Sunday, December 16, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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The Biggest Problem Facing the Beginning Novelist—And 6 Tips for Avoiding It: @annerallen

Top 5 Reasons Nonfiction Authors Should Be Speakers, Too: @jfbookman

The Art of Writing Dialogue: @maria_mckenzie

Unreliable Narrators:

Tips for Writing Superhero Ensembles and Superhero Teams:

The Difference Between Paranormal Romance And Urban Fantasy: @woodwardkaren

6 Common Myths About Book Reviews: @livewritethrive

How to Pick a Good Critique Partner: @LyndaRYoung

Stephen King's tips for imagery: @galleycat

Famous literary exits: @guardianbooks

10 reading nooks: and 10 secret passage bookshelves: @deadwhiteguys

Tips for book beginnings: @4YALit

Ask the Agent: Wooing Agents, Focus, and More: @breeogden

Tips for Writing About Serious Subjects: @lisaburstein

8 tips for cutting the fat from your WIP: @GinaConroy

Dont' get bogged down in language: @mooderino

Learn your characters' secrets: @JulieEshbaugh

When your story isn't ready (but you're on top of a deadline):

4 Compelling Reasons to Make Guest Blogging a Priority: @alexisgrant

Create Revolutionary Characters: @KristinNador

Estate planning and copyright inheritance for authors: @PassiveVoiceBlg

The MacGuffin: A Plot Device From Screenwriting: @woodwardkaren

Prepare for the Critics, the Nasty Ones: @noveleditor

12 Clich├ęs To Avoid When Beginning Your Story: @writersdigest

A roundup of posts on ebook promo: @bookmarketer

Develop a Slogan to Help Your Author Platform: @robertleebrewer

Tips for focusing on 1 manuscript at a time: @DeeWhiteAuthor

Overcoming Dialogue Challenges: @wordsbywebb

1 writer's experience advertising with BookBub: @goblinwriter

Use WriteChain to Track Your Progress: @galleycat

Defending Your Writing to Scientists, Physicists… And Your Parents: @beinglizbreen

Is Serial Fiction Profitable? @woodwardkaren

Keep Submitting: @emergentpublish

3 Common Comma Errors: @writing_tips

Your readers' online haunts: @PYOEbooks

Thesaurus Pros and Cons: @CMKaufman

Publishers teching up: ‘Transformative, Exciting, Alarming’: @jwikert @Porter_Anderson @letiziasechi

The "who can be trusted?" theme in crime fiction and its trickiness for writers: @mkinberg

10 Ways to Sabotage Your Writing: @jamesscottbell

Telling It Twice - Incompatible Versions of a Story: @camillelaguire

How To Use QR Codes: @ebookrevolution @thecreativepenn

Top 5 Tips for Coping with Writing Pain (Carpal Tunnel, et al): @gailcarriger

Tips for Writing Meaningful Description: @susanjmorris

8 Tips for a Great Conference Experience: @Janice_Hardy

Maeve Binchy's tips for writing a page-turner: @fcmalby

Writing for the YA audience: @writersdigest

The writer's lens--our vision makes stories successful: @fictionnotes

Sell More Fiction by Activating the Power of Book Clubs: @janefriedman

After the editorial letter: The editor's perspective: @thejordache

Authors on Publishers: Who’s Sorry Now? @Porter_Anderson @NigelRoby

Including music in our stories--5 rules of thumb: @4YALit

Marketing Begins Before Your Book Releases: @novelrocket

Why 1 writer was glad the internet community didn't exist when she started writing: @jodyhedlund

Questions readers ask about ereaders: @junglereds

Self-publishing industry explodes: @PassiveVoiceBlg

An effective way of editing your own work: @fcmalby

Writing lessons learned from YA book "Just Listen": @juliemusil

Allegory: When a Story Is About Ideas: @write_practice

Is character more important than worldbuilding? @juliettewade

Series vs. Stand-Alone: Pros and Cons: @jamigold

Why Author Email Addresses Make a Difference: @authormedia

4 traits of successful writers: @BrianKlems

Tips for formatting synopses: @lynnettelabelle

The State of the YA Market:

How to Write a Killer Logline: @diymfa

6 Elements of a Great Dystopia: @lkhillbooks

Changing Your Process: @MsAnnAguirre

What Type of Edit Does Your Book Need? @marcykennedy

Mustering the Courage to Turn Down a Publishing Contract: @KfirLuzzatto

Publishers Need to Think Themselves As Community Organizers: @brianoleary

7 Creativity Tips From a Top Mathematician: @passivevoiceblg

Ephemeral Horror and the Diffusion of Genre Markers: @KgElfland2ndCuz

25 Ways To Unstick A Stuck Story: {lang} @chuckwendig

A Look at the Merlin archetype: @genelempp

Pour on the Conflict: @KMWeiland

Speed-Writing: Not Just for NaNoWriMo Any More: @adriennedewolfe

Tips for beginning writers: @davey_beauchamp

The Anatomy of a Drama Pilot Sale: @Julie_Gray

Selling Ebooks Direct From Your Website:

Tips to Surviving the Road to Publication: @4YALit @SeanBeaudoin

Amazon Lists: The New Slush Pile? @woodwardkaren

Applying the Moral Premise to your story:

Top writing tips from 31 debut authors: @TaliaVance

Writerly Uses For Microsoft Excel: @JennyHansenCA

10 Things You Should Know About Plurals: @writerscramp1

How To Use 5 Online Mind Mapping Tools To Beat Procrastination:

Writing an Unplanned Sequel: @ninapost

Reaching Tween Readers: Content Matters More than Format: @pubperspectives

Character vs. gimmick--a tale of 2 short stories: @PhilAthans

A Framework for Thinking About Author Platform: @janefriedman

"Eagerness to please," and the weakness of database marketing for directing the future of SF/F: @juliettewade

Why it's Worth it to Purchase Your Own Domain Name: @HarryGuinness

3 dialogue tag issues to watch for:

The wonder and imperfection of 1st novels: @Marie_Lu

How 1 writer uses music as part of her creative process: @Melissa_Foster @byrozmorris

3 Vital Pieces for Creative Success: @originalimpulse

Real dialogue isn't really real:

8 Do's And Don'ts Of Writing Fiction From Neil Gaiman: @woodwardkaren

Overcoming Your Speaking Fears to Market Your Books:

Working premises: @annerooney

Characterize through Experiential Description: @RayRhamey

Eavesdropping on publishers' conversations/concerns is vital for writers: @booksquare @BKGKristen @Porter_Anderson

How an Enterprising Author Sold a Million Self-Published Books: @copyblogger

5 Common First-Chapter Mistakes: @jodyhedlund

How to Gain Quality Feedback from Your Critique Partners: @LyndaRYoung

How To Make Your Readers Care About Your Characters On The First Page: @donmaass @woodwardkaren

When do you walk away from a project? And how do you know when to come back? @juliettewade

Agents and Money: @kristinerusch

Topics to avoid blogging about: @rachellegardner

Advice From The Slushpile-8 Common Mistakes To Avoid In Submitting Manuscripts: @ BryanThomasS

To MFA or not to MFA? @fleurphilips

Confessions of a (Paid) Book Reviewer: @luannschindler

Kickstarter for writers: @rachellegardner @CalebBreakey

An editor on writer habits and processes: @theresastevens

Ideas for making blogging less of a burden and best practices for ending blogging altogether: @michellerafter

Resilience: How To Deal With Criticism And Rejection: @markmcguinness @thecreativepenn

How Twitter Hashtags Help Authors Find Readers: @jfbookman

Self-Publishing Young Adult Fiction:

The 7 Skills of Screenwriting (and Almost Every Other Kind of Writing): @CockeyedCaravan

How To Use Permanently Free Books To Increase Sales: @woodwardkaren

3 Rules of Revision: @AnnieNeugebauer

3 Ways to Get Your Story Unstuck: @writersdigest

Name generator: @galleycat

The Un-sexy Side of Self-Publishing: @VictoriaSmith76

Targeting your readers with your website: @janvbear

What Is Your Character's Wish-Song? @jacobkrueger

Episodic Storytelling Is A Problem: @mooderino

Tips for writing your query:

New survey reveals self pub sales data and writers' opinions toward trad. pubs: @samatlounge @Porter_Anderson

4 Left-Brain Exercises to Jumpstart Your Writing: @writersdigest

4 things 1 writer learned about self-pubbing:

7 Examples of Valid Passive Construction: @writing_tips

Why Stories Should Never Begin At The Beginning: {lang}

5 book marketing strategies for authors: @bookmarketer

5 traits of writers: @rileymagnus

5 Ways to Use Images to Make Your Posts Irresistible: @problogger

Using Excel To Outline Your NaNoWriMo Novel: Defeating the sprawl: @woodwardkaren

Care About Your Characters Or Your Readers Won't:

7 Habits of Highly Prolific Writers:

Book Marketing Plans: Begin with the End in Mind: @janvbear

How to Juggle Writing and Life: @ava_jae

Why your flaws should define your writing career: @krissybrady

Using Setting to Add Humor: @annastanisz

"Wool" author Howey cuts print deal with Simon & Schuster...but keeps his digital rights: @Porter_Anderson @JDGsaid