Sunday, December 9, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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How to Use Google+ as an Author Platform:

Is Your Dialog Doing Double Duty? @sdwriter

Media Kit for Indie Authors:
UK agency brings UK authors'backlist to Amer. audience--via KDP: @jonnygeller @laurahazardowen

An agent with 13 business etiquette tips: @rachellegardner

Manuscript Revisions – Exposition and Incluing: @VeronicaSicoe

The Super Power of Encouragement:

How to Generate Ideas in Your Sleep: @write_practice

More Writing Advice From Jim Butcher: @woodwardkaren

Writing as an Act of Faith: A Case Study: @cherylrwrites

What one writer has learned from self-pubbing: @livewritethrive

Are Some Realities Too Real For Fiction?

What makes a folktale? @bookviewcafe

L.A. Indie Book Publishers Are Thriving: @josephalapin

Is book pirating bad for writers?

How to Effectively Rebrand Your Social Media Profiles: @smexaminer

Your Author Central Page: Tune Up, Tune In: @WhereWritersWin

Integrating Feedback into the Writing Process:

How to 'Do More' with Your Writing: @serbaughman

Writing Tip: Keep an Ideas List: @ava_jae

A Beginner's Guide to Marketing Indie Literary Fiction: @jamesccamp @duolit

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Online Writing Course: @krissybrady

Self-Publishers Aren't Killing The Industry, They're Saving It: @DavidGaughran

65+ apps and resources for writers: @michellerafter

Increase your blog followers through a giveaway: @nickthacker

More thoughts on libraries and ebook lending: @MikeShatzkin

30 Windows 8 Features You Should Know Before You Upgrade Your PC: @lifehackorg

16 Paintings Featuring Books: @MissLiberty

All about publishing auctions: @sjaejones

How (Not) to Be an Awesome Critique Partner: @ava_jae

What does "literary style" mean in terms of writing a screenplay? @gointothestory

Turning Fact into Fiction: @DeeWhiteAuthor

How to Take Constructive Criticism Like a Champ: @lifehacker

Tips for Self-Publishing in the iBookstore: @galleycat

4 Lessons Running Can Teach You About Writing: @writersdigest

On stealing good ideas: @mooderino

In Storytelling, Emotion Trumps All: @HP4Writers

The smartest thing in publishing is to be flexible: @booksquare

How To Get Your Readers To Identify With Your Main Character: @woodwardkaren

How To Fund Your Book Using Kickstarter: @whiskyguyrob

Creating characters readers love to read: @4YALit

Booksellers Resisting Amazon's Disruption: @DavidStreitfeld

Dos and Don'ts of Synopsis Writing: @lynnettelabelle

How (& Where) to Get a Short Story Published: @writersdigest

How to Become a Financially Fit Freelancer: @krissybrady

Admitting Defeat to Find Success: @ThereseWalsh

What's the Best Way to Connect With Readers Online? @JodyHedlund

12 Most James Bond Worthy Tools for Freelancers: @Susan_Silver

1 writer's journey to publication: @brandontietz

You Can Write Today: @noveleditor

Chuck Wendig And The Battle Song Of The Storyteller: @woodwardkaren @chuckwendig

Why Did Publishers Get So Big? @scholarlykitchn

Can You Publish Blogged Material As a Kindle Ebook? @ninaamir

When writing romantic scenes where does one draw the line? @CindyMcDonald7

Differences in male and female POV: @rebeccaberto

"Eagerness to please," and the weakness of database marketing for directing the future of SF/F: @juliettewade

Tips for handling publishing's waiting game: @aswinn

Synopsis writing tips: @lynnettelabelle

All about publishing auctions: @sjaejones

Top 10 Tropes in YA: @StrangeChem

Using Excel Keep Your Novel Organized: @PBRWriter

What is Science Fiction for? @KgElfland2ndCuz

Tips for writing compelling antagonists: @KMWeiland

Tips for writing scary: @TaliaVance

A Framework for Thinking About Author Platform: @janefriedman

An outlining technique--answer questions to frame your plot:

Why one writer signed with a traditional publisher: @lkblackburne

An agent says, "There is no time for despair." @rachellegardner

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site: @smexaminer

10 Great Authors We Should All Stop Pigeonholing: @flavorpill

Answers to Questions About Commas: @writing_tips

The bane of niceties--deconstructing online commenting: @jodicleghorn

The Dreaded Conference Appointment: @stevelaubeagent

Tips for better dialogue:

