Sunday, December 2, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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3 Stages of Merger Reaction: @Porter_Anderson @eoinpurcell

Ex-pat characters in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Tips for effective action scenes: @JodieRennerEd

Tips for developing your writing style: @aguiltymind

The Essence of Genre--At The Movies: @camillelaguire

Is There Ever a Time to Give Up On that Book? @AimeeLSalter

Why is an ebook ever riddled with typos? @laura_june

Defining genre: @noveleditor

After e-literature, there's no going back: @salon

Do publishers hate authors? @VictoriaStrauss @Business_Ghost @petermccarthy @Porter_Anderson

Refresher on semicolons:

How Dialogue Reveals Character: @maria_mckenzie

Romance reader stats from RWA:

The search engine for writers:

iBook­store in 50 Coun­tries: A Step-by-Step List­ing Guide: @lizcastro @Porter_Anderson

How to speak publisher: F is for Flat fee: @anne_rooney

5 Tactics Bloggers Can Steal from Fiction Writers: @originalimpulse

5 tips for new writers: @sierragodfrey

Who Dictates What You Write? @write_practice

3 Keys to Storytelling: @KristanHoffman

Openings that Orient: @fictionnotes

Balancing the Scenes that Make Up Your Novel: @kristenlambtx

What Does a Character Look LIke? Are You Sure?

9 Ways to Beat Writer's Block:|+Duolit%29&utm_content=Google+Reader @WrenDoloro

How (Not) to Be an Awesome Critique Partner: @ava_jae

Things Silent Movies Can Teach us About Storytelling: @janice_hardy

How to Save a Bundle on Editing Costs: @JodieRennerEd

All about publishing auctions: @sjaejones

Is Traditional Publishing a Happily Ever After? @LauraHoward78

How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch & The Low-Down on Agency Assistant Salaries: @breeogden

How To Maintain Steady Book Sales at Amazon and Barnes & Noble: @goblinwriter

Help readers keep characters straight: @juliettewade

The Subconscious Storyteller: @mooderino

How To Make Google Love Your Blog: @woodwardkaren

Does Facebook Work For Authors? @mollygreene

Using Conflicts And Setbacks To Create Narrative Drive: @woodwardkaren

iBook­store in 50 Coun­tries: A Step-by-Step List­ing Guide: @lizcastro @Porter_Anderson

Tips for writing humor: @joebunting

8 red flag rules for writers: @krissybrady

The Search Engine for Writers:

"Songwriters on Songwriting": Pete Seeger: @gointothestory

What Writers & Publishers Need To Know About deviantART: @galleycat

Are Self-Publishing Authors Killing the Publishing Industry? @passivevoiceblg

Popular Marketing Mistakes: Cannibalism:

13 Ways to Find New Readers for Your Books: @BookMarketer

How To Get Your Book Reviewed: @bookmarketer

Why Indie Authors Should Have A Facebook Interest List:

The importance of genre zines:

How To Record Your Own Audiobook: Setting Up A Home Studio: @woodwardkaren

After "The End" – The Epilogue: @THahnBurkett

Why and how to blog a book: @ninaamir

The bookstore brain: @pageturner

Synopsis writing tips: @lynnettelabelle

Copyright for titles and ideas? @behlerpublish

How authors write: @jason_pontin

10 Vonnegut-Centric Sites: @deadwhiteguys

People vs. persons: @writing_tips

"Whatever you have to do to finish it, finish it": @gointothestory

Can sci-fi be a happy place?

How to Realize Your Dreams Even If You Don't Know How to Get There: @JWhite

Publisher: a new role in data herding: @JennWebb

Soft-boiled vs hard-boiled mysteries: @SouthrnWritrMag

Semicolons: A Love Story: @nytimes

How To Buy Your Author Domain Name: @authormedia

You may want to stop pursuing publication if...: @rachellegardner

Have We Already Reached "Peak E-book?": @pubperspectives

21 Unexpected Places To Find Your Writer's Muse:

How to Get Your Book Noticed in Today's Changing Marketplace: @StinaLL

Tips for handling publishing's waiting game: @aswinn

How To Get Honest Book Reviews: @woodwardkaren

How to Attract Customers With Pinterest: @smexaminer

12 Days of Book Sales: A Dozen Holiday Book Promotion Ideas: @duolit

Top 10 Wolves in Fantasy: @dk_stevens

Tips for your endings: @livewritethrive

Characters--5 defining characteristics of Alarm personalities: @jeanniecampbell

Using an "Otherworld" as inspiration for our writing: @GeneLempp

Romance--examples of books where friends fall in love: @MirandaKennealy

50 Ultimate Genre Match-Ups:

Screenwriting--Planning Action Sequences: @gointothestory

How To Build Your Business And Your Blog: @thecreativepenn

Adaptation is Translation: @amazonbooks

15 Idioms for Periods of Time: @writing_tips

4 Writing Fears, Debunked: @ava_jae

13 Ways to Know You Have the Right Idea For Your Book: @writersdigest

Romance writing--5 Fictional Small Towns with a Difference: @Janga724

How to Write Dialogue Unique to Your Characters: @marcykennedy

No Reader Left Behind: @kristinerusch

Striving to Be a Better Writer by Writing More: @KarenCV

An Agent On Using Flashbacks in Writing: @kid_lit

8 Ways Authors Turn Off Potential Readers: @novelrocket @cerebralgrump

Should Authors Stalk Review Sites? @jodyhedlund

Add a Pinch–or a Pound–of Poetry to Your Prose: @janice_hardy

Remember to celebrate your successes:

Does Amazon KDP Select Drive Away True Fans? @woodwardkaren

A beat sheet for romance writers: @jamigold

Beware of Simon & Schuster's Archway Pub.: @Porter_Anderson @VictoriaStrauss

Scholarly writing: Open Access — What Do Authors Really Want? @scholarlykitchn

A refresher on hyphens: @writing_tips

How to Write Scary: @4YALit

Choosing A Theme for Your Author Blog:

Script To Screen: "The Rocky Horror Picture Show": @gointothestory

Richard Burton and the Writing Process:

Are You Skimming Your Story's Potential? @KMWeiland

Criminal behavior info for crime writers: @KarenCV

5 WordPress Plugins for Increased Writing Productivity: @lifehackorg

Swearing in YA Fiction - Authentic? Or Gratuitous? @AimeeLSalter

Idea-Stealing: How Not to Let Your Fear Stifle Your Creativity: @diymfa

10 things editors look for in non-fiction: @rachellegardner

World Building & Story Creation: Use What You Know: @woodwardkaren

Timing your book's launch date for maximum impact:

7 Narrative Writing Tips: @thewritermama

Websites for Indie Authors:

Writers' most common submission mistakes — and how to avoid them: @MidgeRaymond

3 Ways to Grow Your Author Newsletter: @authormedia

How to Motivate Yourself to Actually Achieve Your Goals: @lifehacker

Why do agents ask for only a few chapters? @mooderino

If Self-Publishing Books Is SO Easy, Why Do Self-Pubbers Work So Hard At It? @badredheadmedia

The Business of Screenwriting: Low-budget filmmaking: @gointothestory

Empathy. It's Where Characters Are Born: @DanceOfRomance

How To Write When You Don't Have The Time: @booklifenow

Are writers too insulated from their readers? @CerebralGrump

A Successful Author Builds a Team: @danblank

When you hit the brick wall while writing your story: @YAOTLBlog

Don't sabotage your writing career: @jameswatkinscom

3 things your editor needs to know: @wherewriterswin

10 Indisputable Signs That You're a Writer: @ava_jae

Beware The False Compliments That Are Killing Your Writing: @fuelyourwriting

How to Win in Amazon's KDP Select Program: @tweetthebook

How To Attribute Artwork Licensed Under The Creative Commons: @woodwardkaren

Do publishers hate authors? @VictoriaStrauss @Business_Ghost @petermccarthy @Porter_Anderson

3 Stages of Merger Reaction: @Porter_Anderson @eoinpurcell

Revealing Your Novel's Theme:

Why today's writers need a garret: @Porter_Anderson @edcyzewski


Guide to Book Launch and Advance Sales Strategies with CreateSpace and Lulu: @jfbookman

Showing emotions instead of telling them: @novelrocket

Do You Admit To Being A Writer In Public? @thecreativepenn

Establishing a Writing Schedule: @MaryKnapke

The journey to publication can feel like a storm: @lydia_sharp

Character Emotion: Is It Written All Over Their Face? @angelaackerman

A Better Way to Engage Your Readers: Go Responsive: @nickthacker

5 Ways to Make Google Calendar Work For You: @lifehackorg

Freelancers: 8 Rules You'll Need to Become An Editor's Go-To Writer: @problogger

Writing To Music: Knowing Your Characters: @woodwardkaren

How libraries buy mysteries:

Your Must-Have Book Checklist: From Idea to Publication: @KMWeiland

Tips for writing disasters: @Dianapfrancis

5 Ways To Get Your First Draft Material Out Of Your Head And Onto The Page: @thecreativepenn

Scriptwriting--Great Scene: "American Beauty": @gointothestory

Backlists:Authors Discover the 1978 Copyright Act: @jeffjohnroberts @Porter_Anderson

Why Are We Running as Fast as We Can to Stay in the Same Place? @annerallen

Sound Effects In Your Writing:

Using book structure to create compelling stories: @suspense_writer

The importance of moments of normalcy to crime fiction: @mkinberg
Amazon Doubles Down on Exclusivity: @MarkCoker