Your Book: @KMWeiland

10 Best Writing Workbooks: @charmaineclancy

Tips for Getting Published in Literary Magazines and Journals: @melissadonovan

Tips for avoiding writing bloopers:

Tips for working through writer's block:

Story Crisis & Climax: @shalvatzis

Using Beats To Strengthen Characters And Setting: @rlbelliston

Moral Causes in Fantasy Worlds: @mythicscribes

The 19 Most Popular Articles on Writing of 2012 for Writer's Digest: @writersdigest

Get Your Novel Moving: Cure for Stagnant Openings: @Lindasclare

Literary Journal Submission Tip: Avoid Clich├ęs, or Twist them into Treasure: @MsBessieBell

The Daily Routines of Famous Writers: @brainpicker

Tips for satisfying story payoffs:

Too much characterization? Too little? Prioritize: @laurelgarver

Psychoanalyzing your villain: @theheraldryang

Creating Memorable Supporting Characters: @woodwardkaren

Creating tension: @Christina_Lee04

4 Options for Improving Your Fiction: @writeitsideways

Four Levels of Showing and Telling: @pyrosama

3 quick self-editing tips: @Lindasclare

Where Do Successful Authors Get Their Most Brilliant Writing Ideas? @melissadonovan

Dean Wesley Smith's Advice To Indie Authors For 2013: How To Sell Fiction: @woodwardkaren

The Multifunctional Life of Dialogue Tags: @behlerpublish

Perfecting the Query Letter--tips: @lynnettelabelle

How to Write a Page Turner: @juliemusil

Writer's Block: 5 Top Tips for Finding Inspiration: @fcmalby

How to Write a Reader-Friendly Essay: @writersdigest

Measuring Creative Success: @diymfa

Post NaNo Revisions: The Agents' Perspective: @yahighway

How Blogging a Book Provides You with a Continuous Flow of Blog Posts: @ninaamir

Creating a homelike, appealing setting: @donaldmaass

5 blog tour tips: @BwitchedBkworms

Taking On Insecurity And Kicking It To The Ground: @VeronicaSicoe

I'm Not a Real Writer If… : @LyndaRYoung

Your Author Brand – How to Make the Most of It: @ollyrhodes

Test Your Characters: Are They Strong Enough? @woodwardkaren

10 Lessons From a Completed Novel: @kmweiland

Writerly Uses For Excel – Part 2: @JennyHansenCA

Starting a New chapter: Defeating the Blank Page: @fictionnotes

Settings in Your Novel That Work As Triggers: @livewritethrive

How to Survive a Critique: @MarcyKennedy

How to Manage Expectations, Prologue: Every Criticism is the Product of an Unmet Expectation: @cockeyed_caravan

Craft: Revision: @fantasyfaction

How To Storyboard a Book for Marketing Purposes: @bob_mayer

The Theology of Screenwriting: Congregation: @gointothestory

22 rules of successful storytelling: @lawnrocket @pbjpublishing

Working with reader assumptions as a writer: @bluemaven

10 Ways to Kill Your Book Club: @WallaceYovetich

Bragging without killing our online credibility: @kristenlambtx

How to Research an Ancient Society for Your Fiction: @laurapauling @hp4writers

The Difference Between Conflict and Tension: @kmweiland

Reconnecting with Your Lost Love of Writing: @CKKellyMartin

'You Are All Alone': The Best And Worst Things About Freelancing: @passivevoiceblg

30 minutes daily to building a platform:|+Duolit%29 @duolit

When to shut down a creative life: @emergentpublish

Writing a better climactic scene: @Lindasclare

Forging Your Own Independence as a Writer: @philjourdan

The Science of Storytelling: Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains: @LeoWid

Ghosts of Writers Future: @kristinerusch

Write Smart, Not Fast: @DannyIny

Spicing Up a Story With Similes & Metaphors: @jodyhedlund

What The Hobbit Taught 1 Writer About Writing: @joebunting

Developmental editing tips: @rebeccaberto

How To Write An eBook: Pulling Your Team Together: @inkybites

Every writer should learn to self-publish: @namenick

How to de-risk book publishing: @Magnify

Writing Horror: What Makes A Story Scary? @woodwardkaren

4 Tips For Understanding KDP Select: @BadRedheadMedia

Writing fiction with animal protagonists:

How to Write a Book Review: @writing_tips

Losing the (Historical) Plot:

How Do You Know If Your Work is Any Good? @rachellegardner

Patriarchal societies and historically accurate sexism in fantasy? and @TheMarySue @tansyrr

Writing, Rejections, and Going for that Overhead Smash:

The Anatomy and Value of Fictional Violence: @KgElfland2ndCuz

Use non-fiction angles to promote your novel: @LauraPepWu

Need to Get in the Head of Your Character? Try a Mask Poem: @artsyletters

The Business of Screenwriting: Withdrawing screen credit and pseudonyms: @gointothestory

Writing Sex: Kaleidoscope, or, How paranormal helps when you're tired of tab A and slot B:

How to Write Dynamic Dialogue:

Tips for tackling revisions: @stdennard

Writing A Book: What Happens After The First Draft? @thecreativepenn

What Dialogue Can Do for Your Stories--And What It Should Never Try to Do:

How to Manage Expectations, Step 1: Choose a Genre: @cockeyed_caravan

Use only 1 coincidence in a book: @karalennox

Debut Author vs. Career Author: @susankayequinn

How to Write When You Don't Want To: @ava_jae

Beat sheet of the movie "The Flight":

Is some popular YA really fan fiction? @BooksAreMyBFs

Print and eBooks cannot co-exist after all: @thefuturebook

10 Unlikely Things That Were Influenced by J.R.R. Tolkien: @io9

How and why 1 writer chose to self-pub: @lisleong

Free Sites to Promote Your eBook: @galleycat

Writing--goals and rewards: @diymfa

Why 1 writer paid for a book review and why he won't again: @erikwecks

Editing & Critiquing: @woodwardkaren

Lessons From 'The Godfather' On Sticking To Your Creative Vision: @danblank

How to Structure a Killer Novel Ending: @writersdigest

Why Netflix Makes You a Better Writer: @robdyoungwrites

The Theology of Screenwriting: Grace: @gointothestory

What Writers, Editors, and Publishers Should Worry About: @robertleebrewer

5 Ways to Find an Agent for Your Book: @galleycat

Why Women Writers Still Take Men's Names: @wsj

A Simple Approach to Revisions: @cathyyardley

What are your scene's goals? 5 questions to ask: @Porter_Anderson @KMWeiland

Flawed characters add depth to crime fiction: @mkinberg

The problem with writers reviewing their own books on Amazon: @Porter_Anderson @andrew_hough @jeremyduns

Adult sibling relationships in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Thinking Commercially: @fictionnotes

Quick recap of literary elements we could consider using in our writing:

4 Songwriting Tips For Scoring Film and TV Placements: @usasong

You ought to be in pages (or should you?): @bufocalvin

Getting Readers Onboard Without Infodumping: @janice_hardy

7 Ways Writing a Screenplay is Different Than Writing a Novel: @writersdigest

Rebellious characters: @jeanniecampbell

10 Television Cliffhangers That Make Great Series Finales: @io9

Tightening your plot by layering: @juliettewade

12 Tips On How To Write Antagonists Your Readers Will Love To Hate: @woodwardkaren