The rise of literary genres: @guardianbooks

"Amazon's the devil — and I love it": @salon

Losing Perspective on Your Writing: @roniloren

When Bad Ideas Sabotage Killer Concepts: @storyfix
3 agents on the changing industry: @NeilBlairTBP @jonnygeller @AitkenAlexander @Porter_Anderson

3 Social Media Myths that Can Cripple Our Author Platform: @kristenlambtx

Read Like an Agent: @diymfa

Technology: Help Or Hindrance To Writers? @kimber_regator

Story Questions Worth Pursuing: @mooderino

Secondary characters can add dimension and tension: @juliettewade

4 Things a Character List Reveals about Your Novel: @fictionnotes

Blank Page? 5 Ways to Find Inspiration: @L_Meyer

Hiding in the Writing Closet: Good or Bad? @jodyhedlund

Using ancient beliefs in the Underworld to inspire our writing: @GeneLempp

A Writing Exercise For Engaging Your Readers: @writersdigest

Think Outside Your Genre: @amiekaufman

2 Ways Your Brain is Wired to Undermine Your Story – And What To Do About It: @LisaCron

The Art and Use of Fantastic Criticism:

Tips for writing dialogue: @JordanDane

Tips for better book signings:|+Duolit%29&utm_content=Google+Reader @duolit

How To Earn A Living As A Self-Published Writer: @woodwardkaren

Freelancers--how to collect an overdue payment for a story: @michelleRafter

Self-publishing requires a business mindset: @thecreativepenn

Timeframes and The Editing Process: @LRGiles

The Business of Screenwriting: Low-budget filmmaking: @gointothestory

Why it's Worth it to Purchase Your Own Domain Name: @HarryGuinness

An agent's tips for writing a 1-sentence summary: @rachellegardner

Which Point of View Is Right For You? @woodwardkaren

How to Write a Book Proposal: @janefriedman

Creating a Cliffhanger in 3 Easy Steps:

How spending even 15 min. a day on writing can benefit your story:

Bringing The Theater to Your Writing: @fantasyfaction

Are You Cut Out to be an Indie Publisher? @ninaamir

Creating The Perfect Villain: (video) @jacobkrueger

Actions Speaks Louder Than Words…Especially in Fiction: @writtendreams

Blogging a book--killing 3 birds with 1 stone: @ninaamir

A Writer's Five Stages of Rejection:

Cardboard Characters: @novelrocket

Physical Attributes Thesaurus Entry: Eyes: @beccapuglisi

Writing Rules and Fantasy: Show, Don't Tell: @VickyThinks

Checklist for a Helpful Critique: @howtowriteshop

10 Ways to Stay True to Yourself in Publishing: @writersdigest

The Simplest Advice for Writing to "The End": @museinks

Screenwriting--script diaries: @gointothestory

Yes, Your Submission Phobia Is Holding You Back:

Getting your book in front of readers: @LauraHoward78

Synopsis writing tips: @susanspann

Self-publishing strategizing: @authornordin

7 Ways to Get Your Book Reviewed: @LauraPepWu

8 Words to Seek and Destroy in Your Writing: @robdyoungwrites

7 Best iPad Apps for Freelance Writers: @nickthacker

Tips for approaching book bloggers for reviews: @bookmarketer

A Study of Plot: Looking for Cause and Effect in a Synopsis: @janice_hardy

The transformation of publishing: @guardianbooks

Bridging the Sales – Visibility Gap: @sharonbially

Freelancers--Spinning Your Way to Profits: @bob_brooke

The Sensual Writer--Taste vs. Flavor:

Serial Fiction: Is It Profitable? @woodwardkaren

20 Ways to Use and Enhance Blog Photos: @heidicohen

Forget grammar during your 1st draft: @GrammarGirl

Book Covers: Photography vs. Illustration: @blurbisaverb

The Perils of Internet Information: @jamesscottbell

E-Serials as the “3rd Layer” in the Publishing World: @dcroog @pubperspectives

The recipe for writing a bestseller [infographic]: @dgquarterly

A dual crime-fiction trend--violence against women, but strong female protagonists: @mkinberg

Crowd­fund­ing: Is Kick­starter Los­ing Its Kick? @Porter_Anderson @PatrickRwrites @Suw

3 NaNo NoNos: @jemifraser @writeangleblog

Industry expert and indie leader on the Author Solutions deal with S&S: @MikeShatzkin @DavidGaughran @Porter_Anderson
Tips for collecting and organizing ideas--"couponing" for authors: