Sunday, November 25, 2012


by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig
Twitterific is a compilation of all the writing links I shared the previous week.

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REact and PROact – developing your character: @behlerpublish
Ghostwriting: A Checklist of Questions to Ask Potential Clients: @BrianKlems
Believable Plots: @fictionnotes
Popularity, Visibility & KDP Select: @DavidGaughran
Structure--Genre Matters: @kristenlambtx
A writer's reflections on ghostwriting and ending up with 2 agents and a self-pub book: @Porter_Anderson @ByRozMorris
10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following: @smexaminer
How to Become an Agent:
The importance of an ISBN: @Porter_Anderson @ljndawson
Tips for synopsis writing: @LynnetteLabelle
Including pauses in our story: @SouthrnWritrMag
The 8 Best (Actual) Literary Bars: @EddMcCracken
A Self-Publisher's Guide to Kobo: @mollygreene
What's Your Inner Mythology? @EnchantedInkpot
Being unreachable can make you more productive: @lifehacker
How To Download Fan Fiction as eBooks: @mediabistro
Tips for pitching your book: @msheatherwebb

What are men reading? @JustBethanne @Porter_Anderson
10 Twitter Hashtags To Get You Writing (And Keep You Writing): @krissybrady
Is Blogging Important for Novelists Considering Self-Publishing? @jodyhedlund
Use Fear to Develop Character and Conflict:
Beat Procrastination and Distractions By Scheduling Time for Them: @lifehacker
A novel approach to going DRM-free: @jwikert
Caught between too much pointless detail and not enough? Choose your "logic of caring." @juliettewade
How to Mind Map Your Story:
6 Ways Your Protagonist Should Be Like Jack Reacher: @fuelyourwriting
Structure–Getting Primal and Staying Simple: @kristenlambTX
Fill The Shelves – A New Initiative To Help Underfunded School Libraries: @DavidGaughran
Malapropisms: the Pineapple of Linguistic Errors: @salon
Licensing for Authors: @beth_barany
In Praise of the Implausible:
3 Reasons Why SEO Matters: Improve Search Engine Rankings: @robertleebrewer
Writing For Children--Pros and Cons: @BryanThomasS
Publishing Advice: Gauging the Gurus: @Porter_Anderson @MickRooney7777
Is Becoming a Best-Selling Author a Matter of Luck? @goblinwriter
Bypassing theme for objective correlatives: @litreactor
An agent on the need to love a story idea: @literaticat
Where does author end and book begin? @npbooks @coreyredekop
Facebook tips and tricks: @JennyHansenCA
How to get inside the mind of a serial killer: @i09
How to Ease Into a Standing Desk Routine: @lifehacker
Do You Have Writer's Block Or Is It Procrastination?
10 of Literature's Greatest Comeback Books: @flavorpill
Attributes of literary fiction: @EdanL
6 Non-Writing Things That Might Improve Your Writing: @davidbcoe
8 Simple Tips to Better Writing: @writersdigest
The 3 Most Popular Editorial Services and Do You Need Them? @TheLitCoach
Author event dos and don'ts (for readers): @NewDorkReview
The Ultimate Story Checklist: @CockeyedCaravan
Building Your Writer Platform — How Much is Enough? @ChuckSambuchino
Filter To Enhance Story:
How to create your own marketing team: @rachellegardner
5 myths about science fiction writers: @RobertJSawyer
Why Writers Must Beware Quackery: @chuckwendig
Premium Author Program to come to Goodreads:
Is Genre Dying? @MarcyKennedy
The Role of an Acquisitions Editor:
Use digital publishing in tandem with print: @brooke_warner
Verbing the Nouns: @TrueFactBarFact
The Only SEO Your Blog Posts Need: @problogger
Resources for Writing Inspiration--Presentations, Prompts, and Paris:
Shot Putting and the Art of Story Maintenance: @storyfix
Tips for editing: @nickthacker @thecreativepenn
Rights reversion: @kristinerusch
How to Win in Amazon's KDP Select Program: @tweetthebook
Self-Publishing in Audio: @JordanDane
Boost Your Creativity: Ideation Techniques for Writers: @diymfa
Beware The False Compliments That Are Killing Your Writing: @fuelyourwriting
3 things your editor needs to know: @wherewriterswin
The Lure of the Other WIP: @bookemdonna
5 Artistic Renderings of Authors in Their Own Words: @deadwhiteguys
Altering the Quality of Time in Your Novel: @livewritethrive
Margaret Atwood and Naomi Alderman: Why we're co-writing a serial zombie novel: @guardianbooks
"Amazon Is Playing Indie Authors Like Pawns," says Smashwords founder @MarkCoker:
Authors, Gather Your Tribe on Twitter: @jfbookman
A Day in the Life of a Children's Book Editor:
Don't sabotage your writing career: @jameswatkinscom
When you hit the brick wall while writing your story: @YAOTLBlog
5 Skills Writers Might Not Know They Possess:
Can blogging help you write fiction? @michellerafter
13 Ways to Scare Readers Away from Your Book's Website: @authormedia
Seven Notable Literary Kills: @Kornlock
How To Attribute Artwork Licensed Under The Creative Commons: @woodwardkaren
10 Hidden Gifts of Rejection Letters: @writersdigest
10 Tips for Beginning Writers: @buddhapuss @KMWeiland
10 Indisputable Signs That You're a Writer: @ava_jae
The Greengrocer's Apostrophe, and Why You Shouldn't Buy It: @nickdaws
Ways to start a social media platform: @storyrally
3 indie screenwriting tips:
An agent reports on YA queries she's received lately and what she passed on:
How To Use Craigslist as an Editing Tool: @galleycat
Don't Compare Your Beginning to Someone Else's Middle: @lifehacker
How to be gracious with your book promo: @behlerpublish
More on the Amazon-Waterstones alliance: @Porter_Anderson @philipdsjones
Do Publishers Need to Offer More Value to Authors? @janefriedman
A Successful Author Builds a Team: @danblank
When Good Paranormal Fantasy Sex Scenes Go Bad: @paulgoatallen
It's Genre. Not That There's Anything Wrong With It: @pageturner
Ebook format options:
Field report on developments in the ebook revolution: @jamesscottbell
Defining genre: @noveleditor
Tips for chapter breaks: @woodwardkaren
7 Reasons Agents Stop Reading Your First Chapter: @lkblackburne
Scan, OCR and Restore BackList Books:
Tips for writing strong female characters: @wordforteens
101 tips for increased creativity: @MichaelMichalko
How Much Should You Plan Before Starting a Novel? @aliventures
Physical Attributes Thesaurus Entry: Legs: @beccapuglisi
Tips for ebook publishing: @aliventures @thecreativepenn
A roundtable of editors discuss formatting manuscripts, the editing process, and more: @RuthHarrisBooks
Overwhlemed? Do the Next Thing.
Real people in books--Alice Liddell: @clothesinbooks
Winning in Amazon's KDP Select Program: @TweetTheBook
Positioning Your Book Even If It's Not Genre Fiction:
Picking up the Pace in a Slow Scene: @janice_hardy
Tips for lengthening a novel: @glencstrathy
17,500 readers with a corrupted ebook file–what 1 writer did wrong: @lmskomal
You Might Have a Bad Prologue If...: @RC_Lewis
12 Steps to a Heart-Wrenching Romance: @jamiemichelebks
World building and titles: @MLChesley
The Screenplay Method of Storytelling: @NAAlleyBlog
An interview with 2 literary agents: @lovethepippins
Thematic Image Systems:
Varieties of the Publishing Experience: @jfbookman
Writers' thoughts on whether an MA is worth it:
Good books are portals wherever we find them:
How a creative mindset busts nighttime monsters: @JeffreyDavis108
Going It Alone: @nlowell
1 writer's advice for new indie authors: @sarahahoyt
Lessons in Indie Publishing--Marketing:
Blogging your book: @ninaamir
If you write what you know, where do you get ideas? @dirtywhitecandy
The Relevance of Zombie Fiction: @booksmugglers
Context is everything:
10 Stories With (Brilliant) Loose Ends: @kmweiland
8 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve Your Book: @RuthHarrisBooks
Contextual missions for your story: @storyfix
Self-Publishing: An Exper­i­ment in ‘Free’: @PubPerspectives @Porter_Anderson
Setting and Characterization: Make Them Believable and Compelling With Specific Visuals :

The Empowered Author: (R)evolution Day:
@BKGKristen @Porter_Anderson

3 Late Bloomers Created Our Favorite Genres: @jenningswire @DebraEve
A novel approach to going DRM-free: @jwikert
10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Following: @smexaminer
Putting free bonus material in our ebooks: @duolit @NealAbbott
Publishing has never been an agile industry. And book products are not MVPs: @Porter_Anderson @bsandusky
How to Tell if Your Book Is a Success: @KMWeiland
Secondary branding in publishing? @Porter_Anderson @MikeShatzkin
Writing a Romance Novel? Try this Exercise & Develop Your Characters: @writersdigest
Character Motivation:
11 Traits of Highly Successful Writers: @krissybrady
Is There Ever a Time to Give Up On that Book? @AimeeLSalter
The importance of an ISBN: @Porter_Anderson @ljndawson
Pub­lish­ing Advice: Gaug­ing the Gurus: @Porter_Anderson @MickRooney7777
More on the Amazon-Waterstones alliance: @Porter_Anderson @philipdsjones
What's Next in Publishing? A Literary Agent Looks in Her Crystal Ball: @annerallen @agentsavant
Different types of chase scenes in crime fiction: @mkinberg
Planning a trilogy: @PAShortt
A writer's reflections on ghostwriting and ending up with 2 agents and a self-pub book: @Porter_Anderson @ByRozMorris